When selling your home, the photographs taken for the brochure are key.

For potential buyers, the first time they see your house could be through viewing these photos online and it is these that will sway their decision about whether to proceed to a viewing.

Staging your property as you get ready to sell can make it look more visually appealing.

These tips will ensure you gain interest and viewings which will then turn into bids on your property, making the selling process a breeze.

1. Front of House

Front of House

The front aspect of your house is a powerful selling point so take time to make it look as attractive as possible.

Painting your front door can give your home a fresh feel and adding potted plants or hanging baskets around the entrance will make it look more welcoming.

Put a doormat outside and make sure the area is clear of any leaves or debris. Curb appeal is a real thing so improving the exterior of your home is well worth the effort.

2. Go Neutral

purchase your property

Although bold colors are fashionable and statement wallpaper has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, neutral walls are the way to go if you want to appeal to a broad market.

The ultimate in a blank canvas, neutral shades allow potential buyers to envisage how they would decorate if they were to purchase your property.

3. Minimalist Magic

Minimalist Magic

Whether your taste is minimalist, or you prefer a home filled with knick-knacks, decluttering your space is preferable.

Not only is it more visually appealing but it will also allow anyone who is considering buying your property to imagine their own belongings in the space.

Cluttered spaces can also look smaller which can be a problem, especially in boxrooms or storage spaces.

If living in a home that’s lost its personality even for just the time it takes to sell doesn’t appeal, look on the bright side – clearing the space now is one less job to do before moving into your new place!

4. Home Comforts

Home Comforts

People love their home to be a place they can relax, so make yours look comfortable with cozy throws and plump cushions on settees and beds.

These can be a great way to add a splash of color, so your home stands out from the crowded market without being too overpowering.

Many estate agents such as Henley Charles find homes that are staged to sell more quickly.

5. Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers

There is something inviting about fresh flowers and bringing nature into your home.

Whether you choose cut flowers from the garden or buy a bunch from a supermarket or local florist, these add warmth and are a welcome addition to any photos. It is also a way to add a feature to a fireplace or table without making it look cluttered.

Preparing your home ready to sell does take effort at a time when you are already busy viewing properties or arranging mortgages, but it really is worth it.

Showing your home in the best light will improve your chances of getting a fair price and a quick sale.


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