Often sidewalks have stains or grime stuck to them, and your patio has seen better days. If you begin by power washing them, you can return them to their former glory.


How To Begin

First, you want to take out your pressure washer and look at all the tips. They are color-coded, which is a great help to you. The one you’re after is the green one because it’s the best one for washing concrete.

The red and yellow tips won’t work for this job as they are better for more concentrated areas. The white and black are the ones to go to for washing cars, etc.

Clear The Driveway, Sidewalk, Or Patio

Clear The Driveway, Sidewalk, Or Patio

Commercial Pressure Washing In Miami does not need to be complicated. So, if you are attempting to power wash, it is crucial to remove all items in the way, including parked cars, plants, signs, etc. This ensures that your valuables will not get damaged. In addition, you will be able to reach all the areas easily.

Prepare The Surface

Before you pressure wash the area, it’s best to take an old-fashioned broom and sweep away any loose materials, stone, dirt, and debris.

You should cover your windows or walls to ensure that debris won’t break or damage your exterior. Cover any plants you can’t move, as they could die from the soap when you power wash.

If your location is on an incline, then it’s best to work from the highest point so the water can flow down.

Use a degreaser if you have stains on your concrete driveway, sidewalk, or patio. You can use a broom to work in the degreaser once you’ve applied the product. Alternatively, some pressure washers have a tool that lets you put the degreaser inside so you can spray it over the surface, and with the force of the pressure, it begins to work quickly.

Certain detergents will also help you get rid of dirt, grime, and build-up. Some detergents are made of a unique formula to prevent built-up weather damage.

Get Yourself Ready

Get Yourself Ready

By now, you’ve got the correct nozzle and the degreaser, so the the next step is getting yourself ready. Even after you finish degreasing, there still might be some debris flying around.

Therefore, it’s essential that you wear closed toe shoes. If you are using chemicals, it’s vital that you shield your eyes with goggles. In addition, if you are using detergent or strong chemicals, a face mask is advisable.

This is to ensure you don’t breathe in heavy chemicals. Furthermore, a pair of gloves should be worn when interacting with chemicals to avoid skin irritation.

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Make Sure Your Pressure Washer Is Ready

Make Sure Your Pressure Washer Is Ready

Now that you are ready to begin, you should always check the manual and read it before you start. For most pressure washers, there will be a place for your hose to fit on the washer. You may have to screw in the spray gun if it isn’t connected, then you’re ready to go.

You can buy accessories to make the job easier, such as a cleaning head, which makes the job faster. Always test your pressure washer before using it on the rest of the concrete to ensure it won’t cause damage.

When choosing the pressure washer, the higher the watts, the more powerful it will be. Some pressure washers will show you a number with the word bars after it. Bars that are 130 are suitable for cleaning concrete surfaces.


Once you’ve got your detergent, if you choose to use it, you should wet the surface and apply. This isn’t always necessary, but it will make the job simpler.

Set your washer to between 1,200 and 2,300 PSI. Start at a 45 degree angle and begin in a corner at the highest point of the surface.

If you have stubborn stains, such as grease and mold, you might need an oil cleaner or mold cleaner. Once done with the clean, you can apply a sealant. This will assist in fewer future stains!

Final Thoughts

Cleaning the entrance to your business can make all the difference to customers and prevent the concrete from becoming too dirty.


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