The proliferation of DIY, fix-it-yourself videos and home improvement help guides have prompted a lot of people to believe that they can make amazing changes to their homes. This is indeed possible, and if you want to create neighbor envy and increase the value of your home, you are OK to do some of the external work yourself. However, some fixes are not recommended for the novice DIY’er. Below are exterior DIY jobs that can cost you more to do on your own, and others it’s best to hand over to the professionals or ADU Contractor.

Drives and Entrances:

The driveway into your property is the first thing that you will use and see as you drive up or walk past. Many argue that it is the easiest way to add value with a few changes and upgrades. It seems an easy fix and a wide range of pavers are available. The difficulty is that without compacting the underlay to the right level or getting the drainage levels right you will easily end up with pooled water and a bumpy driveway as your expensive pavers subside. Best get a professional to either assist or to lay a professional driveway that is guaranteed to last. There are also ways to get the substrate, underlay, and surface preparation for you to simply lay the pavers, but then you must go for a simple paver and pattern and get your lines right.



The front porch is the site of one of the most common errors in judgment made with regard to DIY. The main issue is that the wrong wood is often bought for the job. The assistance at the DIY or hardware store provides only as much advice as they can be based on the information they have. Often, it’s not enough, and the number of deteriorating wooden porches you will see shows what weather will do to untreated, uncompressed wood. Best have a professional guide you here as the choices are so numerous and varied it’s no wonder that the wrong wood is so often chosen.


Painting your own home is one of the most satisfying processes that you can undertake, and the activity itself is highly recommended. It is one of the best ways to exterior remodel your home and will make a marked difference. However, you should have professional work with you on your paint job, and never choose paint because it’s on special as the paint you choose is your home’s first point of protection from the elements. The undercoat that you choose and varying paints for wood, plaster, brick sealants are a minefield to work through and many are caught out either buying the wrong paint or incorrect application.



There are a number of reasons not to get involved in your roofing refurb. Leaks are bad news and best left to those who know how to find and fix them. But even if it is simply replacing a few tiles or a lick of paint, one of the main DIY accidents is falls from heights, and most of these are from a roof or chimney repair that has gone wrong. If you don’t have the right harness and safety gear, stay off the roof.

These are the most common exterior remodeling jobs that go wrong. It’s always best to plan the works thoroughly and determine honestly what you can do yourself. The risk involved and additional costs to get a professional in to fix your DIY remodeling are not worth it. For the tricky bits of your exterior design plan have an expert do the works, or at least advise you through the process.

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