I thought I could sell a house quickly, even without an agent. With so many online marketplaces out there, it’s impossible not to find the right buyer. I realized later on that these marketplaces are only viable if you’re selling used furniture or cars. Selling real estate is far more complicated.

After reading a few articles on selling a home, I built a sign for the hardware store. I took photos of the property using my phone and posted them online. Within just two weeks, I gave a tour to dozens of potential buyers. Through realty hand title monitoring, the searching becomes much more streamlined. You can buy the properties anytime from anywhere.

While I felt grateful for their interest, I was exhausted. There were questions I couldn’t understand. Some negotiated a much lower price, and others seemed decisive about buying but didn’t show up again.

After almost six months, I wondered why it was hard to sell a handsome house in a peaceful neighborhood. A report shows that home selling speed is now at 32 days only!

Finally, I decided to work with a licensed real estate agent. At first, it seems like a luxury, but their services are invaluable. 

Let me share with you how my real estate agent helped me.

Top Reasons You Need A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

Avoid Legal Risks

A home sale involves plenty of legal paperwork. One of the most important documents is the seller’s disclosure. 

According to a second mortgage loans analyst at Maxfunding, the seller must disclose any information that affects the desirability or value of the real estate property. What you think is an insignificant matter could get you in trouble. The seller could sue you for fraud or breach of contract. It is more likely that a real estate professional is more familiar with disclosure laws. Furthermore, they are protected by errors and omissions insurance.

Has Access to Large Networks

Large Networks

Listing your home online or in newspapers may not be enough. Even if you have many friends and colleagues, it’s unlikely that they can market your house correctly.

A licensed real estate agent has a network of investors, agencies, marketers, etc., which means more potential buyers. A larger pool of buyers can translate to faster sales and higher profits.

Cross Out Unqualified Buyers

Unqualified Buyers

A real estate agent can tell who’s genuinely looking to buy a look and who’s just curious. You would have to put your life on hold each time you show the property—and you would want to limit that. 

Experienced real estate agents know how to gauge a prospective buyer’s qualifications, motivation, and seriousness. My agent also asked whether they’ve checked any other properties and what they plan to do with the property in the next 5-10 years. 

I also found out that most potential buyers are hesitant to ask questions when the seller is presenting the house. They tend to feel more comfortable discussing their needs and concerns through a mediator.

From preparation and marketing to price negotiation and paperwork, we can’t underestimate the advantages of working with a professional real estate agent. 


Mashum Mollah

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