Aesthetics has become a game-changing subject in the past decade!

The shabby chic cottage vibes, contemporary, country and all the academics have made a significant mark in designing the mood of our houses or any other indoor space. Additionally, the matter of feng shui and lighting has also played a crucial part in shaping our emotions according to the aesthetic of our surroundings. 

Just imagine yourself as an artist, definitely, you would want your walls and other room ornamentation to reflect your passion. Therefore, if you have a knack for it and are still asking ‘Is being an interior designer a good career path?’, then the answer couldn’t have been any clearer than



Some Secret Facts You Should Know About Interior Designers 

If you are wondering to start a career as an interior designer then don’t hold your horses. Because to date it still proves to be one of the best careers in the world. This is a field where you will be able to explore your artistic side, all the while getting paid for it. 

But, if you are still facing the dilemma then sit back and let this article do the convincing for you. In this excerpt, we are bringing the answers to the most frequently asked question about this subject. Here is the list of the questions we will be elaborating on today, and I am sure by the end of this blog you will be free of any doubts. 

  • Is Interior Design A Good Career Option?
  • How Do I Start A Career As An Interior Designer?
  • What Jobs Are In Interior Design?
  • Do Interior Designers Have A Good Salary?
  • How Can I Get An Interior Designer Job With No Experience? 
  • What Skills Do I Need To Be An Interior Designer?
  • What Are The Different Interior Design Styles?
  • What Are The Interior Design Schools? 

1. Is Interior Design A Good Career Option?

Interior Design A Good Career Option

Interior Design is an excellent career option if you are free-spirited and don’t want to be bound by the conformities of formal uniforms and a 9-5. This Job has Flexible hours and a beautiful balance of homework and fieldwork.

Additionally, you will get to meet new people; share your ideas of art, and create significant relationships. Having this good rapport with your clients is also crucial as it is a word-of-mouth job, your skills will be deemed as way more important than your years of experience. 

The salary options are different for everyone, but we will be coming to that subject a little later in the article.

On Jooble you can find numerous career opportunities in the interior design field.

2. How Do I Start A Career As An Interior Designer?

Do I Start A Career As An Interior Designer

Now, your extraordinary skills will do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to the career option but, in this section, I will give you the educational qualification in chronology in order to achieve the job. 

In order to become a professional interior designer, first you need to have a bachelor’s degree in interior design. Some of the important courses that will land you a job are B.A. [Bachelor In Art], or B.Des [Bachelors in Design]. 

Then, you can get a master’s degree with the same courses mentioned above. While you are at it, you can do some exclusive external courses on the specific interior design you wish to excel. This will add a weightage to your resume. 

Some courses on Feng Shui can also be helpful. 

3. What Jobs Are In Interior Design?

What Jobs Are In Interior Design

Now, that you have received the appropriate educational qualifications, it is time to decide in what industry of interior design you would prefer opting for. Some of the jobs in this career are:

Indoor Designer 

Let’s start with the most traditional one. This is where you will be called to do a full renovation of an indoor space, it could be a home or an office area. From furniture to miscellaneous decoration; lighting; and paint, everything will be decided by you. 

Furniture Designer 

This is more of a niche corner of the career. Sometimes people don’t need a full renovation but would like your advice on the furniture choices that would brighten their existing space. 

Kitchen Designer 

This is again an entire remodeling but only one room; the kitchen. The kitchen is known as the heart of the home or any other indoor space. So, people are looking for a much warmer ambiance when it comes to the place they cook. However, not to mention it has to be designed and should reflect the catalogs of a home magazine. 

Production Designer 

Ever wondered how the interiors of the set in your new favorite Television show look homely and yet so put together and balanced? It is because they are designed by interior designers with excellent artistic skills. 

Lighting Designer 

This is again a niche that has come into ‘the limelight’ in the past decade. Before that, lighting was just a part of cinematic production but now it has become a part of our everyday atmosphere too. The moment people realized the importance of lighting in the elevation of their moods, interior lighting designers were in high demand. 

Textile Designer 

Well, you might think that this is a small genre to express your expertise but you might be wrong. This is one of the highest paying jobs in the career and not to mention has a fair number of challenges. Your indoor textile choice can make a lot of difference to the entire ambiance and hence has to be selected carefully. 

4. Do Interior Designers Have A Good Salary?

Do Interior Designers Have A Good Salary

Salary in any job can be a tricky subject because there are no concrete rules for them. There are several factors determining it. For example, Some people will be more interested in your experience level and pay you according to that while there will be others who value your skills and analyze you on that.

