Question: Which Client Would You Advise To Use Radius Targeting?

Correct Answer: For service that can reach customers within 20 miles

The radius around a specific location is called radius targeting. Your customers are going to see your advertisement while they are in your declared radius to search the real estate property. For many business handlers, this radius is a compelling aspect as it can get consumer’s attention.

So when you are a digital marketer, which client would you advise to use radius targeting? As we told you before, radius marketing is pretty compelling to show your presence in the real estate business, but in general, if you provide services for long-distance clients, this trick will not work for you.

For the instant service providers, this radius targeting is quite effective for the consumer’s attention. So before jumping to the accurate answer to the question, let’s start with the definition of Radius Targeting.

Importance of Location in the Digital Age 

Despite the digitization of businesses and marketing aspects, the importance of location still matters in the digital age. Basically, there are many businesses that do not want to advertise on search engines. This is because they have a misconception that advertising is only available for large box stores or online companies that do not have any physical store locations. 

In general, local businesses do not have the knowledge of search marketing aspects of businesses. They fail to understand that search marketing is able to attract nearby customers and can hence ensure that they visit the nearby physical store. 

This is where you need to perform localized PPC campaigns. Here, as a local business, you need to learn how to target audiences in your immediate area. When you perform this process in the correct way, you can even get better results than a radio ad or a local billboard ad. 

Such a process where you perform local PPC marketing to lure in your target customers is called Radius Targeting. It is one of the best features that you can use in your local PPC. In this article, you will learn about the major benefits of radius targeting and answer to “what client would you advise to use radius targeting?”

Which Client Would You Advise To Use Radius Targeting?

Radius Targeting For Clients

Radius targeting is pretty effective when you are a digital marketer; which client would you advise to use radius targeting? For example, you suppose you have four cases where you can suggest radius targeting.

  • Nationwide e-commerce business providers
  • For service which can reach customers within 20 miles
  • Who wants to promote his new product in select cities and areas
  • Who wants to exclude her ads from certain cities

Answer: For service that can reach customers within 20 miles

From these four options, this is the correct answer for which client would you advise using radius targeting? The proper alternative option is for services that can reach customers within 30 or 20 miles. Then, when the distances are fixed, and you want to reach up to the consumers within that fixed radius, this radius targeting will serve your purpose and find the real estate property near you.

From your social media page to the Google business on every page, you can create the radius targeting for the consumers. Many of the marketers are using the Google business page and allocate their real estate business area in the Google map. From this, you can simply create your advertisements. And your advertisements are starting to appear when the consumers are just within a radius of 30 to 20 miles of your business area.

What Is Radius Targeting?

Radius Targeting

When you are searching for the answer of which client would you advise using radius targeting? First, you have to know the definition of Radius targeting. When you are specifying a specific location for your consumers, you are binding up a specific distance for ad appearing. When the people belong in this specific radius, your advertisements or the service advertisement are going to show up.

Rather than choosing the right place or the specific country, ads are starting to show up. The radius targeting is pretty effective for instant service-providing real estate business companies. For example, car repair stores, roadside restaurants, food shops, and petrol pumps will be your maximum customers, etc. These types of business and the requirements of the service are pretty instant.

Importance of Radius Targeting 

With the help of radius targeting, businesses are able to show advertisements to customers that are within a specific geographic radius. When people are browsing the Internet on their phones near or within a certain location, they will receive such advertisements on their phones. 

Actually, when it is about marketing based on location, radius targeting is one of the most effective ones to consider. It works amazingly with the geofencing technology. Basically, geofencing sets a virtual boundary around a given location (for example, a retail store).  

Furthermore, radius targeting helps here by offering more flexibility, as it covers a broader and circular area around a focal point. As a result, it helps businesses to attract customers within their local vicinity. 

However, there are differences between radius targeting and other forms of location-based advertising. For example, advertising techniques like geo-targeting and beacons cater to broader geographic segments or proximity to a physical device.  

On the other hand, radius targeting combines proximity marketing’s “immediacy” and regional advertising’s “broader reach.” As a result, it allows a helpful approach that enables businesses to connect to their most relevant customers. 

Major Benefits of Radius Targeting 

The following are some of the major benefits of radius targeting that you need to consider: 

  • Advertisers can connect to a certain people group within a specific area who are interested in the business. 
  • The business can connect directly with the customer with the help of hyper-targeting advertisements. Here, you can make your advertisements convenient for your customers. 
  • Radius Targeting helps businesses to combine the processes of ad services with business operations. As a result, small and localized businesses can show their advertisements to potential customers and not to anyone else. 

Now let’s see how to organize Ad campaigning through Google advertisements.

How To Organize Ad Campaigning Through The Google Ad Campaign?

Google Ads Campaign

When you know which client would you advise using radius targeting? You can start the offering from the Google ad extensions. Most of the business handlers are using Google as their business page. So when you are planning to do the radius targeting and campaigning, the Google ad extension is the best area to try this method.

Let’s see how you can organize Ad campaigning through the Google ad campaign extension. When you are creating the ad campaign, you have to set up a radius for your advertisements.

First, log in to your Google business page. You can set up more than one radius through the Google bids techniques. Apart from the bid payments, the user’s locations and the user’s settings are also impacting on building the radius.

According to your bidding prices, your advertisement’s radius is going to increase or decrease. According to your requirements, you can change the radius of your ad campaigning.

You can organize the ad campaign through the Google extension. All you have to do is specify the demographic locations. After that, fix your bid price. According to your bid prices, the radius is going to differ.


Now you know the answer, which client would you advise to use radius targeting? Most often, urgent service-providing companies are asking for their services. When the urgent requirements for the services are high, the consumers are always searching for the nearest service providers. And for these criteria, the radius and campaigning requirements are going to increase. And service providers are personally asking to find real estate properties.

So what is your planning? Are your consumers asking for the radius and camping? The radius of camping more often is limited to under 20 to 30 miles. According to the consumer’s requirements, choose the right path.

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