Fences are an immense part of your house. Just the way you are investing in building a strong and purposeful house, you also need to keep in mind that fences are also a crucial part. 

Whether it is for security or privacy purposes, fences are standing strong and playing the role of several things. Along with protecting the house and giving you a certain level of privacy at your house premises, it also can help you to enhance the entire look of your place. 

And if you are thinking about starting working on your house fences, you should go with some attractive modern horizontal fence ideas. Here, in this article, I will guide you through that. Even if you have no idea of how to go around your project, our team can provide you with cost-effective and cinder block fence ideas to get you started.


Top 15+ Modern Horizontal Fence Ideas For Home

While going to your office or when you are just roaming in the road, you might have noticed some beautiful fence designs. But only having a handful of options can’t be enough. That is why I am here with some interesting modern horizontal fence ideas that you can use for your home. 

#1 Brick Security

Obviously, brick fences are the most common and also one of the most popular modern horizontal fence ideas. You just need to build a boundary wall with bricks for your home. You can search for several brick fence pictures and designs and then choose one. 

#2 A Touch Of Classy

Both wood and metal are popular options when it comes to fences. Here, I will suggest you go with both of them. Use the metal poles at specific distances, and use the wooden slim cut beams horizontally as the ultimate fence. 

#3 Fence Climbers

As I have mentioned earlier, wooden fences are really common. You can give your usual wooden fence a new look with modern horizontal fence ideas. You just need to install climber blocks and plant climbing plants through your foundry. Just imagine how beautiful it will look when those plants will grow and crawl through your fence. 

#4 Frosty


When you are thinking about getting a modern look and searching for modern horizontal fence ideas, I must suggest glass fences. Well. It’s not a typical glass. Here, you need to use frosty hard glass plates and place them horizontally. I will ask you to use wooden supports here. 

#5 Mixed


Here is another one of the most beautiful modern horizontal fence ideas. Use the concrete as the base and also the fence posts, and for the covering, you can use anything of your choice. This modern horizontal fence idea will give you solid protection along with a modern look. 

#6 Mix And Match

Mix And Match

Well, till now, we have seen the usage of brick, metal, and wooden fences. Do you know when you are into modern horizontal fence ideas, you actually can mix and match them? Have a supporting wall of brick, and then use wooden blocks or metal plates horizontally. You also can include the fence garden idea here as well. 

#7 Simple Security Design

Simple Security Design

I know some of you are looking for something really simple and budget-friendly. I have a plan for you; just go for the typical simple modern horizontal fence ideas. Use only horizontal wooden fencing for a simple and also rustic look.  

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#8 Privacy Matters

Privacy Matters

Obviously, privacy matters, and that is why you are looking for modern horizontal fence ideas and ready to invest your money. That means you can not compromise privacy matters in order to look pretty. But with this idea, you can use contrasting colors and also materials to enhance the look.

#9 Fenced Garden Glory Privacy

Fenced Garden Glory Privacy

When you have enough boundary space, I don’t see any reason not to use it for a little gardening. As a part of modern horizontal fence ideas, when you are building the fence, also build channels for planting trees attached to your fences. With proper gapping, place some plants. 

#10 Stay Out Style

Stay Out Style

Modern horizontal fence ideas have to stand out, or there is no meaning in investing your hard-earned money and time. So, go with a sleek design. Ensure the boards that are stretching are varying in size along with metal borders or fence posts. 

#11 Complete Privacy

Complete Privacy

#12 The Nature-Inspired Privacy 

#13 Metal Fences

#14 Contemporary Fences

#15 Play Minimalist

#16 Adopt The Japanese Culture

#17 Take The Help Of Nature

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now, you have plenty of modern horizontal fence ideas to choose from. When you are thinking about fences, there are several questions that might be wandering in your head. That is why I am answering the most commonly asked questions. 

So, let’s check them out. 

Q1: Is It Cheaper To Do A Horizontal Or Vertical Fence?

Ans: When you have a limited budget for your fence and want to keep it as cheap as possible, you should go for a horizontal fence that will cost you less. 

Q2: What Is The Best Wood For Horizontal Fencing?

Ans: All those hardwoods, such as Mangaris and Ipe, are really gorgeous when they are applied horizontally. It is because of their natural grain that runs the lengths of the plants and also creates a high-end look. Redwood, cedar, douglas fir, and pine, these types of softwoods are also excellent fencing choices. 

Q3: How Do I Make My Fence Look Prettier?

Ans: When you are worried about the look of your fence and want to make it prettier, you can try the below-mentioned things. 

• Lighten up the garden fence. 
• Drape a trellis with climbing flowers. 
• Paint a picket fence. 
• Turn your fence into a vertical garden. 
• Set up raised beds against a fence. 
• Give it a modern look. 
• Go with mixed materials. 
• Try some fencing decorating ideas. 

Choose One

Now, you have a lot of options for modern horizontal fence ideas to choose from. You just need to pick the most suitable one for you. It has to fulfill the purpose and also should fit into your budget. 

Always remember to choose the one that you will also be able to maintain on a regular basis. Always keep the additional charges in mind while choosing.

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