March is a great month for eager beavers to start spring cleaning a bit early. There’s nothing like opening the windows on one of those warmer days to get fresh, brisk air in your home.

Of all the things that can make your home feel dirty or gross, nothing is worse than pests. Decluttering and dusting are great, but nothing replaces ensuring your home is entirely pest-free. Let’s read more about what separates the best pest control experts from ordinary services.

Expert Knowledge

Most residents don’t know very much about pests. Why would they? All they know is that they’re gross, and they don’t want them in their homes!

Industry leaders like GreenLeaf Pest Control understand the tendencies of every specific kind of pest, which is knowledge they use to uproot the infestation and get optimal results. For example, they can inspect your home and not only identify the rodent infestation accurately, they can tell what species of rats or cockroaches are present.

Then, they leverage this specialized knowledge to locate, bait, and trap the pests in ways beyond a layperson’s abilities.

Strong Chemicals

The chemicals on the corner store shelf are strong enough to kill a handful of pests, but not all of them. You want to steer clear of half solutions altogether: a pest infestation either does or doesn’t exist. If you have a few roaches under the sink, more or aren’t far enough away.

The best pest control experts use their expertise to make custom anti-pest treatments you can’t get anywhere else. Such sprays may be fatal to pests but delicate everywhere else. Look for a pest control expert that uses ingredients approved by Health Canada in their sprays so you know the treatment is safe for the environment and pets.

Don’t just put a dent in the infestation. Hire a pest control expert to use chemicals strong enough to get the job done.

Proactive Cleanliness

If you spot a pest inside your home, it’s already too late. Sure, you’ll need to call a specialist to remove the infestation, but it’s even better to prevent pests from entering your home by calling the experts sooner.

Leading pest control experts offer Home Protection Plans to guarantee your home is always pest free. They’ll inspect your property, look for any signs of existing pests, and kill any they may find. They’ll also remove any pest attractants you may have so as not to draw pests inwards.

After that, they’ll do a preventative treatment which actively deters pests from entering the property. You’ll feel a wonderful sigh of relief after finally becoming pest-free, but it’s even better to breathe regularly throughout because the pests never make an appearance.

Homes should be a clean welcoming place. Hospitality and friendliness go a long way toward making a home feel inviting, but nothing replaces fundamental cleanliness. When you finally begin spring cleaning after the cold, dark winter months, hire a leading pest control expert who ticks off all the above boxes to get the job done properly.


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