Potential homebuyers can be picky at the best of times, after all when you’re spending so much money on a home, you’ll want it to be as close to perfect as possible.

But with the price of houses being at an all-time high, potential homebuyers are pickier than ever.

So, what are these picky homebuyers looking for in their new home? Read on to discover what features home buyers are looking for when they’re viewing properties.


Top 6 Trendy Features Buyers Are Looking For New Homes


1. Air Conditioning Units

While air-conditioning isn’t incredibly common in the UK as they are in the US, it’s quickly becoming a top item that homebuyers are looking for.

This last Summer had one of the biggest heatwaves in recent memory, so air-conditioning has quickly become an in-demand feature as homebuyers want to be ready for next year’s heatwave.

Air Conditioning Units

2. Total Blackout Blinds

Another in-demand feature is ‘total blackout’ blinds also known as cassette blinds installed in bedrooms. Light pollution is now a big problem for many people and light from the outside world can disrupt sleep, even with a set of traditional blackout blinds.

These cassette blinds are so popular as they fully prevent any light from outside leaking in.

Blackout Blinds

3. Built-In Storage Solutions

Storage is in hot demand at the moment, the average person owns more things today than ever before, which means homebuyers are putting a premium on built-in storage solutions.

Having ample amounts of storage built into a home makes it a much more attractive property, as homeowners can easily store their personal goods without needing to build a cupboard or put shelves up.

Storage Solutions

4. Home Security Systems

As modern technology has advanced, security systems have become much more commonplace in homes, from little systems like Ring Doorbell to full security systems.

Because of this accessibility, homebuyers are looking for homes with a security system, so that they can ensure security in their new home.

Home Security Systems

5. Incorporated Workspace

With all of the changes of the past two years, one of the biggest shifts has been more people working from home, rather than in an office, this means that buyers are willing to pay a premium for properties with an incorporated workspace.

Whether it’s having a spare bedroom sold as an office, or a garden room suitable for office work, having a workspace will make your property much more attractive to homebuyers.

Incorporated Workspace

6. Double-Glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows have been a ‘must-have’ feature for homebuyers for a while now, but with the cost of heating rising over the past year, they’re once again one of the most sought-after features in a home.

Double-glazed windows help insulate the home, which is why they’re so attractive to buyers hoping to help slim down their future heating bills.

Double-Glazed Windows


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