When planning to move, most people know it will involve packing up their belongings. However, not everyone realizes this is a process that should start before ever listing your home.

Homes are filled with all sorts of items — shelves lined with books, little knick-knacks, personal items, photos, and more. All of this stuff takes up space.

Think about how big your home felt when you first unlocked the doors before moving all your belongings in. Now take a look around and ask yourself if it feels as big.


Here Are The Prime Five Reasons Why Decluttering Is An Essential Step:

Decluttering is an essential part of preparing your home to put on the market. But why exactly is it so important? We’ve identified the top reasons why decluttering is a must when selling a house.

1. Makes The Space Feel Bigger

Home Space

It’s common sense that having more items in a space will make it look and feel smaller. What might be less apparent is how much of an impact clutter can have. Even in a large, open floor-plan home, excess furniture, decorations, and random objects can make it look cramped.

A cluttered room can also make it harder to move around and impact traffic flow if you have an open house. As any Whitby realtor knows, more furniture equals less space to walk around, and if potential buyers feel they have to squeeze past furnishings, it’s going to impact how they feel about your house.

2. Takes Away Distractions

Your knick-knacks, artwork, and family photos might have special meanings to you, but to buyers, they can serve as distractions.

You want them to be focused on the features of your house, not the location where that photo on the wall was taken. Any decorations that are left out should help highlight and enhance your home’s features.

3. Creates a Neutral Space

painting walls

Just as experts always recommend painting walls a neutral shade before listing, it’s also smart to neutralize the space by removing your personal items. This is because it helps buyers imagine themselves living there and how they would decorate or arrange their own furniture.

4. Keeps Things Tidy and Neat

As anyone who has sold a house before knows, cleaning is a constant process. Not only do you need to do a deep clean before listing photos are taken, but you also need to keep your home sparkling while it is on the market. Having fewer objects and furniture around makes it much easier to keep the space clear in between showings.

5. Storage Capacity

 declutter storage spaces

An important part of decluttering is to declutter storage spaces. If the closets, garage, and basement are all full to the brim, it will give the impression that your house lacks storage.

Storage capacity is crucial feature home buyers look for, so if your storage seems to be lacking, they might take a quick pass.

It’s essential to do what you can to make your home appeal to buyers so you can get the best price possible. With all the benefits decluttering brings, it should be a key part of your home selling strategy.

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