Around 20% of brand new homes are custom made, with over half of millennials stating they would prefer a custom-built home to an existing one.

But there are lots of myths surrounding these types of homes. Aren’t they more expensive than existing homes? And don’t they take years to finish and lots of paperwork?

In reality, there are so many benefits to building a custom home that many do not realize. If you are not sure what they are, this guide will explain all the main ones.


1. Location Is the Main Priority

One of the most difficult parts of buying existing real estate is weighing up the location against the actual home. Often, the location is perfect but the house itself is undesirable or vice versa.

Building a custom home allows you to focus only on the location in your initial search. All you need to consider is the local neighborhood, nearby amenities, and anything else important to you. And that’s it!

2. Build a Home That Matches Your Lifestyle

Reality shows like Grand Designs and Tiny House Nation might lead some people to think that if you want a custom home, you need to build it yourself.

That is not true!

Most people hire a custom home builder via a customer home company like They will be able to build a home that matches you and your family’s specific wants and needs.

For example, few use a dining room anymore but so many existing homes still have them and they are a waste of valuable space.

But if you want a built-in, wall-to-wall bookshelf then you can have one. And if you want to wake up to the sun streaming through your window, you can. These personal touches are one of the main custom home benefits.

3. Use Quality and Sustainable Materials

Hiring your own custom home service means you can control the materials that make your house. If you want to build an eco-conscious home, then you can 100% do that.

Having this control means you know your construction team has built your home to last and will not need repairs a few years down the line. Everyone has read the horror stories about some spec home projects and you will avoid that.

4. Unlimited Choices and Few Compromises

Building a custom home means you can choose the molding, the cabinet trim, the door handles, appliances, curtain poles and so much more!

Every inch of your custom-built house is an opportunity for you to express yourself and be creative. You are building your dream home and you should not have to compromise.

Are you worried that you need to be a millionaire before you can enjoy your own custom-built home? You can price everything up (right down to the cabinet handles) before you even begin laying the foundations.

Building a Custom Home Opens Many Doors

Building a custom home is not easy but buying an existing home isn’t either. A custom home will give you more freedom, flexibility, and will cost less in the long run because you will never want to move again!

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