Are you worried about finding a new place for your working business place? Commercial real estate agency. This one simple destination is taking away all of your worries. A commercial real estate agency is the perfect destination where you get all the desired solutions for your worries.

As we all know, finding the perfect place for your home or office location is such stressful work. The best commercial real estate companies to find the best spot from which you can entirely believe the property agent’s choice. They are looking after all the responsibilities to find the best suitable spot for you. And you can simply enjoy all the facilities while relaxing on your couch.

Top 10 Real Estate Company

Top 10 Real Estate Company

Professional real estate companies are efficiently looking after your preferences and your needs. And find the most suitable spot which is fulfilling all the qualities. Along with property findings, they are looking after all the legal terms and papers.

Here we are going to discuss the name of the top ten commercial real estate agencies.

1. Nomadic Real Estate 

Nomadic Real East was in the commercial real estate agency business since 2005. The headquarter of this real estate agency is in Washington DC. They are mainly looking after three types of commercial property management leasing, rental property, and sales.

Nomadic Real Estate is a powerful rental platform. And they are effectively doing the property management and reducing the property management cost. The employee number is not more than 50, and all the agents are very efficient and professional.

2. Keller Williams Realty, Inc

If you are looking for commercial brokerage service providers, Keller Williams Realty is the best choice for you. The commercial real estate agency was established in 2008. From the starting of the agency, they are providing the service to the IT companies.

This agency has approximately 60 employees. After that, now they are also offering their services for the rental house property. They are providing highly personalized service to their clients. After giving the responsibilities, you do not have to take any headaches.

3. The Tenant Agency

The tenant agency is a commercial real estate agency based in Bethesda, Md. They have been in the rental business since 2015. From that time, they focused on commercial brokerage services. The portfolio of the company is very impressive. They have approximately 30 employees in their office.

This agency is also providing its services for the commercial real estate office. The first time they offered the service to a telecommunication company. Then after that first service, they do not have to look back. Every year they are proving their efficiency.

4. Innovative Properties Inc

Innovative properties Inc is offering its services to its commercial clients along with commercial brokerage services. Most of the clients are corporate clients, and they also provide their services to individual clients.

They handle three commercial real estate property types such as commercial real estate, rental, and residential property. And along with this, they have an excellent property management track record. They can smoothly run a client’s 80,000 sq. ft. shopping center.

5. JD Landworx, LLC

Jd Landworx was originally a land clearing agency. And this commercial real estate agency is based in Ash, Ns. This commercial real estate agency has been in the market since 2008. This is one of the best real estate companies in the Ash. Now they are providing many commercial solutions to their corporate clients.

The key working area of the agency is the land clearing and accounting solution. The best part of the agency is they always give economical and eco-friendly solutions to their clients. They offer three types of services to their client’s grading, land clearing, and land management services.

6. Waterman Steele Real Estate

This is a Houston based entirely commercial real estate agency-based company. They have been in the real estate business since 2006. The commercial real estate agency is starting with a very minimum number of employees. They are starting their business by giving brokerage services.

Apart from the brokerage services, now they offer commercial financing, funding, and investments. They are very Profesional to relocate the small schools and companies. This commercial real estate agency is one of the best commercial real estate agencies in Texas.

7. C.G. Boyce Real Estate Co

C.G Boyce Real Estate Co is a full brokerage service providing company in Ohio. This commercial real estate agency was established in 2015. They provide commercial brokerage services to their corporate clients.

C.G Boyce Real Estate Co is offering commercial brokerage services, financing, funding, along with investment services. Apart from the brokerage services, they also provide these services to their clients.

8. Two by 4 Ventures

This is a Canada-based property improvement commercial real estate agency. They have a very limited no of employees, which is not more than 15. The property agency is based in Vancouver. They are experts in development, architectural design renovation, and remodeling.

They are mainly construction service-providing agencies. And they have highly skilled professionals to do property management. They offer their services to all private and commercial business owners. If you are searching for any Canada-based property management company, it is the right choice.

9. West, Lane & Schlager

West, Lane & Schlager is one of the oldest commercial real estate agencies. It was founded in 1996, and at that time, it offered only brokerage services. As the agency is based in Washington DC, they are starting to offer many services related to commercial financing, funding, and investment services.

The noticeable services are lease management, tenet, construction management, strategic planning. Hence this commercial real estate agency is one of the oldest agencies in the real estate market. They have hundreds of clients from different sectors.

10. Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield is a Chicago-based commercial real estate agency. This is also a very authentic and old commercial real estate agency. Cushman & Wakefield was founded in 1917. They start their business with brokerage services, but now they are offering many other real estate property-related services along with brokerage services.

Cushman & Wakefield provided a B2B sales service to the real estate properties as they are in the real estate market business for a long time. All the paper works and asset services, agency leasing papers are looked after by highly skilled professional agents.

Wrapping It Up:

These all the commercial real estate agencies are highly skilled and professional. When you are searching for a separate place to relocate your office location, many works are associated with reallocation. Apart from finding accurate positions, paper works are also significant and time-taking work. And these all ten commercial real estate agencies are looking after all the formalities. So what about your plan to relocate your office location? Do not forget to comment back to us.

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