Keeping your surroundings clean is an important thing. But those days are now long gone when you only need to clean your surroundings. And in recent days cleanliness is not enough for a healthy environment. You also need to disinfect your surroundings.

This coronavirus global pandemic has changed our lifestyle. And we have become more cautious about making our home virus and bacteria-free. This is why disinfecting your surroundings is so important. 

5 Easy Ways To Disinfect Your Surroundings


Here, in this article, I will tell you about some great ways to disinfect your surroundings. And the best part is you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money on this and also professional hand. You can try all these 5 ways by yourself. 

You need to understand that at some points, you will be handling chemical cleaning compositions. They posses some dangers. A better idea would be to hire professionals that offer disinfecting services like Dash Maids. This can help you with complete peace of mind regarding the credibility of the disinfecting process being carried out as well as you not having to handle any chemicals with your own hands.

1. Vinegar


If any of you have already used vinegar as a cleaning solution, I know you will give this magical thing rave reviews. And the reason behind this is, behind the stinky nature, vinegar is also a natural disinfectant. 

The presence of acetic acid that has antimicrobial properties along with the substance makes it great for killing mold. When you are planning to disinfect your surroundings, you can use vinegar for cleaning stainless steel, glass, without leaving any streaks. 

It works really well in getting those nasty molds out from your sinks and toilets. For those tough jobs around the house, go for straight vinegar, and for other purposes, mix one tablespoon of vinegar with one cup of water, and store it in a spray bottle for future use. 

2. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide

You may have been familiar with the medical benefits of hydrogen peroxide and also used it in your cuts before putting on a bandage. But the surprise is it is also effective for cleaning households. For those stubborn stains on clothes and carpets, it works wonders.

If you use it in conjunction with vinegar, you will get rid of those scums on tiles, and tubs. There is another bonus for you, unlike vinegar this substance does not come with a bad smell and you also do not need to dilute it with water.  

Do you know why hydrogen peroxide is used in cuts because of its antibacterial properties? And you also can use the same property to disinfect your surroundings. It is really effective for whitening your teeth as well. 

3. Lemons And Limes


Is your house plagued with those alkaline stains, such as soap scum, or your carpet has those stain spots? Then lemon and limes are those you need at this moment. Just crack out the lemon juice, and all those stains will be gone. It works better than anything.

You also can use this citric fruit to shine up your copper pots, and they will look just like new ones. Lemons contain citric acid, which works really well as a disinfectant. You can use them to sanitize or disinfect your surroundings. 

This works wonders for reducing bacteria on the hand surface. So, you definitely can rely on these magical natural acid balls. In addition to all these things, it does not leave that stick like vinegar. 

4. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Here is an all-natural essential oil. Tea tree oil is generally extracted from the leaves of Australian Melaleuca trees. At the same time, this single oil type is antiseptic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial. Commonly it is used in skincare and cosmetics.

But if you mix it with water, you also can use it as a great household cleaner. In order to create an effective cleaner, you will only need a few drops of this oil, as it is too concentrated. 

You can use it every day to disinfect your surroundings and clean tiles, countertops. For disinfecting areas where kids have gotten sick or your pets have had any accidents, this works pretty well.

5. Soap And Water



Soap and water are our all-time, all-time favorite as a cleaning agent. If you just need to clean your place or disinfect your surroundings in a casual manner, you can use this without having any single doubt. 

Soap and water is the original eco-friendly cleaner. Soap offers a lather, which works really great for removing oils and dirt really effectively. For cleaning your floors, a bucket of hot soapy water will always be your best friend.

Apart from the flooring, you can use soap water to clean your clothes, countertops, along other household surfaces. And you will not have to endure any bad smell but a fresh smell of your choice. 

It Is 80 Proof

Here is an extra option for you when you are really focused on disinfecting your surroundings. You can use vodka for disinfecting your place, in case you are in a pinch. It is 800 proof, which means, by volume, it is 40% alcohol. 

So, technically, you can easily use it for removing those mildew or mould. After you finish with all the disinfecting tasks, you can also use it as the base of a cocktail and enjoy.


When it comes to disinfecting your house and surroundings, we all usually have some questions and queries. How should we be done? What should we use? And a lot more. Though I have tried my best to offer you a complete solution. 

Here I am also answering some of the common questions that usually appear in our minds when we are planning to start disinfectant tasks. I hope these solutions will cover your doubts as well. 

1. What Does It Mean To Sanitize The Environment?

By definition, the specific word “sanitize” means killing particular types of bacteria, and that too in a specified amount of time. So, sanitization involves removing microbes from any type of surface along with killing bacteria. 

2. How Can I Disinfect My House Naturally?

The basic natural cleaning toolkit involves empty bottles, citrus fruit, borax, baking soda, and white vinegar. In addition to all these, you might also require cornstarch, hydrogen peroxide, castile soap, tea tree oil and some other essential oil for scent. Rather than using paper towels, you should go with old cotton t-shirts or microfiber cloths for less waste. 

3. How Can I Disinfect The Air In My House Naturally?

In this global coronavirus pandemic, it has become really vital to disinfectant your air as well as all the surfaces of your home. You can follow the below mentioned things for disinfecting the surrounding air and keep the air pure as much as possible. 

  • Increase the ventilation with the outside air. 
  • Consider upgrading the filters, along with using your HVAC system. 
  • In case you have one, use a portable air cleaner. 
  • Improve natural ventilation.
  • whole-House Fans and Evaporative Coolers. 

4. How Do You Disinfect Surroundings?

Prior to disinfectant, you should clean the dirty surfaces with soap or detergent and water. Now for the disinfectant part, alcohol solutions with a minimum of 70% alcohol, diluted household bleach, and most common EPA-registered household disinfectants are really effective. 

Final Talks

So, you can use any of these solutions to disinfect your surroundings. All these are the natural way to keep your place clean and microbes-free. In the market, you will also get various types of disinfectants that you can use for almost everything.

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