The science is in — the color you paint your walls greatly impacts your mood.

If you’ve been feeling a little glum lately, or under the weather, maybe it isn’t your work or home life weighing you down. Perhaps it’s the color of your walls! It is remarkable that a seemingly minor factor like wall paint can impact your happiness so great, but that’s how it goes.

To transform your surroundings (and your life) we suggest implementing interior paint design ideas. Not only is paints one of the most budget-friendly ways to create striking visual effects, but it is also a versatile tool that can be used in any household.

Read on for creative paint design ideas. We promise that these solutions are the perfect way to introduce color to your home!


Neutrals, but With a Twist

There’s a reason so many people opt for neutrals in their homes.

Whites, greys, and beiges will always be in style, as they give off a modern and contemporary edge. They bring a sense of effortless style and grace to any home. One of the main benefits of neutrals is that they are a great base from which to introduce pops and highlights of contrasting color.

To add a creative edge to this standard staple, go with newer variations of basic neutrals.

For example, modern home decor has been moving away from cooler greys and whites to more warm-toned variations. Milky and almond-toned hues with a touch of pinkiness are ideal to create relaxing, cozy spaces that are classic.

Any Green Is the Right Green

Green is a super trendy color right now. It has become a staple of home design the world over, and for good reason.

As we spend more time indoors, a pop of green can be a call to the great outdoors. The color is also associated with calming and rejuvenating qualities, as it is related to nature.

From velvety deep-toned greens to lighter, more pastel hues — you can’t go wrong with this color. It is ideal for deep thought and productivity, which is why it is often used in offices and kitchens.

Green can be incorporated in many creative ways. Some choose to paint kitchen cabinetry a uniform sea green, while others make green statement walls. This color is creative and will stand out in any setting.

Jewel Tone Shades Add Depth and Richness

One of the most creative ways you can use paint in home design is by using unconventional tones and hues.

Richer, deeper tones of red and blue add depth and style to any home. Moreover, they help express pre-existing features in a space. Use these brave colors to add vitality and create focal points that stand out.

Some ways to utilize jewel tones include:

Clean Blues

Blue is another one of those calming and relaxing colors. It helps every space feel serene, soothing, and comfortable.

To make full use of this vibrant color, we suggest unconventional tones of blue for a creative touch. Inky and dark shades, as well as ones with cooler undertones, are the way to go when you’re incorporating this color into your home.

Warm Reds

Reds are another great way to create a personal sanctuary. Many individuals are afraid of using red paint in a space, as it can darken the room.

To offset that, we suggest opting for warmer tones of red instead. Look out for rich reds and plum shades. Not only do these convey a chic taste, but they also add a touch of luxury to every kind of space.

Reds with chocolate and cherry undertones are ideal for creating dramatic yet inviting spaces that are sure to stand out.

Feature Walls Are a Must for Every Space

One of the trendiest design ideas right now is the feature wall.

This versatile tool is the ideal addition to any space, as it creates a unique and interesting focal point. Utilize your new feature wall as a showstopping feature that uses paint to its best effect.

Feature walls also add color and texture to your space. If you have big empty walls and are unsure what to do with them — turn to create your very own painted feature wall.

One way to do this is to create a paint-splattered wall. Simply grab your favorite paints and artistically throw them against your wall. Voila! You have a unique space.

Be sure to contrast this wall with beautiful and striking accessories. Shop around for minimalist yet eyecatching interior design elements and decor that will add to your feature space.

For example, if you’re looking at sites like, look for lighting fixtures and more that make the entire scene appear collected rather than chaotic.

Use These Interior Paint Design Ideas to Transform Your Life Today

Are you excited to get painting? Once you understand basic color theory and the importance of feature walls, the sky is the limit.

Enliven and refresh your in a way that reflects your personality, and more importantly, enhances how you feel in your home. There’s no time like the present to give your walls a coat of fresh color! We hope these interior paint design ideas have you ready to embrace the wonder of paint.

If you’re looking for more modern interior design ideas, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to browse through other articles on our blog. We have tips and tricks on a wide range of topics that are perfect for every kind of reader!

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