Learning a country’s real estate market isn’t simple, even for the most experienced real estate experts, but Michele Tecchia has mastered three of them.

For the past nine years, Mr. Tecchia has raised more than 10 million dollars in real estate investment and enjoyed much real estate success in the UK, France, and, more recently, his home country of Monaco.

As a real estate expert, he understands the best places to buy property across the world, which is why he has transitioned his in-depth knowledge and skills to the sovereign city-state.

Continue reading to discover the reasons why Michele Tecchia set his real estate sights on Monaco.

Michele Tecchia: A Brief Overview

According to the Architect Magazine,

Michele Tecchia is an experienced realtor in London, currently active in Monaco. Michele Tecchia has extensive experience in the real estate industry. The reason why He opted for real estate is because of its growth potential and lower risks than the technology sector. Over the last nine years, he has invested in real estate in France, the UK, and Monaco.”

Apart from that, Michele Tecchia also participated in different kinds of commercial deals and projects. Some of them include ground development projects, while others include value-added projects. Currently, Tecchia is running his business in Monaco. Furthermore, he has raised $10 million in investments.

Michele Tecchia was born in the United Kingdom and later moved to the United States and Monaco to practice his skills in investing in real estate. Michele resides in the principality area and has invested a lot in France, Monaco, and the United Kingdom.

However, before coming to real estate, he used to be a salesman. Apart from that, he worked in the photocopier industry. Here, Michele used to practice marketing for a variety of applications. Later on, he moved to the market for Xerox copiers.

In the last few years, Tecchia has become one of the foremost names in the real estate industry. In fact, he thinks real estate offered him the independence he needed, along with the freedom and choice of running his business.

Michele Tecchia And Real Estate

Tecchia said that just because real estate offers him independence and freedom does not mean that there is no hard work in real estate. By freedom, he means that there is freedom of work. He added that his work now is more than how much he worked before. He feels that there is always a choice whether you want the freedom of work or not.

He feels that since no one is there to push him to work hard, his focus on work entirely depends on him. According to Michele Tecchia, this is exactly the path of an entrepreneur. He adds that one who is self-driven succeeds the most. Most people work hard because they have to, while Tecchia feels that he works hard because he wants to.

With years of learning, experience, and planning, Michele Tecchia has started understanding the best places to buy property. This is helping him grow his real estate business a lot.

The Draw of the French Riviera

Most people would find it difficult not to fall in love with the French Riviera. The beautiful landscape will take almost anyone’s breath away, offering glamorous beach resorts, such as Cannes and St. Tropez.

As Monaco is a microstate of the French Riviera, it makes perfect sense that more people are flocking here to set up a new life with their families. People’s priorities have changed since the pandemic, and it is one of the reasons why Michele Tecchia believes Monaco is the perfect place to buy a family home.

After seemingly endless lockdowns, many couples and families want to spend more quality time together at a beautiful, healthy destination, which is why Monaco is an ideal option.

A Tax Haven

As an experienced real estate investor, Michele Tecchia was naturally attracted to Monaco due to its tax haven status. Despite its high cost of living, it is a wise option for real estate investors, as the city-state doesn’t have a wealth tax.

Therefore, investors don’t need to concern themselves about capital gains or personal income taxes. Instead, Monaco generates an income from the VAT from sales of new villas and flats.

Also, Monaco’s real estate market is open to residents and overseas investors, as it doesn’t restrict foreign ownership. Renting or buying a property in this luxurious country couldn’t be much easier with the right real estate assistance.

Accessible by Air and Sea

Some of the most popular cities in the world provide direct flights and passages to Monaco daily, such as London, Paris, Barcelona, and Marseille. Also, the city-state is a few miles from the city of Nice, meaning it is close to Nice Airport. Therefore, people from many corners of the world can visit Monaco with ease.

Aware of its excellent accessibility for city dwellers, Michele Tecchia realized the need to help overseas investors find a beautiful first or second home that supports their luxurious lifestyles and while also providing a smart real estate investment.

Extensive Art and Culture

It isn’t hard to see why Michele Tecchia returned to work in his home country of Monaco, as it offers gorgeous architecture, historic sights, and charming towns. For such a small country, Monaco features beautiful buildings that will take your breath away, a narrow coastline, and stunningly sharp hills.

Also, the country is home to many world-renowned museums and galleries, which attract visitors from across the world, such as the Musée National Picasso-Paris. It is also a big attraction for Formula One fans, as it plays the annual host to the Monaco Grand Prix every May or June. Plus, the country offers six restaurants that share nine Michelin stars between them.

A More Exclusive Real Estate Market

Monaco is world-renowned for serving as the playground for the rich and famous. After all, people want to breathe in the beauty of the French Riviera, enjoy gambling success in one of the many luxurious casinos, or take advantage of its tax haven status.

Also, Monaco is home to some of the world’s most exclusive private schools, features breathtaking architecture, and offers a flourishing economy that is increasing property values. For these reasons, the exclusive lifestyle attracts affluent people from across the world looking for stunning properties that may provide a great return in the future.

The small country has a population of one million people, and its land scarcity means investors have been able to sell their sought-after homes for a higher price tag throughout the decades.

The Prospect of a New Underground City

Many real estate experts might avoid Monaco due to its overpopulation, which has led to a scarcity of land. Yet, Michele Tecchia understands that Monaco provides many exciting real estate opportunities for budding homeowners and property investors.

The prospect of a new underground city could open the door to more investments soon. It will expand the market while also providing more opportunities for people from across the world to start a new life in Monaco.

Tecchia recently commented,

The state is expanding in the sky, underground, and on the sea. The land is a rare resource in Monaco and the idea of expansion makes sense.

A Happier Family Life

As Michele Tecchia was born in Monaco in 1971, moving back to Monaco felt like a natural next step in his successful real estate career. As he had a firm understanding of the city-state and has generated extensive real estate knowledge throughout his career, returning to Monaco provided a new challenge while allowing him to spend more quality time with his loved ones.


Michele Tecchia has earned a rock-solid reputation in the real estate industry, using his expertise to sell properties in three countries and raise millions of dollars in investment. His move to Monaco is a testament to the country’s booming real estate market, economy, and future resale opportunities.

With a potential new underground city on the horizon, a beautiful backdrop, historic architecture and landmarks, and tax haven status, it isn’t surprising that people might consider starting a life in the city-state to enjoy a better quality of life.

Monaco has made it easy for foreign investors to buy a property, as it doesn’t restrict overseas ownership. Yet, it is essential to reach out to a skilled real estate expert to make investing in a home much quicker and smoother.


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