But, to give you a probability picture, the annual salary of an entry-level interior design artist is $47, 806 [per annum] and there is a guaranteed increase for every year of experience they gather. 

The highest salary can go up to six figures a year which is intimidating. So, I would say that with the right experience and skill, interior designers do have a good salary. 

5. How Can I Get An Interior Designer Job With No Experience? 

How Can I Get An Interior Designer Job With No Experience

Now, if you are newbie; a freshly graduated interior designer in making then it could be confusing and daunting at first to make a name. The first thing you need to understand is this might not be the time to start individually and have a website built. It can cost a lot plus with no experience, people might be reluctant to hire you. 

So, your initial step should be to get into an industry and work with a bunch of interior designers. This is your time to learn and gather some real-life experience, ahead of your educational knowledge. 

As an aspiring interior designer, you should strive towards learning new skills and take as many courses as you can. The completion certificates can help you without experience. 

Make a compelling CV and don’t forget to add a cover letter. 

6. What Skills Do I Need To Be An Interior Designer?

What Skills Do I Need To Be An Interior Designer

Beyond the educational qualifications, people will always look for a unique skill that they own when they are hiring you. For example; when you are talking to a new client, you obviously won’t talk about your educational degree but rather give insights on what they are missing from their surroundings, and what would brighten their space. 

Some of the soft skills you should always acquire as an interior designer are: 

  • A creative and artistic mind which can think outside the ordinary. 
  • Knowledge of unique home decorating skills like feng shui and aesthetic art. 
  • Have a good knowledge of what’s trendy.
  • Understanding what the clients desire.
  • Ability to sketch or illustrate.
  • Excellent organizational skills.

7. What Are The Different Interior Design Styles?

What Are The Different Interior Design Styles

There is an uncountable number of interior designs when it comes to styles but nevertheless, we will name a few that have been on trend in the past few years. 


This interior design is wealth and elegance personified. Some of the major elements of this art are ivory white highly proportionate furniture, fur or velvet cousins, expensive candle holders, and most importantly a chandelier to seal the deal. 

The color palette of this design is mostly light with flashes of nude dark shades to balance it. 

Dark/Light Academia 

These are some of the interior designers’ favorites. These interior design styles have been a prodigy that came to light with the new era of social media. The dark or light academia gives a modern touch to the classic civilizations or Victorian art

The renaissance also plays an important part in styling this ambiance. 


Florals and Tartan are the crucial elements in this style. The country form of interior design gives a more cozy homely feel in contrast to the luxury of Chalet. The decors are of a modern touch too and the color theme is mostly light with very few or no dark shades to contrast it.

Hollywood Regency 

This is a flash of color that we have all been waiting for. This Hollywood regency interior design gives the feel of L.A. socialite life and is a very popular choice in the era of the internet. 

The major trademarks of this style are palm tree wallpapers, green furniture, and lots of pastels to match the vibrant color palette. 

Minecraft Interior Design

I know what you thought at first, that’s a game! Yes, it is a game on building and furnishing spaces. Therefore, it is not surprising to see people getting amazed by the artistry of the game and trying to project that in their own surroundings. 

So, what is Minecraft interior design you ask?

This is where we take elements from the virtual game and turn them into real visual ambiances.

Minecraft indoor designs have been in business since the game gained popularity. 

Mod Interior Design 

This is a very contemporary design and the best way to describe it is to call it a blend of everything. There is neutrality in the color palette but at the same time, it doesn’t fail shortly of a vibrant pop from time to time. 

It gives a fresh unique design which is the brainchild of mid-century and electric blends.  

8. What Are Interior Design Schools? 

What Are The Interior Design Schools 

These are the best places in the country that will help you become an interior designer after high school. Keeping the pandemic in mind, we have added both offline and online courses. 

  • New York Institute Of Technology 
  • Colorado State University 
  • Florida International University 
  • Lincoln University of Nebraska 
  • University Of Florida 
  • Oregon State University 

The Online Schools For A Degree Of Arts Or Interior Architecture Are

  • The National Design Academy with their academic partner De Montfort University 
  • Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia 
  • Parsons School of Design, New York 

Design Your Way 

Hopefully, by now this article was capable of solving every query you had about being an interior designer. If you are drawn to the job opportunities in this career then you will see that despite all the hardships that come with every career, the experience is exhilarating. 

If you have a creative mind and take pride in the art it can create, there is no better way to turn your passion into a career. 

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