Looking for the best kitchen diner ideas to implement in your place? The kitchen is a keyspace in the home and it is good to make sure that you get the most from it. The kitchen diner design will help you to create an ultimate social hub in your home. The top suggestions include;


Here are the Top 10 Best Kitchen Diner Ideas:

Best Kitchen Diner

1. Pay Attention to the Layout and Size

When remodeling an existing home or building a new one, you will have the flexibility of deciding the shape and size of the kitchen diner. If you carefully zone large rectangular and square rooms, they work so well. The other option that you have is an L-Shaped arrangement. You can achieve this by knocking through the current reception room or extending it to the rear. The layout gives you a degree of separation between the dining space and the kitchen. Therefore, you will not be watching the kitchen mess as you sit at the table.

2. The Lighting Scheme

The lighting scheme also has an important role to play when it comes to kitchen dinner ideas. Since kitchen rooms are multifunctional, they are among the most complicated areas to light in your house. The best lighting scheme will feature several layers of light. You will need general ambient lighting and task lighting to facilitate activities like food preparation or even under-cabinet lighting. The other lighting in your kitchen dinner is the accent light that is used in highlighting features like the one used in glazed kitchen units. Think about all the purposes that your kitchen can serve. For instance, installing pendant lights above an island or dining table will make it look nice. It can double as space for your children to write their homework though you may need an additional source of light.

3. Plan Early Enough for Extraction

The main problem in most open-plan kitchens, living spaces, and dining is lingering cooking smells. You can mitigate this problem by giving thought to extraction at the design stage. Specify a ducted hood that takes air outside and not a recirculating hood that filters the air using filters before it expels it back to the room. It is one of the best kitchen ideas for your home. You can also choose a model that has an intensive power setting and one whose design eliminates odors quickly. The size of the cooker hood should also be adequate for your space. The other crucial elements are ducting and proper installation because inefficient ducting will lead to noise and poor performance.

4. It is Vital to Introduce Natural Light

The kitchen is among the highly used spaces in the house. Therefore, one of the best kitchen diner ideas is to introduce natural light. Daylighting reduces the over-dependence on artificial lighting. With glazed doors and windows, it can be tricky to introduce light deep into the floorplan. Some practical and beautiful options include having a big roof lantern above the dining or kitchen table or a bank of roof lights. Neutral and light colors will bounce light around your kitchen space. Light flooring like pale wood, travertine, and limestone are also beneficial.

5. Get in the Zone

Successful open-plan kitchen designs are cohesive and zoned with different defined activity areas. There are so many ways to zone a kitchen diner. Visually dividing this space using a breakfast bar or kitchen island is cost-effective and also adds storage and surface area. With different circuits, you can shut down the kitchen during dining or create different moods through kitchen lighting. You can also put the kitchen under a standard ceiling and a double-height space or vaulted ceiling above the dining space. It is one of the best ways to create zoning in your kitchen.

6. Give Thought to the Flooring

You need to give some considerable thought to the flooring of your living, dining, and kitchen areas.  With the same floor running throughout, it will create a sense of cohesion throughout the whole room. Installing a low-maintenance and hard-wearing floor in the kitchen like slate and then a softer underfoot material like carpet or wood in the other rooms is great. Limestone or slate are practical choices for the same flooring throughout. You can zone different areas using a variety of flooring finishes but the challenge could be the transition where the two floors meet. Some kitchen remodeling contractors will introduce a variation in the height of the floor or a partial wall divider. One popular option today is concrete resurfacing in Dallas. It offers a variety of options, such as stained, stamped, classic texture, and more. For more information about concrete resurfacing,

7. Conceal the Kitchen Clutter

Settling on the sofa or sitting down for the evening meal with a view of dirty pans and plates isn’t a relaxation recipe. It can also be a significant problem when entertaining yourself in an open-plan space. If you are dealing with large properties, just introduce an adjacent food preparation room. If you don’t want to introduce a dedicated room, you can design sliding partition doors that you can close whenever guests are around. Introducing a breakfast bar or raised worktop are also practical kitchen dinner ideas to hide clutter.

8. Connecting Your Garden with the Kitchen Diner

You can make the most of your garden views by connecting your kitchen diner at the rear. It will make sure that your garden is more accessible from the principal living space. You can either add an opening or incorporate a strategically-placed outdoor eating space.

9. Design Consistency

The design consistency is also crucial when looking for the best kitchen diner ideas. To create a cohesive interior, use a unified color scheme or/and similar material palette across the open-plan space. You can create your dining space cabinetry to match the units. You can tie the kitchen and dining space together by using the same accent colors. The other thing that will help is the repletion of shape and symmetry. For instance, you can introduce a dining table that has similar proportions to your kitchen island.

10. Address the Noise

Addressing noise comes last on our list of the best kitchen diner ideas that you need to implement. Some of the appliances like tumble dryers and washing machines generate a lot of noise. Some of these essential pieces work well in open plan kitchen diners. The cooker hood should be quite but powerful enough to eliminate odors quickly. You need to purchase appliances that have a low dB (decibel) rating. The other tip is buying appliances that have a Quiet Mark approval. Hard surfaces like hard flooring or lots of glazing are also potential sources of noise. To correct this, you need to introduce soft furnishings like soft wall paneling, curtains, and rugs. You also need to reduce airborne sound transmission by using acoustic plasterboards like the Gyproc SoundBloc.

Things to Keep In Mind While Deciding Kitchen Diner Ideas

A kitchen diner looks beautiful; there is no doubt about that. Having a well-planned kitchen diner looks gracious and uplifts the entire look of your house or apartment.

When people say that the kitchen is a place you must run to, not the one you should run from, they are right. People like us who are obsessed with cooking understand how important it is to have a well-planned kitchen.

A kitchen diner that you took so much time planning and designing must always be your place of escape. You must feel like it is that area of your house that belongs to you.

However, planning kitchen diner ideas is never easy. While you may think that you just need to sit with a designer and everything else will get sorted, you are certainly wrong.

There is a lot of thinking that goes behind planning the perfect kitchen diner. It can just be good to look at. It has to be efficient and, at the same time, beneficial. There is no use in designing a kitchen diner that serves no purpose except for looking good.

The very first thing that you need to think of is what kind of kitchen dinner you want. There are multiple options to choose from. But the most important thing is to decide if you want an open or closed kitchen. People have different preferences when it comes to this choice. An open kitchen is a lot more modern, while closed kitchens are traditional. This is a decision that you need to make all by yourself. Designers will try to sell you the most expensive of the options, but you need to first make sure which option is more convenient for you.

You also need to check for the safety of the kitchen diner, especially if you have kids or pets. An open kitchen may turn out to be a serious safety hazard for a kid or a pet when you are not in the house.  

Kids are curious. They have the tendency to run around and cause trouble. If there is a situation where you are not home and your kid runs to your open kitchen, that would not be great news.

Also, you need to make sure that it is spacious. A kitchen must always have enough space for you to move comfortably. A congested kitchen space feels suffocating and not somewhere you would want to spend a considerable amount of time. Also, you must always suggest your designer to keep space for a pantry. Your perfectly designed kitchen would not look good with stuff lying around and making a mess.


The best kitchen dinner ideas will make your space more utilitarian and increase its curb appeal. The options that you choose depend on the type of kitchen that you have in your home. It is wise to implement the ideas that will help you to make the most use out of your kitchen.

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