A kitchen renovation project is one of the main ways to add value to your home. So getting the right look and functionality is essential for your property renovation project.

This space provides a social area for family and friends, plus adds the wow factor alongside your interior design. 

So what’s hot in kitchen design this year? Check out some of the top features to include if you’re looking to refresh your kitchen in the near future. 

5 Top Kitchen Trends For Your Next Renovation Projects

Running your renovation project means searching for fresh trends and then incorporating them. The kitchen is the versatile area where you can try out many fresh interior designs and new trends. And always plan to make our kitchen look big and bright.

Here are five fresh kitchen trends for your renovation projects.

1. Statement Veined Marble

1. Statement Veined Marble

Marble has always been a popular choice in renovation project kitchen design. It offers a timeless look and can withstand heavy kitchen activity without losing its appeal.

There are many types of marble aesthetics to choose from but trends this year see strong veined design as a stylish choice. 

While this look may be overwhelming in a small space, you can add elements of marble such as worktops, splashbacks, and island tops to incorporate the trend. Check the examples from Legacy Countertops for inspiration. 

2. Paneled Wooden Features

Paneled Wooden Features

Natural materials are a big hit in interior design, and paneled wood is no exception. This style brings a slightly retro vibe to the space but has a modern twist to bring it up to date. 

The texture of the material creates visual interest in the room. Plus, you can pair it with brass hardware and sleek worktops to add depth and style. Paneled wooden interior parts you can add anywhere in your renovation project.

3. Dining Islands 

Dining Islands 

An island is another popular feature in larger kitchens. They provide a space for food preparation and cooking, plus add a social element to the design. Trends this year see the island take a slightly different look with the addition of an adjoining island table. 

This table blends into the renovation project design of the kitchen island and provides another socializing area within the kitchen setting. To create a seamless style, use the same material for the tabletop and the kitchen island. 

4. Monochrome Styling 

The days of all-white kitchens are all but gone as colored styling and interiors take center stage.

One trend upping the aesthetics in this room is monochrome shades. Choosing a solid base such as grey or black and adding white and natural materials is a great way to incorporate this look. 

To avoid the kitchen looking too clinical, opt for warmer tones such as wooden flooring. Plus, opt for tonal colors to prevent it from looking blocky. Lighting design plays an important role in this trend, as atmospheric additions create the perfect mood. 

5. Curvy Designs 

Kitchens are known for angular design and clear-cut edges. However, this year, curves are back in town. Most homes don’t have natural curvature in the interior spaces, so opt for some clever carpentry design ideas to make some.

Tiles and painted areas also give the illusion of archways and curved spaces, so it’s the perfect time to experiment. 

What’s more, this trend also goes beautifully with clean edges to give added depth to the overall design. Another ideal way to add this feature to your kitchen renovation project

is at the doorway. You don’t have to do any extensive renovation to make it work, either. With some clever paintwork, it’ll look like an arch in no time.

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Sum It Up:

When running the renovation project and making some changes in your interior designs, it is always better to draw the plan first. The kitchen is an essential part of the house. And always try to make some extra places in your designs because the kitchen is the only place you will require massive storage. So do not forget to design for it.

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