Do you need college for real estate jobs?

I might have to counter your question by asking, “What job role do you seek in the real estate sector? 

The real estate industry spans wide and requires college degrees (bachelor’s, master’s, or degrees related to finance/legal regulations). However, all job roles in the real estate sector require a college degree. It also depends on the state’s requirement for specific real estate job roles. 

However, it is thoughtful to ask such questions since you aspire to become a professional in this sector. Let me clear your doubts and help you find a solution to this question through this blog post. So, I’ll have to suggest you keep reading. 

Do You Need College For Real Estate?

A bachelor’s degree might not be necessary according to the qualifications required for specific jobs like a real estate agent. But it always helps to have a little extra to offer when you enter the competitive job market. You may also pursue other career options with a relevant degree. 

Also, having a bachelor’s degree or a college degree might help you advance in the industry and highlight you as a prospective candidate. 

Key Takeaways 

  • It is not mandatory for all job roles and in all states in the US. If you want to work as a real estate agent, you will not need a college degree. However, some states might contradict you on this with some exceptions. Also, if you want to obtain a license, a college degree might be necessary.
  • Having a postsecondary degree can help you widen and improve your job prospects. Your earning potential will also vary with a postsecondary degree. A college degree might help stretch that a bit too far. 
  • If you aspire to see yourself in higher job roles, then you may consider having an undergraduate degree or a bachelor’s degree in marketing, finance, business, and more. 

Real Estate Jobs To Aim For With A College Degree 

Real Estate Jobs To Aim For With A College Degree

Here are some common job opportunities you have the chance of nailing with a college degree –

Types Of Real Estate Degrees You Need To Aim For

Do you need a college degree for real estate jobs? Now that you know the answer to this question, let’s look at some degrees you might want to have. If you are aspiring to advance towards a more prosperous career opportunity, then having these degrees might lend you a good hand in the future. 

Associate Degree In Real Estate 

If you are just getting into the real estate industry, then having an associate degree can give you a good, fresh start. Aspiring candidates can enroll for an Associate degree once they have completed their high school or their GED. 

However, you must invest two years of your time to complete this degree. Some of the schools provide an associate of arts degree in real estate. Also, you can opt for different real estate-related course works such as – property management, business law, legal aspects of real estate, and more. 

Real Estate Bachelor’s Degree

Getting a bachelor’s degree is a good way to make yourself an attractive candidate for the competitive job market. A bachelor’s degree in this industry will help you get skills and competencies that a GED may not be able to provide. You can expand your knowledge across different areas such as finance, real estate, marketing, market data analysis, economics of land use, and more.

You can aim for higher career opportunities, like becoming a real estate broker or a manager. Also, a bachelor’s degree in real estate boosts your chances of getting a heavier paycheck. 

However, a bachelor’s degree in real estate will take as long as four years of your life. So, if you are really passionate about this career path, you might want to consider this option. 

Master Of Business Administration

Let’s set our focus a little higher, shall we? If you want to go beyond the role of a real estate manager, then an MBA is important. This training and education provides you with skills and training related to investment management and real estate development. Professionals who want to build their careers as Real Estate Hedge Fund Managers need an MBA. An MBA is also mandatory for roles in the real estate investment trust. If you are aiming for senior-level executive roles in REIT or hedge fund management, go for an MBA. 

The courses related to this degree usually include – real estate investment, real estate finance, and urban economics. But what is your roadmap going to be like? Well, first, you can complete your GED, then your bachelor’s, and aim for an MBA. However, you have to appear in the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or GRE to start your MBA.

Master Of Real Estate Development

When you want to focus your career on the real estate industry, you can opt for an MRED. This master’s degree is tailored to teach students how to manage real estate properties. It also helps students understand the dynamics of associated economic factors. 

The MRED course teaches students construction, planning, market analysis, and more. Graduates interested in the real estate industry often pursue a career in real estate development. The course takes professionals two years to complete. 

Aside from these degrees, building and developing finance, marketing, and business skills will be helpful. You can also consider brushing up your communication skills for a rewarding result. 

Final words

However, a GED might be enough in some states if you aspire to become a real estate agent or work in similar job roles. States like Texas do not require any college degree if you want to apply for a license. You only need to complete the required number of hours on relevant courses.

So, do you need a college degree for real estate jobs? I hope you have your answer after reading this article. Please let us know if this article helped provide you with the necessary answers. We always look forward to your feedback. Thank you for reading.

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