In life, one of the greatest investments you can make goes towards a house. With that said, the value of a house can be drastically increased in just a few simple ways.

Whether you are looking to buy a house for the first time or are looking to flip the existing house that you have for a higher price, this guide has outlined five great ways to make that dream a reality. Read on now for the full overview.


Protect Against Water Damage

Water damage can drastically decrease the value of a home. Make sure that your gutters are kept clean, your pipes are regularly checked and your basement has been waterproofed in order to make sure that water damage does not affect your house too much.

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Kit Out Your Basement

Your basement should not just be a place to do laundry or go grab beers from a second fridge. Instead, it can become an entire room of its own. Once it has been securely waterproofed, you can turn it either into a chill-out zone for friends to visit, or a games room for extra fun.

It is estimated that by creating another room in the house through the basement, the entire value of your house can increase by over 10 percent.

Split Your House Into Flats

There is no need to sell your house as a single unit. In fact, one way to drastically increase the value of the property is to split it into flats. While there will be costs involved to make sure that each section has its own kitchen and bathroom, as well as abides by building regulations, this will be well recouped by the number of individual sales made on the property.

Additionally, you can still live in one of the flats and then rent out the others, providing a passive income for yourself.

Loft Conversion

Just as your basement can be a worthwhile investment for your house, it might be worthwhile to try and convert your loft into a stylish top-floor bedroom.

By having an extra room in the house, you will be drastically increasing its value as potential buyers will know that they have more rooms to place their family or to invite friends. While there may be a number of costs involved in this process, it will be easily recouped by the increased value to your house.

Tend To The Garden

Your garden is just as important as your house. Make sure that you turn it into a true extension of the house, whether that is by planting a variety of lovely flowers, making sure that the lawn has enough water, or by creating decking for people to sit on in the summer months.

By having a garden that people will enjoy living in, you are basically extending the parts of the house that people can hang out in, easily increasing the value of your house in the process..

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