There’s a lot of facets to consider when taking care of your home. Electronics, carpentry, and plumbing are some of the basic things to look out for, but the jobs and repairs that need to be done are far from basic.

Some plumbing projects can be made as do-it-yourself jobs, but some of them are more complex. Repairing sewer lines is a bigger project requiring more knowledge, skills, experience, and tools to carry out. It means that hiring a professional will be necessary to get the repair done.

For instance, old sewer lines might need to be changed, but it’s more popular to have them lined these days. This new technology can make your old sewer lines good as new in less than a day, and here’s how.


1. The Equipment Does Most Of The Job

1. The Equipment Does Most Of The Job


Pipe Liners make pipelining effortless because the equipment does most of the job. Whether pumping out the sewer lines, inspecting the pipes, soaking the liner with resin, and getting the liner through the pipes, everything has specific equipment that does the task. Probably the only thing manually done is to measure and cut the liner.

If you think you could simply buy the equipment and do it yourself, you might want to reconsider. Some of the equipment might be expensive, difficult to use, and require licensure to purchase.

For instance, plumbing companies know that buying a pipe liner gun is a serious investment and also requires training to use.

But even if these tools come at a hefty price, they do the bulk of the job quickly and efficiently. And because it’s a quick process, plumbing companies can do more jobs and take more appointments from customers.

2. There’s No Digging Required for Pipe Liners

Another reason pipe liners make pipelining so fast is that there’s no need to dig a trench to access the pipes. It takes a long time, and you might need several people to do it, especially if you’re doing it manually.

It’s possible to use a digger to get to the pipes, but eventually, it will have to be set aside because manual digging is more careful. This way, the heavy machinery won’t damage the existing pipes.

Moreover, digging a lawn or a yard is damaging. Homeowners will have to deal with the damage it causes and also the costs to repair them. You could be sure that your lawn will look terrible days after the pipe replacement.

Pipelining is far less invasive because you won’t have to damage your lawn by digging up your garden or driveway. If there’s digging, it’s very minimal and sometimes even unnoticeable.

3. You Can Examine The Pipes Remotely

You Can Examine The Pipes Remotely

Plumbers usually have to look for signs of sewer line damage and problems. Things like water damage, flooding lawns, and sewage backup are prime examples.

However, it’s still necessary to examine the pipes closely to see if the cause is a clog, a hole in the pipes, or whatever is causing the problem.

You might be wondering how plumbers can do this without digging a trench. It’s all thanks to technology, as plumbers make use of a camera that they can maneuver throughout the entire length of the pipeline.

It helps them look for problems in the sewer lines without having to do any digging. It’s a quick, effective, and non-invasive solution not just for plumbers but also homeowners.

4. It Takes Less Than A Day

In totality, pipelining takes less than a day, while pipe replacements could last a whole week. Think about how inconvenient and uncomfortable it would be to have no access to your plumbing for a week.

If you could solve the problem by using pipe liners, then you’ll only have to wait for less than a day.

Other people living in the home could take a quick trip to the mall or the park. By the time they get home, the job should be done. Ideally, it will only take a few hours, especially if the weather is nice and sunny.

If it’s done in the rainy season or in winter, it takes longer, but it can still be done in less than a day.


Sewer lines will rarely need repairing, but when they do, you only have two options: pipe replacements or pipelining(used to be done with the help of pipe liners). The former takes a long time to do, while the latter is a quick job. Thanks to developments in technology, pipelining allows plumbers to make your sewer pipes last another 50 years in a few hours.

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