We may have heard of zero gravity chairs, but very few of us know how important it is in recent days. With our busy and hectic schedules, we hardly get enough time to look after our overall health. In today’s world, a huge portion of people are doing desk jobs. And with improper sitting postures, they end up having several spiral issues. 

We are failing to afford enough time for sleeping and ending up not having quality sleep so that our body gets the time to heal. We can not breathe freely in an open environment because, due to coronavirus, we have to wear masks. Here are the reasons why we need zero gravity chairs in 2022.

What Is Zero Gravity Position?

After observing the resting body postures of astronauts in space, NASA developed a zero body posture. In space, there is no normal gravitational pull of the earth. So, the body rests at a posture created in microgravity by the natural positions of body limbs and the angles of joints. Later documenting this observation, this position was termed as NBP or neutral body position by NASA. 

How Does Zero Gravity Chair Work?

From the above discussion, one thing is clear. The zero gravity position happens in space without any gravitational force that is present in the earth. So, with this very concept, one question arises in everybody’s mind. How do zero gravity chairs work on earth under normal gravity conditions?  

Zero gravity chair is also known as an anti-gravity chair. When you sit on it, it gives you the position that your body will take, just like how it would take in space. These body recliners give your body a particular posture, where your legs stay above your heart level, and the whole body weight and pressure are distributed evenly along the whole body. 

This way, these chairs help to elevate the effects of gravity on our body and offer several health benefits as well. 

Health Benefits Of Zero Gravity position

There are several health benefits of zero gravity chairs, which makes it a must-have for self-care. Spinal decompression, along with improved heart rate due to increased blood circulation and improved sleep quality, offers a lot of benefits to our body. And with the combination of all these three, our body gets efficient healing. 

1. Good For Spinal Health

The reclining position reduces pressure on the spine, which allows better tissue healing and disc rehydration. As the spine recovers from the daily effects of gravity, the spine elongates in a zero-gravity position. Along with relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve, this also helps to combat sciatica symptoms along with lower back pain. 

These are the common health issues that affect up to 40% of people. Some best zero gravity chairs and recliners also come with lumbar support, which enhances lower back pain. 

2. Improved Heart Health

As I have mentioned earlier, due to increased blood circulation, zero gravity chairs or recliners help in improving the overall health of our heart. When the legs are elevated quite above the level of the heart in the neutral body position, the blood flows more efficiently. 

This allows reaching nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. The ease of blood flow reduces the blood pressure and works the heartless. 

3. Enhanced Sleep Quality

When our body can be relaxed fully, the sleep quality also increases. The zero-gravity posture allows our body to fully relax, and as a result, we get more enhanced quality sleep. 

In fact, only 20 minutes’ sleep in zero gravity has the potential to back repair that usually occurs during a minimum of 8 to 10 hours of sleep.  

4. More Healing

From the above discussion, it is clear that zero gravity chairs impact our bodies in many positive ways. As it can improve your heart rate, offers better sleep, and allows the spine to elongate, the overall health of our body will improve. With better body relaxation and better sleep, our body gets more time to heal. 

By improving the blood flow, zero gravity chairs reduce the chances of high blood pressure and allow our body to get more nutrients and oxygen throughout our body. 

Why You Need Zero Gravity Chair In Your House In 2022

With the development that we are experiencing from day to day, we are becoming busier day by day. And in recent days, while we are gradually recovering from the global Coronavirus pandemic, it has become a challenge to stay healthy and fit. The year 2020 was really hectic for all of us, and we hardly get time for ourselves. 

Though the world is still suffering from the pandemic and has not yet come into its previous familiar rhythm, we are trying to adopt the new normal. The work from home, along with some extra house chores, most of us do not get enough time to have a proper sleep.

As a result of wearing masks, our body is getting less oxygen which also welcomes some more health issues. Everything has its own shortcoming. So does wearing masks. Though it is really effective in protecting against coronavirus, it also affects our health with several side effects.

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So, it is really important to search for some alternatives in order to stay healthy. Zero gravity reclining chairs have the features to help us with all those issues that I have mentioned earlier. As it increases the blood flow, it allows providing more oxygen throughout our body. 

With enhanced sleeping experience, these chairs or recliners give our body more relaxation and improve sleep quality. It indirectly helps our body to heal in a lesser sleeping duration.  

Some Best Zero Gravity Chairs Or Zero Gravity Recliners

Here is a suggestion list of some best zero gravity chairs or recliners for better health. 

  • Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair.
  • Lafuma Future Air Comfort Zero Gravity Recliner.
  • Moon Pod.
  • Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair
  • Yogibo Max.
  • Carvana Oversized Infinity Zero Gravity Chair.
  • Wayfair Padded Reclining Zero Gravity Chair.
  • Kardiel Gravity Chaise Lounge.

Bottom Line

In case you want to know some details about the top best zero gravity chairs or recliners, let me know. And I will come up with another article with the top list of some budget-friendly and beneficial zero gravity chairs along with a zero gravity massage chair.

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