Spending your summer evenings sitting outside with a hot fire pit sounds pretty comfortable, right? Well, you can make it more comfortable if you know the right fire pit seating ideas.

Therefore, if you want to decorate your fire pit in the right way, then you are at the right place. Read this post till the end to find the best ideas for your fire pit that you can apply now!


Best Fire Pit Seating Ideas

If you have got yourself a fireplace and plan to sit around it with your friends and family members in winter, here are some top fire pit seating ideas that you need to apply before you sit down and warm yourself up:

1. Make It Budget Friendly

Fire pit ideas don’t need to be elaborate to be useful and lovely. I would recommend making it happen with what you own. Consider a cement hole, a circle consisting of large ornamental pebbles, bricks, or cinder blocks.

Budget Friendly

Alternatively, you can consider connecting a gas fire directly with your house if it’s constructed of stones or bricks. This reduces the amount of construction that has to be built while also allowing heat to bounce off from the residence back to where you are sitting.

2. Space It Up

Fire pits are infamous for having a strong visual relationship to hardscaped spaces. Stonework naturally offers fire-resistant spots for sparks. In addition, it creates a designated area for the fire pit.

Fire pits

Think of the firepit as a little space with a focal point in the centre. Even if it’s not required, having a rug will make it better. A stone, pebble floor, or decking – but not with wood fire pits – helps establish a discussion space. Of course, you shouldn’t use a rug.

3. Portability Is Key

Investing in built-in fire pits may cause you to be disappointed, as it might not be what you are looking for. It can be because of a limited budget or an uncertainty about its ultimate location.

Portability OF FIRE PIT

Using modular fire pits is an ideal place to begin if you aren’t quite ready to commit. You can do so before going the more long-term path of customizing your own custom fire pit. Choose one that has wheels attached for simple rearrangement if you anticipate moving it before finding its permanent location.

4. String Lights

Using low voltage string lights surrounding the area may contribute to the mood and make the design even more wonderful. Here, even the flames from the pit will provide illumination on its own. It’s a simple and affordable addition that may significantly improve the room. Just ensure that these lights don’t touch the fire!

5. Dining Table

Dining Table

You won’t regret adding an outdoor dining table close by if you plan to utilize the fire pit for gatherings. Here, it’s preferable to have many gathering places that can double up near the fire pit. A flicker on the tableside is a hot favorite everyone likes.

6. Make It Cozy

I would advise using colorful cushions and pillows that are based on a hardscape design. This will allow it to give a warm contrast to the chilly environment during winters. Add the finishing touches, along with blankets, to your stone space to make lounging beside the fire more appealing.

7. Creative Seating Positions

Seating Positions

Traditional Adirondack chairs are the best economical choices. Therefore, being inventive with seating may help when designing a space for outdoor fire pits. Use what you currently have or get some interesting outdoor seats from a secondhand store.

8. Swing Seating

Swing Seating

A swinging seat or lounger is always a fun alternative for both kids and adults if you have a higher budget. And probably because traditional chairs are way too dull.

9. Smaller Is Better

Big fire pits won’t seem as pleasant or welcoming, same as fire pits being too distant from the home. Therefore, I will recommend keeping them small and near to your house. This would make them far more practical and enable greater discussion by the fire.

10. It Should Be Outdoors

Outdoors FIRE PIT

Tie all of the materials and colors together so that everything blends together for fire pit seating ideas. Ensure that it works great with your outdoor furnishings. By doing so, the area will seem more integrated with the overall design, making it more inviting and less likely to be overlooked.

11. Get Your Couch Out

Couch Out

If you want to spend a little more money, an outdoor sofa is another comfortable seating choice similar to the swing seats. A sofa offers extra warmth, helping you bring blankets out near the fire and even change out the cushions seasonally. You may select from loveseats, three-seaters, or even wrap-around couches.

12. Pergolas Are Pretty Fancy

Pretty Fancy FIRE PIT

Pergolas are a stylish way to highlight any part of your yard. It’s a wonderful piece of décor to add to a comfy evening by the flame and the stars. You can decide if you wish to make it yourself, or buy it pre-built.

13. Concrete Stools

Concrete is the strongest material you can use for seats around a fire pit. These outdoor concrete seats look nice next to the fire and will hold up in any weather. Here are detailed instructions on how to create your own concrete bench if you prefer the do-it-yourself route.

14. Rock Them Chairs

My passion for toasty fire pits and cushy rocking chairs come together pretty well to provide the ideal tranquil outdoor dining area. A strong, quick-drying cloth is used to cover the comfortable cushions. An attractive glass wind guard that is part of the fire pit table serves to shield the flame on windy nights.

15. Heat Lamps

Nights spent by the flame during summertime are always memorable. However, if you want to use your unique fire pit seating ideas for winters, you’ll need more heat sources. Therefore, try to incorporate additional heat lamps all around the fire pit to make it comfy and warm all around.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are the answers to some questions asked by people looking for the best fire pit seating ideas.

Q1. Why Should You Sit Around A Fire Pit?

Ans: Since your fire pit will be stationary and in one place, it’s best to sit around your fire pit in a circular fashion. Therefore, circular benches around your fire pit are a good option.

Q2. How Far Should You Be Seating From A Fire Pit?

Ans: This is a pretty common question asked by people who have fire pits, but never really used it. Typically, you should sit as close (or far) as you wish to. Just get to a comfortable and cozy place. However, most fire pit experts will say that 18 inches to 24 inches away from the fire pit is the most ideal place to sit and be comfortable.

Q3. What Can I Stand My Fire Pit On?

Ans: It’s best to stand your fire pits on specially designed fire pit mats. Therefore, get one before you start building your fire pit seating ideas.

It’s best to stand your fire pits on specially designed fire pit mats. Therefore, get one before you start building your fire pit seating ideas.

Lets Light The Fire!

Now that you have learned the best fire pit seating ideas for your house, it’s time to get working! Remember to always get the right equipment at the cheapest price possible! In addition, ensure that you light the fire properly and enjoy the warmth with our loved ones!
If you have some great fire pit seating ideas in your mind, then let me know in the comments below!

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