The interior designs during 2019 have seen a lot of experimentation and this trend is expected to carry on during 2020. This experimentation started back in 2019 with unique textures, design trends, strange objects along with wild colors. It will mean that next year we should see extremely interesting designs with designs trying to take things to the next level.

2020 Interior Design Trend – In Colors

 Interior Design Trend - In Colors

Colors are going to be at the forefront of interior design trends of 2020 with many on their way out to be replaced with new colors. There are a couple that will stay for one more year but if you want to stay relevant you may have to change your color scheme.

Caliente and Oceanside:

One-color that has made it to the hot list of 2020 is Caliente which exudes confidence and warmth. Another addition is going to be Oceanside which gives off a stress-free, cozy lifestyle and makes it feel like your living by the beach.

Autumn Maple:

One trend that will still be around is Autumn Maple and one of the main reasons for this is its versatility. This color works in all seasons which is why it continues to be a top-selling color. It provides a peaceful and comfortable feeling.

Chinoiserie Red

One of the most exotic design trend colors of 2020 will be Chinoiserie Red. It has attractive shades and a huge impact. It began to become popular in 2017 and that trend will continue next year.

Deep Emeralds:

Deep Emeralds along with Oval Room Blue are both going to be big in 2020. These are both colors that have a sense of history and a powerful positive impact.

Black Chiffon:

Black Chiffon will continue to be popular with fixtures, lamps along with leather chairs. It has the perfect tone for any room and is the benchmark of luxury. Stone White will be popular in rooms that require the most light. Dusk will again be unique design trends in 2020 due to its ability to relax along with the designer’s love of the color blue.

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2020 Interior Design Trend – Out Colors

Interior Design Trend - Out Colors

One color that is well and truly out in 2020 is Windsor Pink. It was the millennial pink color and now that trend is coming to an end. It is seen as too sweet and juvenile for the times we are now living in. Brighter colors will replace it in 2017 as Windsor Pink is now seen as bland.

One color that made a splash during 2019 was Deep Turquoise but its days are numbered in 2020. It is a moody color and people are now wanting colors that calm them.

The stand out a color for 2019 was Shadow which offers an intimate feeling rather than airy colors. The trends show that the consumer is wanting to escape colors to forget about their chaotic life. It has started to lose its appeal due to overuse and is now seen as too bland. That will mean a lot of people are going to have to make interior design color changes if they want to stay with the trends of 2020.

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2017 was a mysterious year with many trends only lasting one season. This will continue to be the case as designers take more risks and explore the possibilities of creativity.

There is always one color that makes a surprise entry so it will be interesting to see as the year progresses which in the must-have color. With the craziness of the world, it is likely to be another calming color that grabs the headlines as we all seek peace from the ultra-fast pace of life.

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