Calling a pest control professional can help solve your persistent pest problems. Companies like Saela can help you remove irritating pests such as mosquitoes, ants, bed bugs, and more. The cost of treatment may depend on how much you prepare your home for extermination.

Doing your part will allow the exterminator to apply the treatment properly and efficiently. Below are some things you can do to get the most from your pest exterminator.


Before the Treatment

Weeks of reading client feedback like those in Orkin reviews have led you to pick the pest exterminator for next week. Many people are not aware of the work they must do before the pest exterminator arrives.

These simple preparations can help make the treatment more effective. Below are some of the things you can do to get the most out of your pest extermination before the treatment:

Know where the pests appear

Know where the pests appear

Make a list of where you have seen the pests. Ants can have many nests. You may see them in many corners of the house, especially the kitchen. Cockroaches are more difficult to spot because they hide most of the time.

The list you make will guide your pest exterminator. It will make them focus more on the locations you specified and make the work more efficient.

Position the large appliances and furniture away from the walls

Complete access to the areas where the pests lurk is important. Most of them stay behind the walls. Moving these large items out of the way also helps you clear the areas for cleaning. Place them about four feet from the walls so your exterminator has ample space to work later.

Vacuum carpets and scrub the floor

Carpets and hard floors need a thorough cleaning. This can remove visible eggs and adult pests. On hard floors, use pressure, a good scrub, and a high-quality detergent. Once you are done, get a pail and dilute a quality disinfectant in hot water.

You can then mop the hard floor and air-dry. Place all the used rags, mops, vacuum bags, and brushes outside the house. Put them in a separate garbage bag. Seal the bag before throwing them all away. Wipe down and disinfect the vacuum as well.

Tidy up the kitchen and dining area

Check the foods on countertops and tables for any sign of contamination. Keep the untouched foods in proper containers and place them in the fridge or the pantry. Put away the small kitchen appliances, cooking utensils, pots, and pans. Keep them covered well before the pest exterminator arrives.

Store your personal belongings and cover the furniture

Pack away your clothes, makeup, toiletries, jewelry, and toys in your cabinets. Seal the gaps of the cabinet doors and drawers. The plastic tape will be better for sealing than masking tape.

The latter will absorb the chemicals. Store your sheets, pillows, and cushions in cabinets as well. Wrap them in plastic if you run out of closet space.

Get some more plastic wrapping and cover your tables, sofas, and chairs. Cloth wrapping will absorb the chemicals. Remove the contents of your wooden furniture in case of termite infestation.

After the Treatment

After the Treatment

Here are some things you can do after the pest control treatment. These can help you maximize the benefits you well from your pest exterminator:

Do not rush to return home and clean

You should wait for the right time before you go back home. Your pest exterminator will tell you when the right time will be. Once you are home, resist the urge to clean.

Waiting for the chemicals to settle, dry, and take more effect will ensure the treatment’s completeness. Your exterminator will also instruct you when and how to clean after at least one week.

Protect yourself

Wear protective gloves while unwrapping furniture, appliances, and other objects. Chemical residue may still be on them.

Continue checking for any remaining pests

Be ready to find dead pests after the treatment. Check the problem areas you have seen before the treatment. Always keep them clean and free of possible food sources. Clear areas with dead pests right away. They can attract other pests if you don’t.

Simple Steps Can Help You Get the Most From Your Pest Exterminator

Simple Steps Can Help You Get the Most From Your Pest Exterminator

Preparing your home before your exterminator arrives is a good way to improve the treatment. Cleaning and removing any obstruction will allow your exterminator to perform a more effective treatment. Protecting your property and its residents is also essential during the treatment. Following your exterminator’s instructions after the treatment will ensure a safe, healthy, and pest-free home.

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