Western US rugs or southwest style rugs go back to the 16th century, and possibly further. They originate from the times when Spanish explorers arrived and began interacting with Native Americans

The Spanish brought sheep with them, and this helped to introduce wool as a material to be used in rugs and blankets. It was the Navajo tribes that realized the benefits of using wool for rugs. The material is made for more durable woven goods, and originally, the wool was used to make wearable blankets, rather than floor coverings.

Colorful patterns were woven into these blankets or rugs, and they had unique characteristics for different tribes. Although looms were used in the past, Native American rugs today often use modern materials and textile manufacturing processes. But, the look, durability, and designs are still held as highly important to these floor coverings.

Why Are Western US Carpets In Vogue Now?


Some styles never go out of fashion, and some come and go only to return once again. Native American or Western US styles and patterns are classical and remind people of a time that has passed but is in many ways still fully embedded in the culture of the land.

Some of the designs of the most detailed carpets from the Western USA use intricate designs drawn from history but fit right into modern homes. Many areas of the US still proudly wear their heritage on their sleeve. Western rugs fit comfortably into the homes and other buildings in these regions.

The rustic colors, and distressed appearance, coupled with bright hues and tones and distinct designs, match well with natural-looking interiors. Those that use such materials as clay, brick, wood, and slate, go well together with southwestern carpeting. And there is now a keen interest in using sustainable and natural materials such as these.

How Can A Western US Rug Be Used?

Originally these rugs were designed to be worn over the shoulders to protect from the cold and the sun. They brought warmth, and the designs clearly displayed which tribe was wearing them.

As time went on, textiles made on looms became more varied. Floor coverings were introduced, and tapestries, door coverings, blankets, wall hangings, and other ideas came forth. As a floor covering, rugs help to keep your home clean by absorbing dust and allergens. They are easy to clean and durable.

But, western US rugs can be used in a number of ways. Obviously, the prime motive for most people is to use them as intended as a rug. Yet, many people use Native American rugs to decorate walls, cover beds, and hang in doorways.

Where Are Western US Rugs Best Used?


Southwestern, western, or Native American rugs can be used in many areas. The home is going to be the primary area for most purchasers of these carpets and rugs, but they can fit into commercial operations in some circumstances, as well as residential buildings.

1. Western US carpets in offices

Offices are often subject to heavy foot traffic, and the workers in offices will normally be wearing shoes. The type of floor covering that offices need has to be durable. Western rug designs can look distressed and vintage in some ways, but they are made to last a long time and can take foot traffic.

2. Restaurants Themed With Western US Style


As mentioned already, these rugs make great wall hangings, therefore they could suit bars and restaurants that follow traditional themes and styles from the southwest.

But, the problem with using rugs on floors in these areas is that they will be subject to the ground in crumbs, spills, and stains. Some Western US rugs use commercial-grade nylon which is stain resistant. And hot water extraction on nylon carpets is highly effective. The EPA tested hot water extraction on nylon carpeting with excellent results.

One reason modern materials such as nylon are used in Western US rugs is that the fibers can bounce back from being trodden down. The hot water extraction method also helps the fibers recover and appear new. So, Western US carpeting can cope with heavy footfall, dirt, and debris, and still lasts for years.

3. Western US Rugs In The Home

Wood flooring has returned in a big way and is being used by many interior designers. House buyers list good flooring as being one of the prime factors when deciding whether to make an offer on a property.

And you could add value to your home if you follow tips for wood flooring installation carefully. Maintenance and protection are needed to keep wood floors in their best condition, and rugs work well to help here. The natural look of wooden floors works extremely well with the tones and hues of a Western US rug, especially when vividly colored designs are incorporated.


The price range for Western US and Native American rugs varies. There are handmade rugs and ones that are more mass-produced. You could find a genuine vintage rug which would make a lovely talking point but could be very costly.

There is something for most people’s budgets in the Western US carpeting world though. And with the right decor and surroundings, one could make a beautiful addition as a wall hanging, blanket, or even just as a rug.

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