The easiest way to which you can provide tranquillity to your bedroom, indoor garden area, or living room is through putting a fountain in the areas. You need to do in-depth research on DIY indoor fountain ideas so that you choose the right fountain for your home. While the sounding of bubbling water can be soothing, you will also get other benefits as well.

Indoor fountains usually produce negative ions when water is tumbling down. These particles are charged electrically and bind literally with dust particles and smoke in the air, working as an air filter, and dragging them down. They end up providing a healthy environment.

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In most cases, wall fountains give a sense of well-being and increase alertness. There are suggestions that you can use these fountains to fight depression. This idea is entirely correct. When you are near large, moving water bodies like a river, a beach, or a waterfall, it will relax the body and brain. Indoor fountain ideas recommend that they are good tools for use when practicing or meditating yoga. The noise blocks out conversation, traffic, and other distractions that hamper concentration. They help when you have a problem with sleep.

There are many fountain types in the market. They range from floor and wall fountains to tabletop models. The table and floor fountains have the advantage of being able to move between rooms with little bother and fuss. As your needs continue changing, you can change the position of your indoor water feature to a location that will accommodate you.

DIY Indoor Fountain Design Ideas and Tips

DIY Indoor Fountain DesignChoosing the right foot pump for your fountain is an overwhelming task for many individuals. There are many points you can use to follow while choosing the right pumps. Choosing for your water fountain can be easy because there are many models in the market at different prices. You can use the specifications below to choose the right pump for your DIY indoor fountain.


It is advantageous to know the amount of water your pump can push per hour. It is called a gallon per hour and determines the flow rate of the fountain. DIY Indoor fountains differ because they require less efficiency than outdoor fountains. You need a small pump for your indoor fountain.

Max’s head

This specification shows measurement units for height, which is done in feet. The height of the water is the one that pushes the pump. A pump that has a max head of 4 can push the water by four feet high. It is advantageous to keep the max head of your pump higher than the needed height because the strength of water reduces with greater height.

When you have a small water fountain, you need to use submersible pumps as they are cheaper and quieter compared to outdoor fountains. If you are shopping for a fountain that should be outside, then you will have to procure large fountains that are more powerful for bigger fountains. Nowadays, you can come across solar-charged pumps, and you can get them from online stores. Most of these pumps are quite expensive but help in saving the amount of electricity needed to run the pumps.

They use rechargeable batteries to run the pumps. The latest indoor fountain ideas state that people prefer using them since they are both efficient and profitable. You need to make sure that the size of the outlet tube fits well in the pipe.

Many indoor pumps have less powerful pumps that reduce the occurrence of excessive splashing. Conversely, these pumps have additional features like switches that control the flow of water. You can, therefore, adjust water flow as per your requirements. With excellent maintenance and care, these pumps last for many years. It is also easy to purchase them from reliable online stores at good prices.


According to fountain design ideas, there are very many available fountains in the market, and the easiest way of deciding the best one for you is by doing an online search. Several manufacturers use sleek, modern water wells, giving the garden a contemporary look.

These DIY indoor fountain great focal points for the garden and other indoor facilities. Alternately, you need to prefer an elegant or traditional fountain depicting a more classic look and figures like cherubs. These features are standard in fountains found in piazzas in the whole world. They are graceful and grand for adding a touch of flair.

You can consider a simple fountainhead when you want to get water from a lake. This approach is understated and relaxed but creates an extraordinary effect because water sprays from the middle of the pond.


The size of the garden will determine the size of your fountain. A spacious garden is suitable for a big fountain. Some gardens require fountains that are as long as ten feet. You can also use a small fountain in your garden if it is small. You will also smaller fountains that work best for the rooms of your house and office.


Indoor fountain ideas say that they come in different types of materials and the material of your choice depends on your requirements. Stainless steel fountains are versatile and stylish but expensive. Stone fountains seem timeless and natural, but they are equally expensive and weigh more than all other fountains. Plastic fountains will not last for a long time and look cheap.

Polyresin is a great option because it combines the qualities of many materials and avoids their inadequacies. This material gives an appearance of stone that weighs very little and is relatively cheap to purchase, making it easy to transport. As a material, it is extremely suitable and durable throughout all conditions of weather.

The Final Thoughts

According to DIY indoor fountain ideas, you can choose between a waterfall fountain, floor fountain, and wall fountain as per your budget and requirements. You can also decide to give your friend this fountain as a gift. These fountains are a great way of bringing soothing effects of running water in the house. You can just search the internet, and you will find the right fountain that fits your house or office needs.

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