Are you planning to be a real estate analyst but not getting optimum information about the job anywhere? Well, you have arrived at the right place now because this guide details all the necessary facts about this particular job role. 

Real Estate is a great career direction if you proceed with a robust plan. It will give you tremendous exposure along with a handsome salary and a strong career pathway. However, it is always better to know every aspect of a job before jumping on to that. 

So to get profound insights on real-estate analyst salary, benefits, responsibilities, tasks, and much more, keep reading till the end. We will cover the following today here:

Real Estate Analyst Job Overview

Real Estate Analyst Job Overview

I know that the term ‘Real Estate Analyst’ fascinates you, but not everyone is eligible for this job. You have to possess certain attributes in order to flourish successfully as an analyst in the real estate industry. One such attribute is strong decision-making skills.

Real estate jobs are all about making emergency decisions within a short period. For instance, after researching, evaluating, and monitoring the real estate market conditions, you have to make pertinent investment decisions. 

So I hope you are perceiving what immense responsibilities this job carries in asset management firms, REITs, and property portfolio entities. Therefore, make wise decisions before joining this role. 

What Are The Principal Responsibilities Of A Real Estate Analyst?

Real Estate Analyst Job Role

Understanding job responsibilities is the first step in the procedure of applying for a job. And when it comes to a real estate analyst, scrutinizing every responsibility is crucial. As soon as you get hired for this position, the following are the responsibilities that you will have to serve:

  • Do a number of calculations like ATCF, Cash flow analysis, EGI, PGI, NPV, IRR, and develop financial reports based on the results.
  • Analyze investment plans with the help of NPV and DCF valuation methods. 
  • Detects and regulates potential leads from websites, social media as well as Multiple Listing Services.
  • Plan, execute, and maintain GIS systems for real estate companies and monitor the REIT website
  • Coordinate the Accounts receivables procedure for a minimum of 15 properties
  • Identify the potential business opportunities by communicating with leads and converting them into clients. 
  • Generate value for commercial real estate by implementing methods like cost analysis, sales comparison, and direct capitalization.

What Are The Skills Required For Real Estate Analyst Position?

Skills Required For Real Estate Analyst

I hope you have followed what I have mentioned once. A Real Estate Analyst job requires some special skills. It is because the complexity of the job responsibilities calls for a highly skilled individual. 

I guess you can already understand what skills I am talking about. So let’s move on to understanding each of them in detail. 

  1. Outstanding Mathematical Skills: The math skills of analysts do not refer to basic addition or subtraction. It includes observing large sets of statistical data as well as evaluating them using specific tools to get rich insights.  
  2. Excellent Computational Skills: Of course, computer is essential in an analyst’s professional life. After extracting big data from the database, they simplify it using visuals on computers. These, in turn, are used to make vital business decisions.
  3. Great Decision-Making Skills: Real-estate analysts are some great decision-makers. They are actually the lifeblood of REITs who carry the prestige of the businesses forward. Starting from the lead generation, they take an active role in every aspect. That’s you have to be an inherent decision-maker if you want to make it through this job.  

Requirements For Real Estate Analyst Jobs

Criteria For Real Estate Analyst

A future real-estate financial analyst or real estate acquisitions analyst, or commercial estate analyst should fulfill these requirements:

  • Preferably Master’s degree in business, finance, statistics
  • 5 years+ experience in Real Estate Industry
  • Must have experience in preparing Real Estate project management plans
  • Incredible verbal and writing skills
  • Must have risk-taking and professional attitude
  • In-depth knowledge in MySQL, Advanced Excel, Real Estate CRMs, etc. 

Real Estate Analyst Salary

How Much Salary Can You Draw As A Real Estate Analyst? I am sure you have been looking for a perfect answer to this question everywhere but failed. Yes, their salary range is much higher than other real estate jobs, but still, it varies from one REIT to another.

Are you thinking about what factors can differ your salary from your colleagues? Basically, the recruiters in REITs consider education level, skills, and years of experience as three primary factors for differentiating wages. So worry not; if you satisfy all the criteria, you can negotiate the amount with the employer.  

The median Real Estate Analyst Salary packages for some top profiles are: 

Real Estate Analyst Salary

Career Opportunities As A Real Estate Analyst In The USA

Career As A Real Estate Analyst

Do you want to explore the Real Estate Analyst jobs more? Here are some more exciting job positions that relate to this profession. Also, you can earn handsome salary packages from them. 

What are those? To know more, check the below segment:

1. Commercial Real-Estate Analyst

Fidelity Investments – Boston, Massachusetts

2. Real Estate Financial Analyst

The Carlyle Group, Washington DC

3. Commercial Real Estate Senior Credit Analyst

Capital One, New York

4. Real Estate Transaction Analyst

UBS New York City,  

5. Real Estate – Capital Market Analyst

Blackstone, New York

6. Real Estate Acquisitions Analyst 

Lamar Companies – New York City Metropolitan Area  

Real Estate Analyst Jobs NYC

Do you know what the best thing about Real Estate Analyst jobs in the U.S.A. is? Most of them are located in New York. So ladies and gentlemen, if you ever had a dream to get settled in New York, go for a real estate analyst jobs NYC!

The big city of New York has enormous opportunities in terms of real-estate analyst positions. If you have desired skills and abilities, you won’t face any hardship in cracking your dream job in the dream city of New York. 

Wanna check some real estate analyst jobs NYC? There you go!

1. Real-Estate Analyst

Millenium, News York, NY 

2. Commercial Real-Estate Analyst

CruiTek, New York, USA. 

3. Real Estate Market Expansion Analyst

Sollis Health, New York City, NY

4. Commercial Real Estate Loan Analyst 

First Republic Bank, New York, NY

5. Commercial Real Estate Senior Credit Analyst

Capital One, New York, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does A Real Estate Analyst Do?

Your principal responsibilities as a real-estate analyst will be:

  • Communicating with new sellers and buyers
  • understand the trends in commercial real estate, and 
  • Manage the organizational investment portfolio 

Q2. What Does A Real Estate Financial Analyst Do?

Real Estate Financial Analysts have a maximum contribution to property investments. In particular, they are the strategic players in this field. The key responsibilities include

  • Deep-diving in market conditions
  • Observing the recent trends, and projections
  • Develop reports and communicate them with other stakeholders 
  • Finally, making recommendations as per the results obtained from the reports. 

Q3. How To Become A Real Estate Analyst?

It is hard to get real estate analyst jobs as a fresher. The recruiters generally look for a long history of experience in the real estate industry. This job requires high-level skills and experiences which you won’t be able to gather being a newbie. 

Hence earn a relevant degree (preferably a Master’s in finance subjects), gain experience, sharpen your skills, and taste success.   

Q4. What Does It Take To Be A Real Estate Analyst?

To become one of the highest-paid real-estate analysts in the Industry, you need much more than just an average candidate. Firstly a master’s degree in statistics, business, finance, or accounting is preferable. Then you must have a demonstrated previous working experience on related real estate industry job profiles. 

Thirdly, it depends on the number of skills you have. For example, being a real-estate analyst will be challenging if you have analytical skills but lack decision-making. So it’s true that you need to be almost an all-rounder for rocking your career as a real-estate analyst.      

The Last Words

Real Estate Analyst is a highly demanding job role in this modern, urbanized world. With the increase in buildings, skyscrapers, apartments, landed properties, and other immovables, the éxigency of analysts is proliferating. So I think this is a wonderful chance for you to grab the opportunities.

So, why waste any more time? Begin your application today and prepare for your interview.

If you have any further questions concerning real estate analyst salary, please post them in the comments section below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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