What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions luxury homes? Is it an ample space?

An architectural marvel? High-end home finishes? Anyway, it certainly isn’t a modular structure. Although modular construction is slowly but surely increasing in popularity, the luxury property market is yet to be conquered by modular builders. Mind you. It’s certain to happen in the near future since modular luxury construction has a lot to offer. 

Often luxury constructions use asbestos-like harmful materials. To secure your site areas, you will require a legal asbestos removal process. Like asbestos removal, many more harmful materials are used in luxury construction. Luxury construction means construction that has a marvelous look and also maintains ecological balance.

Just imagine, one day you’re seeing a vacant plot somewhere on the bayside suburbs of Victoria, and the very next day there’s a prestigious architectural masterpiece gracing that same piece of land. Are you dreaming?

No, it’s just luxury home builders doing their magic. But are there high-end modular homes to be seen in reality? Well, some of the luxury home builders Melbourne-based have already pulled off awe-inspiring “magic tricks” like these in Ivanhoe, Alphington, Philip Island, and Brunswick.

With elegant exteriors, high-end interiors, it’s impossible to set these houses apart from traditionally built brick and mortar homes.

Quickly built times aside, high-end home builders can also help you save a few thousand dollars and bring your dream home to life to the very last detail. But of all the benefits that prebuilt homes put on the table, sustainability has to be the most important one, at least future-wise.

Modular builders prove that luxury doesn’t have to break havoc on the environment in several ways. Care to know how? Keep reading!


Keeping the Ecosystems Intact

Keeping the Ecosystems Intact

Modular builders reduce site disturbance with prefabrication and this allows for better erosion and sediment control. With more than 90% of the construction work being finished off-site in a controlled environment, the area remains much cleaner since there are fewer pollutants and disturbances to the existing surroundings.

Furthermore, with modular prefabricated manufacturing, there’s a significant decrease in heavy machinery and vehicles on-site which further reduces the impact on surrounding ecosystems.

Building with minimal on-site disruption means you can build virtually anywhere, from eco-sensitive areas to bushfire-prone land to tight urban spaces without leaving a negative impact on the environment.

Reducing Construction Waste to the Bare Minimum

Prefabrication brings yet another perk that shouldn’t be overlooked. A significant reduction of construction waste. The demolition and construction industry are major contributors to Australia’s landfills.

Demolished, damaged, surplus materials and off-cuts contributed to 10.4 million tonnes of landfill waste back in 2017. By using standardized material dimensions and DfMA principles, modular builders are able to reduce this waste up to 80%, compared to traditional builders.

Building for Durability

As you probably know, durability is a key component of green building, but why is that? By using durable, premium quality materials that won’t rust, corrode, deteriorate or need replacing in the near future, modular builders are better able to amortize the higher economic and environmental cost that goes into building luxury homes.

Although in the past, modular builds were perceived as low-quality, temporary solutions, things have dramatically changed for the better. The luxury home builders Melbourne residents turn to nowadays construct permanent homes that are built to last.

These structures are produced with harsh Australian conditions in mind. Strong enough to withstand hurricane-strength winds and earthquakes with minimal structural damage, modular homes meet and exceed all the quality and safety standards of construction, providing future homeowners with long-lasting housing solutions.

Recycling, Repurposing, Reusing

Recycling, Repurposing, Reusing

Buildings and houses aren’t always demolished because of compromised structural integrity. Sometimes owners decide to relocate, expand or sell their homes.

Modular construction leaves your hands untied to plan for the future. These homes offer far greater flexibility than traditionally built structures.

Not only that they can be recycled, repurposed, and reused instead of ending up demolished in a landfill, but they can easily be moved to another location if such need arises.

What’s more, if you ever need to go bigger or smaller with your home, you can easily add or remove modules and tailor your home to the current needs of your household.

Dramatically Lowering Carbon Footprint

The economical and environmental costs of running a luxury mansion are far greater than running a regular home.

However, thanks to the passive design principles and energy-efficient technologies used in modern modular construction, you can actually save a nice sum of money and reduce your carbon footprint to the bare minimum.

Apart from utilizing location, orientation, layout, and insulation, you can also invest in solar power and produce your own clean energy. Since your modular mansion will be already optimized to make the best possible use of natural daylight, investing in panels is actually a brilliant idea.

Improving Health and Quality of Life

Improving Health and Quality of Life

Modular builders use eco-friendly, non-toxic, and sustainably sourced materials throughout the entire construction process.

This means you and your family members won’t be exposed to dangerous construction materials and additives such as asbestos, lead, mercury, radioactive sources, etc.

Hazardous materials like these can lead to poisoning, respiratory problems, cancer, and other serious health issues. Often equipped with highly-efficient air filtration systems, luxury modular homes can protect you from outside pollutants as well.

Speaking of external pollutants, it’s also worth mentioning that long-term exposure to elevated sound levels is linked to higher blood pressure, insomnia, and cardiovascular diseases.

However, thanks to the high-quality insulation in luxury modular homes, you can shut the door to the environmental noise and enjoy that much-needed peace and quiet.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see luxury homes don’t have to come at a high environmental price. If you’re planning on bringing your dream-home vision to life, you can do it without leaving a heavy impact on the planet.

Building modular is kind to your time, pockets, health, and environment, so what’s the holdup? Check out the magnificent modular builds that are redefining prestige in Victoria’s suburbs today.

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