Post COVID-19 pandemic, keeping the hygiene of the place you live and work in has never been more important than it is now.

People started to pay attention to cleaning and disinfecting to ensure the prevention of the spread of the virus. But some people might be too busy to clean their place or they might also not be the kind of person who were crazy to do the cleaning. Thus why nowadays it is undeniable that the best and most experienced cleaning services have become a type of business which flourished. Its services are very useful, be it for commercial or personal usage.

Homeowners are too busy and want to break from everyday cleaning, and commercial businesses need frequent cleaning to maintain a safe environment for their customers and employees. Using cleaning services is the most practical alternative to keep the cleanliness of a house or an office.

However, there are many types of cleaning services offered by a company. So, before you decide to hire a cleaning service, you should know in advance each type of the service to make it easier for you to choose according to your needs.


Let’s Checkout 7 Types Of Cleaning Services:

1. Commercial Cleaning

cleaning services for office

Commercial cleaning services offered cleaning services for business properties, such as offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, etc. Commercial cleaning is the type of service which is most sought after. Cleaning large areas or spacious buildings is a very exhausting and difficult job to do.

This is why a company or school decided to hire a cleaning service provider with a large team to get the job done quickly and effectively. Some cleaning service providers also offer after-hours cleaning services to make sure that the people are not disturbed during the cleaning.

2. General Cleaning

General cleaning service is usually only used during a certain time or when needed. For example, the cleaning services are only hired specifically to clean a building after an exhibition is held.

3. Residential Cleaning

cleaning services for houses

This service is specifically intended for private residences and is more often used by people who live in the big cities. Busy schedules often make people not have time to clean their house. And to make sure that the house stays clean, they will hire a cleaning services in Denver CO on a weekly basis.

Make sure that you hire only the best and most experienced cleaning services in your neighborhood. Most homeowners make the mistake of prioritizing the costs, where in reality, they should be checking out the quality of the work involved. CleanFlorida, naples fl is one of the most highly rated services in this part of the country. They are not only experienced but quite affordable as well.

The area which they will clean includes the bedroom, kitchen, lounge, and bathroom. The task includes basic dusting of surfaces and items, mopping, vacuuming, polishing, sweeping the floor, changing bed sheets, ironing, washing dishes, and other related chores.

4. Spring Cleaning

A client who hasn’t had their home properly cleaned in a while usually was recommended to get
spring cleaning services
. Spring cleaning is a more comprehensive type of cleaning, which consists of washing cabinets, cleaning the oven, dusting ceiling fan blades, and even sometimes polishing the wood for furniture. All the cleaning tasks are done more thoroughly, to
achieve maximum cleanliness.

5. Specialized Cleaning

specialized cleaning

As the name suggests, specialized cleaning is a cleaning service that focuses on requests according to what the client needs. Specialized house cleaning Melbourne requires special skills by the cleaners to clean certain materials. Types of things that require specialized cleaning include ceramics, sofas, home decorations, carpets, and windows.

6. Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services

Sanitizing and disinfecting services were previously only thought to be necessary for medical venues. But in this COVID-19 era, it is becoming one of the most common types of cleaning services.

Sanitization and disinfection use chemicals that could ensure the area is safe for humans and free from harmful viruses or bacteria. This service might use chemicals, brushes, and UV cleaning.

7. Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

The term “green” represents a way and movement to save our planet. It is worth noting that cleaning could also be done in a more sustainable way. This is why green cleaning has become one of the new hits, especially for environmentalists.

This service follows eco-friendly cleaning practices, such as using fewer chemicals to do the cleaning or biodegradable products which are safe for the client and the environment. Green cleaning services are also a way to show a sense of social responsibility.

Now that you have the list of all different types of cleaning services, find out which one you will need and you can start by contacting your local cleaning service to make inquiries. With the services they offer, cleaning doesn’t have to be a problem for you!

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