If you have a house with no driveway, you know the feeling of parking your car on the street.

It’s not a nice feeling, I know. You are always thinking about the car. What if somebody ruins the paint? Or somebody steals something?

Sometimes you won’t even get a spot to park your car in busy times. It is very important to have a garage or a driveway before you buy a car.

Though they are ideal for your car, sometimes you face problems while building a concrete driveway on your property.

Despite all the problems you can still have a secure car spot with affordable concrete driveway cost.

Concrete driveways made with cement are sturdy and aesthetic, as well as costing less than large garages and carports. Our paver walkway cost is reasonable, and you can always request a free quote to find out what the project might cost.

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Process To Build A Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveway Process

1. Check The Underground Utilities

Before starting the process it is necessary to contact the state’s DBYD (dial before you dig).

They identify the underground utility lines that may hamper construction and excavation plans.

If they find any line, they reposition the lines.

2. Know Your Boundaries

Take a tour around your property, go through the land blueprints.

Point out your land boundary and mark the location with spray paint which will be given to you by the DBYD.

This is basically to locate any submerged utility cables that might be around the project area.

3. Mark The Boundaries

After locating the area, mark it with wooden stakes, then attach them with a set of strings before creating a concrete driveway.

4. Remove The Topsoil

Use a shovel or a machine to excavate the topsoil. Level the construction area (marked with wooden stakes). Suggestion-wise, try to excavate 250 mm down from the ground.

For a small driveway, you don’t need much more than a mini excavator. In cases where you need more digging for a larger driveway, you might need a 5 to 7-tonne excavator machine.

5. Lay Wooden Forms

To create a concrete driveway this step is needed so that while pouring concrete it does get spilled outside the project area and fills it properly. 

Otherwise, cement will be wasted. Make sure you do this step very patiently and carefully. Your driveway should not look messy.

6. Add Sand

Add some sand to make the base firm, also add gravel in small amounts for driveway concrete thickness.

Depending on the soil conditions add 4 to 10 inches.

7. Use Steel To Make Bars

Support your foundation with help of mesh that will cover the surface and as well will strengthen the driveway.

8. Pour It All

Pour the necessary amount of concrete and spread them evenly. You may use a skid steer that has a front bucket or a tractor or wheelbarrow.

All of it depends on the scope of the project.

9. Take Measures

Use a leveler to equally spread and smooth out the concrete. To prevent cracks, build a straight groove on the concrete.

It will be better than anything if you keep wetting the concrete driveway for 6 consecutive days.

Have a brook finish and make sure your driveway does not get slippery on rainy days. Read more about the stamped concrete driveway.

10. Finally, Park Your Car

How do you feel after finishing a concrete driveway?. A bit tired, but relaxed too. Now no one will ever touch your car and can have a good night’s sleep. Now your car has a home too.

Costs Of A Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveway Costs

The cost for a concrete driveway will have 6 to 20 dollars per square foot

This depends on the finished top surface of the area you wish to have a concrete driveway on.

You will also have to add the costs of all the things you need to build a driveway, like the cement, wooden stakes, shovel, machines that are used in digging.

All total will cost you, but it is better to invest in something that is going to be there for a long time.

A crushed concrete driveway is almost of no cost.

Pros Of Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways Pros

A coin has two sides to be judged or shown, therefore concrete driveway also has two sides to it, in this case, it’s the pros and cons.


The price that you will have to pay to make a concrete driveway is going to be less than having interlock pavers.

Low Maintenance

  • It is not even an issue at all.
  • It can actually care for itself.
  • This will save you both time and effort and will give its service for 20 years.
  • Weeds will not grow from the paved area, don’t worry.


  • Concrete grounds can take a lot.
  • Driveways with high traffic and front entrances never show it’s frequent use.
  • Just use your weekends on how to clean concrete driveway.
  • If you can follow all the steps to build a concrete driveway then the driveway will live up to 20 years or more.

Whether Friendly

  • No matter what the season is, concrete driveways adapt to everything.
  • Paint the floor white so in summer it doesn’t get hot and you can easily walk around barefooted.
  • In winter during the snowfalls, you won’t have to put too much effort into gathering all the snow from it.

Cons Of Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveway Cons

The advantages are quite interesting, right? But let’s face the disadvantages as well.

Hard To Repair

  • In pavers, you can choose a particular area and repair that portion easily but in the case of concrete driveways, it is hard.
  • You will have to break the entire concrete floor for repair.
  • You can contact someone or can do concrete driveway resurfacing again.

Might Get A Crack

Concretes do get cracked over time, for that you place some more cement on top of it. The weather conditions affect the concrete floor to get cracked. Suppose it’s too hot outside, you can’t even take a quick run outside.

In that case, the concrete gets way too heated and cracks after some time. To avoid it you might want to have your concrete driveway under a shade. Long live the concrete.


Due to its natural light color, concrete floors have a tendency to get stained.

Oil and tire marks get the most of concrete floors. But you can’t really do anything about it.

Even if you are careful with oil stains, it is not really possible to look out for tire marks.

Wrapping Up

This article is a complete guide for a concrete driveway. There you have the process, the costs, pros, and cons.

Cars cannot be kept on the streets, because they are like a member of your family. There are risks everywhere for the car to get ruined while on the streets.

You need a driveway, and the steps are okay to start. It is better than racking your brain at night.

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