One attribute of trends is that they keep on changing the irrespective of the industry. Most home designers have already published their top design trends for 2020. One thing that comes out clearly is that they are using home design apps to come up with these amazing ideas. This pattern cuts across the technology, construction materials, room concepts, and color pallets among other attributes.

You need to be careful of these home remodeling ideas especially if you are building homes for sale. Homebuyers are very keen on most of these elements. However, you can still use these ideas to design your own room apart from preparing your home for sale.


5 Enticing Home Design Trends for 2020

The best way to sell a home is by attracting a large number of buyers. Make sure that each of them will fall in love with the amazing features of your house. The advantage is that you can find free online room design software and hence you can incorporate some of these ideas in your plan at a very reasonable cost.

i). Contrast

This is one of the best home design trends for 2020. Most homeowners will continue to appreciate classic/contemporary, soft/bold, and black/white designs. Think of having black kitchen countertops made of black granite or quartz. You could combine them with white cabinets to create a timeless appearance that pops up food and accent colors.

You could also pair paler wall colors and softer with strong colored upholstery and furniture to give your home a fresh and clean feeling. Here are some tips and tricks for cleaning upholstery. You could also create some modern edge by adding seamless classic backdrops to touches of contemporary design. You can use the home design app android to gain more insights into the element of contrast.

ii). Colors

Home color

You cannot talk about modern home design trends and not mention the element of colors. Radiant Orchid will remain to be a favorite color to most individuals in 2020. This color comes with vision preservation that attracts most home buyers.

However, you can still get more color ideas from free online room design ideas. Most designers like to incorporate tiny pops in the Radiant Orchid paint. Other favorite colors for 2020 include indigo, neutral gray, and navy blue. All you need is a color that will not fail you in this era that is characterized by a lot of competition.

iii). Textures

Most home buyers are looking for professionally designed homes that have a cold feeling that is almost similar to that of a hotel. The texture is a critical component in the modern home design app. As a seller, you can spend a lot of time cleaning, preparing, staging, and organizing your home for sale. A buyer may turn your offer down just because he can’t imagine living in such an environment. Therefore, you need to include some texture accessories in your design. You can find some of these ideas from modern home design apps that are available in the market.

iv). Smart Home Technology

This technology refers to a home design that has automated features for things like electronic devices, security, lighting, and heating. For instance, you can free your hands during prep and save on water by using touchless faucets.

Smart home thermostats can learn the changing temperature habits of your home and optimize themselves to the system. You can use your home design app android to control all these features in your home.

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v). Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen

Most home buyers are looking for outdoor living areas that have a fully functional kitchen with the aim of extending the heart of the home. This design comes with several advantages to owners of lots and smaller homes. It assists them to make good use of the available space without having to spend much.

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