Tiles are not just floorings; These reflect your personality!!!

Have you ever wondered why people are so careful about choosing their home tilings?

-It’s obvious that many of them will choose tiles that are long-lasting and durable, but they are also careful about the styles and textures of the tiles.

But what sort of tiles should you choose for the modern looks?

-Well, that’s a straightforward answer!!! Undoubtedly, modern wooden-style floorings can be a prime choice for you.

There is no comparison with stylish wooden tiles if you choose the “perfect” ones for your home. The reason is these tiles fit in with any sort of home design.

Through this article, you’ll be guided with the modern style floor options you can choose for your modern home!!

Types of Modern Wooden Style:

Wooden Style

To be honest, wooden tiles take your home to the next level!!!

You will see different types of tiles in the market, and many are undoubtedly very durable and suitable at the same time.

But nothing can beat the designs and textures of wooden tiles. Now, you’ll be knowing about the styles and types of wooden tiles that you can indeed install for your dazzling floors.

Laminate Flooring Tiles: A Beauty In Woods

These wooden tiles are trending in the markets now. These are wooden tiles famous for mimicking solid hardwoods. This tiling option can be one of the best choices for your bed-rooms or even your living rooms.

Laminate floor tiles come in various designs and textures, and the best part is you don’t need to extend your pockets because these tilings are cheap compared to hardwood floorings.

Best Laminate Flooring Options: 

1. Waterproof Laminate:

Waterproof laminate floorings are now buzzing in the market because of their water-resistant ability, and also these floorings come in various styles and textures.

2. Light-Colored Flooring:

These planks are very light in color. And the unique color textures of these tiles will make your rooms look bigger and more appealing.

3. Wide Plank Style:

These large and wider planks will make your rooms look less congested and create your look more pacing.

Engineered Hardwood: A Bliss On Your Floors

If you are looking for wood floorings that require low-maintenance and are affordable at the same time, then engineered hardwood flooring can be the optimum choice for you.

These hardwoods consist of man-made materials to give that feel and look of natural woods.

Best Engineered Hardwood Options:

1. Waterproof Engineered Hardwood

Just think of yourself you are getting such wooden tiles that look exactly like “real woods” and are also water-resistant. It’s more like those “2 in 1” offers!!

2. Light Engineered Hardwood

This is one of the most popular wood tiles among homeowners. They just love this type of hardwood flooring style. This not only makes your room look gorgeous but also makes it feel bigger and brighter.

3. Wirebrushed Designed Hardwood.

This wire-brushed look puts intentional scratches all over the hardwood tiles, making it look more authentic and explosive!!!

Wood-Look Flooring: A Premium Choice

Let’s be honest!!! We all love the premium wood floors a lot. These types of floorings are the “dream choice” for many homeowners.

Yes, I know these types of flooring don’t come cheap and are always not affordable to many. But everyone desires to install these authentic solid hardwood tiles on their floors.

These tiling options reflect a sense of “premium” within your personality and your home. Your heaven looks more heavenly just with a “classy touch” of these tiles.

Solid hardwood tiles are applicable for every room, starting from your bedrooms, living rooms, and even your kitchens and bathrooms.

Types of Premium Wood-Look Options:

1. Vinyl Planks

If you want your rooms to look luxurious and elegant, you can surely go for these tiling options. These look very realistic and artistic at the same time. The textures and visuals will surely make your rooms more appealing.

2. Porcelain And Ceramics In Wood Style

These tilings are waterproof and have extreme durability. You will just go crazy the moment you install these tiles. Don’t go on its wood-like looks; it’s highly durable and reliable at the same time.

Wood-Like Flooring: Shades of Gray!!

The color gray is now one of the “premium” colors on the market. These gray-colored wood-like tiles are trendy among homeowners.

These flooring tiles can be used for all of your rooms. Even you can use these flooring options for your kitchens as well.

Tile manufacturers have also started to mix different colors with grey wood-like floorings to bring out different textures and shades.

These additional textures give that depth to these tiles for more artistic looks.

If you want to bring out that natural, elegant look out of your floors, then you should try this tiling.

Wood-Like Flooring: The Blonde Look!!!


If you are looking for light-colored artistic-looking wood tiles, then you should go for the blonde color!!!

There was a time when light-colored flooring was considered to be cheap and old-fashioned. But after the arrival of the wood-like flooring’s blonde look, the industry of tiles just skyrocketed!!

The reason is the looks of this tiling are so elegant that you simply can’t resist buying. The rustic and modern textures will make your home look more energetic, and you will get a positive vibe from these tiles.

The light colors of this tiling make the room more soothing and fascinating to watch. And undoubtedly, these blonde color tilings will surely be at the top of your favorite list.

Final Words:

Tiles are not “just tiles.” These reflect your sense of fashion, and it’s also a symbol of your personality. So always make sure you are buying the suitable tiles for the proper purpose.

You need to extend your pockets if you choose to buy suitable quality tiles. But that shouldn’t force you to purchase bad-quality tiles.

So choose your tiles wisely and think at least twice before concluding.

I hope this article will help you know the modern wooden style flooring options for your modern home!!!

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