Only the most wealthy people in the world can afford to transform their home interiors every time a new trend arises, which is why finding a style that truly speaks to you is so important.

Interior trends can help to introduce you to a new design you may never have seen before that you should incorporate into your own spaces.

Take a look at these interior design trends to learn more about how the design cycle can influence your own home, bringing it up to date in unexpected ways without compromising your unique vision. You can take help from the interior design experts at La jolla interior design to bring these visions to life for your home.


Interior Design Trends

1. Eclectic Maximalism

The recent rejection of sparse, minimalist interiors is still going strong. While maximalism boasted boldness and deliberate, jarring contrasts, this new phase of the trend is more flexible and personal.

The eclectic part of eclectic maximalism hints at the invitation to display with pride your interests through objects. Instead of storing away the items or tools that support your hobbies and skills, have them on show. Considered clutter not only creates unique visual depth but also proves that the space is loved and lived in.

2. Back to Basics

If you are frustrated with interior design trends coming and going at such a rapid rate, a simple way to avoid the noise is to pare it back. Using simple materials and comfortable designs, your home molds to suit you without making any loud statements.

This resurgence of simplicity without the austerity of other styles lets a home feel like a home. For example, flooring such as natural stone tiles at is both practical and beautiful.

This style also allows for stand-out pieces to truly shine if you want to direct attention towards your most-loved piece. The emphasis is on warmth and function.

3. Art Deco with a Twist

It seems that designers have yet to grow tired of art deco interiors. The glamorous style has been reworked over the years and now has room for more personal touches. Varying the tones of striking wallpaper or the shape of polished brass fixtures will help to add a twist to this well-loved trend.

Art deco

4. Curvy and Round

Bright, airy, and bubbly rooms are enhanced by rounded edges and soft textures in this childlike interior design trend. Rejecting traditional sophistication for a more playful approach, it is becoming popular to decorate with exaggerated curves that invite you into their softness.

It is hard to feel stressed in space using features like cloud-shaped sofas and deceptively soft-looking ceramics to blur all the harsh edges of the room and your mind.

5. Personal Preference

With more and more people buying vintage and secondhand furniture, learning to upcycle, and finding their own design voice, there has been a rising trend in combining elements of various inspirational sources into a unique and highly personal style.

This flexible trend makes room for differences in taste without judgment or restriction, making it incredibly enticing. Rather than trying to perfectly mimic someone else’s interiors, people are listening to their own preferences and creating spaces that make them feel the most at home.

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