What are the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts in 2022? How many jobs are available in real estate investment trusts? We are going to discuss these queries in detail.

A real estate investment trust is a company that owns commercial real estate that generates income such as offices, hospitals, apartments, hotels, etc., and even operates them. It allows investors to invest in and acquire high-value properties. 


Types Of Real Estate Investment Trusts

Types Of Real Estate Investment Trusts

Before we jump right into knowing about the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts, you must have a fair knowledge of the different types of these that are available. 

1. Equity REIT

An Equity REIT possesses physical properties as its main business stream and is thus considered to be a traditional real estate company. Being a full-stack owner as well as an operator, the property management is done by the equity REIT itself. However, they hire an external party for managing the assets. 

2. Mortgage REIT

Mortgage REITs are more inclined towards investing in mortgage-related assets rather than in physical properties. As compared to the equity REIT, it is much more of a financial role. Thus, it is quite important to know about the investment factors for the mortgage REIT. 

Apart from the equity and mortgage, there are several other REITs within the asset class. Some more of the best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts available are mentioned below. Well, who knows, maybe you could find yourself working here someday. 

3. Industrial REITs

Also known as logistics REITs, these companies primarily focus on the industrial sector. They own factories, warehouses, and even distribution centers. 

4. Residential REITs

Usually, apartment buildings, condominiums, and other rental properties are owned by the Residential REITs. 

5. Office REITs

The office REITs tend to invest in specific office properties or geography. They own and manage such buildings which are even leased out to individuals or organizations.  These properties can vary from IT parks to skyscrapers. 

6. Retail REITs

Generally, properties providing space for setting up retail establishments are owned by these REITs. Such properties include shopping malls, centers, and even stand-alone assets. 

7. Healthcare REITs

Any property aimed at providing healthcare facilities is owned by these REITs. Medical offices, stores, senior housing, and hospitals are included among the healthcare REITs. 

8. Hospitality REITs

The income for Hospitality REITs is usually generated from the hotels and resorts they own. Not only that, but also the restaurants, bars, and stores present in such properties aid in their revenue generation. 

How Many Jobs Are Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts?

How Many Jobs Are Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts

How many jobs are available in real estate investment trusts? If you are keen enough to dig deep and learn more, real estate investment trusts can be a really good career path. This is one of the most rapid-growing sectors of the world and can take you up to the greatest heights. 

We can consider REITs as the most critical economic engine of any country. If you are really interested, you can find some of the best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts and soon become a pioneer in the industry.  

What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts?

What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts

Any organization around the world has different departments and different job functions or roles to perform. REIT is no exception. Ranging from back-office operations to customer relations are some of the job roles that are available in this sector. The best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts are, however, not very easy to get. 

You will need efficient knowledge and a required level of qualification to get through it. The functioning of REITs is quite simple. REITs generally maximize the cash flow in a tax-efficient way for investors by making them raise the amount to purchase or develop properties. 

Below are some of the major departments that provide the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts:

1. Development

The development department in Real Estate Investment Trusts is delegated to formulate and build new projects from the base and these are regarded as the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts. This team basically deals with project management. Many contractors and sub-contractors are hired for the designing and construction of the properties. 

The management calls for the heavy function to work with other functions for financing the property development. The best paying job in such a department would be the one of the Vice President of the project development. 

2. Acquisitions

The acquisitions department is responsible for sourcing new investment opportunities and eventually putting closure on the deal. This same department provides some of the best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts. The job of an analyst is the most commonly heard of. 

However, these analysts begin their careers with a salary of around $80,000. And if one can make their way to the top, the role of Vice President of acquisitions would be waiting with a salary amounting to up to $200,000. But if you want to get into this sector, you must possess a hefty knowledge in marketing, capital markets, finance, and general business because it is a very finance-specific job role. 

3. Investor Relations

Investor Relations

The department of investor relations basically deals with the REIT shareholders and manages the entire communication process with them. Their team is responsible for planning the annual meeting and prepares the meeting documents, such as the proxy statement and annual report. 

An employee in the mid-management of investor relations can earn up to $150,000 as a salary. However, you must boast an undergraduate degree with a background in finance and accounting to be eligible for the job role. 

4. Property Management

Property management is a great career opportunity for settling in this industry. But being a property manager does not require any specific educational background. This job role calls for looking after the daily operations of maintaining a property which includes leasing, managing, and collecting rents. 

However, you must have a lot of connections, good convincing ability, and other ways to keep things on track. It is one of the best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts. Property managers can make up to an income of about $60,000-$80,000. 

5. Real Estate Broker

If you are looking for the best-paying jobs in the real estate industry, you will find one great option called a Real estate broker. These professionals are great at negotiating prices for real estate properties. Their skill is impressive. On top of that, their salary is also impressive. 

Also, you should know that real estate agents and brokers are not the same type of employees.

Brokers need to have a licence for dealing with real estate properties, and they need to pass the standard qualification test. These professionals specialized, and they were given certificates allowing them to work with different real estate agents. 

The yearly salary for a real estate broker ranges from $160K per year.

6. Real Estate Investment Trust Analyst

Another well-paying job in the real estate investment trust is the role of REIT analyst. The analysts help the finance teams with processes such as disposition, acquisition, marketing, and financing properties.

Their work includes doing thorough research on the real estate market, analyzing data, and monitoring the real estate market. They help make wise decisions related to the industry and the transaction of different real estate properties. 

Someone would require different degrees and skills such –

  •  A bachelor’s degree. 
  • Analytical skills. 
  • Research skills
  • Organizational skills. 
  • Adequate knowledge of local property and financing.

7. Real Estate Property Appraiser

Real Estate Property Appraiser

Real estate property appraisers are the most well-trained professionals when it comes to determining the worth of a property or appraising them. These properties can be residential, commercial, and have other different economic values.

This particular job role in the real estate industry would require someone to have a license and need proper education in appraiser courses. 

Also, they should possibly come from educational backgrounds such as economics, finances, and real estate. The annual salary for a real estate property appraiser is –$53,000 per year. 


I hope from the above discussion, you have got an idea about the career or income opportunities that you have in real estate investment trusts or REITs. But still, if you have any other doubts you can share your queries with us. 

We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. And I also do believe that our readers will also love to read them. But for now, here I am answering some questions that have been asked several times. 

Q1. How Do Real Estate Investment Trusts Make Money?

Ans: By selling, leasing, or renting the properties that they purchase, REITs make money. All the shareholders pick the board of directors, who are responsible for not only choosing the investments but also for hiring a team that will manage them on a daily basis. 

Q2. Are Real Estate Investment Trusts Worth it?

Ans: Real estate investment trusts are total return investments. Typically they offer high dividends along with the potential for moderate, and long-term capital appreciation. With the returns of other equities, the relatively low correlation of the REIT stock returns along with fixed-income investments is also making REITs a great portfolio diversifier.

Q3. Can You Get Rich Investing In REITs?

Ans: In most of the investment options including real estate investment trusts, you will not get guaranteed become-rich-quick routes. Indeed there are some REITs or real estate investment trusts that can double in the year 2022. But at the same time, they also can go the other way really easily.

Q4. Which REIT Pays Most?

Ans: There are plenty of REITs in the market, which pay monthly dividends. STAG industrial and AGNC Investment Corp. are some of the most popular monthly dividend payers.

Final Thoughts

Now you know all about the best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts. However, most of these jobs require a professional qualification in accounting or finance in order to be able to match the strict reporting and regulatory requirements. 

It is not only your educational background but also your attitude, personality, and other skills that will help you earn these jobs. Well, what more are you waiting for? Go on, get your applications ready today.

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