The majority of people envision hiring professionals to carry out pest control activities in their homes.

In most cases, this occurs after ants, spiders, or rats have already infiltrated the area and caused issues.

You may be surprised to learn that you can control pests naturally in many situations, especially when it comes to your landscape. Planning and maintaining your yard can greatly reduce pest problems.

In this post, you will learn about some of the best methods for pest control that are used by landscaping companies in Qatar.

Here are the best suggestions that we have.

Top 4 Ways of Pest Control Methods For Landscaping

1. Invest in plants that deter pests

You can grow plants and herbs in your yard that will deter pests from robbing your lovely garden and help keep them out of your house naturally. Plant fennel or rosemary if you want to ward off snails.

Try spearmint or artemisia to protect yourself from ants or beetles. Beautiful chrysanthemums can help ward off pests of many types, such as ants, lice, silverfish, roaches, and more. They keep ticks and fleas away as well, which is ideal for pet owners.

A pitcher plant or a Venus flytrap, both of which collect and consume insects, are the best plants to buy if you want to go all-out with pest-killing plants. The appropriate plants might help your family and house avoid pest problems.

pest control plants

2. Keep Trees Far Away

Large trees can bring so much personality to a backyard, providing both shade and beauty. When you plant trees, consider their growth potential and the best location in relation to your home.

It’s essential to maintain a gap of at least six feet between any walls of your house and tree branches or limbs that could act as a pest entry point in order to prevent pests from entering your residence.

A smart tip is to stay away from trees with dense canopies. If you already have large trees in your yard, prune them frequently and make an effort to keep the branches away from your house.

You should be able to prevent pests much better now. You can call for professional pest control in Doha to carry out the activities with utmost precision.

Keep Trees Far Away

3. Consider plant placement

If you’re trying for a backyard jungle feel, swaths of dense, blooming plants might be interesting.

Unfortunately, planting plants close to one another increases the chance of mice, rats, and insect invasions because you’re giving pests the ideal area to hide, find food that’s packed in close proximity, and set up nests.

Consider pests whenever you add plants to your yard or speak with your landscaper. Try to leave around two feet between thick plants to give your plants some breathing area. You’ll regret not doing it.

plant placement

4. Beware of Mulch and Debris

Pests are fond of mulch, garbage, and decaying wood. All of those things are equivalent to welcoming pests in front of your house.

Fortunately, it’s rather simple to prevent this temptation to pests. Regular yard upkeep, including mowing the grass, weeding, raking, getting rid of standing water, and cleaning, should help keep pests from making your yard a haven.

By keeping your environment organized and clean, you can deter bugs from entering.

Mulch and Debris


Considering pests when creating a new yard or managing your landscape might help keep undesirable animals out of your house.

You should be in good shape if you combine routine preventive pest treatment with landscaping upkeep.

Therefore, with all the above information, you can understand why it is best to rely on professionals for pest control of your property.


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