The other names of Portland Pozzolana cement are PPC cement. This is an integrated cement that is created by combining pozzolanic materials and OPC cement. Specific proportions are making these cement strongholds. Everyone likes to have a strong roof. And to strengthen your building structures, the quality of the cement is one of the key parts.

PPC cement is one of the strong bonds of cement. For different types of constructions, this cement is used.

So let’s first know what PPC cement is.

What Is Portland Pozzolana Cement?

What Is Portland Pozzolana Cement

PPC cement is a combined cement. This portland pozzolana cement is constructed by simple OPC clinker ground particles. The gypsum and pozzolanic are the main materials that are used in specific proportions. So what are pozzolana materials? The Pozzolan materials are siliceous and aluminous materials.

A certain addition of pozzolana to ordinary Portland cement causes the strength of cement. PPC cement is used for general construction works. But as the cement provides a stronger bond. For aggressive environmental protections, the civil engineers keep using that cement. In hydraulic structures construction, these cements are the key building materials.

But like every other cement, there are always advantages and disadvantages associated with it.

So let’s have a look at the pros and cons of using the PPC cement.

Pros Of Using The Portland Pozzolana Cement

Pros of PPC

PPC cement is a fine granule cement. This is the reason for plastering works. You can use this cement without having any second thoughts. The addition of pozzolana to ordinary portland cement increases the bond between the fine particles.

Here are the advantages of using PPC cement.

1. Eco-Friendly Solution:

PPC cement is an eco-friendly product. This is entirely a recyclable product. So it does not have any adverse effects on nature and the environment.

2. Grade 33 Type Strength:

The first time after the application, this cement is not giving you good strength. But after drying, these cements will produce a stronger structural bond. After drying, only 0.15% shrinkage is possible.

3. Good Resistance For Hydraulic Structures:

For sulphate attacks, protections for Portland pozzolana cement uses are convenient. This is the reason you can see the maximum use of the cement beside the seashore and dam constructions.

4. Not Very Costly:

These cements are cost-effective solutions. The cement’s main materials are siliceous materials. And these materials are improving the cement strength without increasing the manufacturing cost.

Cons Of Using The Portland Pozzolana Cement

Cons of PPC

The PPC cement has many benefits. But there are also some disadvantages. Because every product is not entirely an error-free product.

Here are some cons of using the PPC cement.

1. PPC’s Setting Time Is Minimum:

PPC has the first drying formula. This is the reason for setting up a PPC. You will not require much time. But you are not going to have a proper rectification time. You only need 660 minutes to dry.

2. PPC Handelining Is Difficult:

Portland Pozzolana cement’s fineness is high. So the cement is lightweight. This is the reason handling the PPC cement is difficult.  The curing time of PPC is less than the OPC.

3. Low Strength In The Initial Stage:

OPC cement has less strength after it completely dries up. But in the initial stage after the application, the PPC’s strength is less. The initial setting time is not more than 35 minutes.

Difference Between OPC And PPC


Ordinary OPC cement is going to take more time to dry. Even strength is not like the Portland Pozzolana cement.

So let’s have a look at the difference between OPC and PPC.

OPC and PPC are both eco-friendly. But OPC does not use industrial waste, so it is not going to reduce environmental pollution. It uses natural and industrial waste, which reduces the environmental pollution level.
OPC is the best for use on the construction site. The portland pozzolana cement possesses many benefits when you want weather-protective constructions. PPC cement is highly resistant to sulphate attacks. So in specific areas, you will find the use of this cement.
OPC comes at a higher value. PPC’s cost is lower than OPC.
OPC’s initial strength is high compared to the PPC’s initial strength. PPC’s have the first drying formula. The cement will get strength after complete drying.

Is It Good To Use The Portland Pozzolana Cement?

Is PPC Good To Use

Both the OPC and portland pozzolana cement are good. But both of them have different functions as the components and ingredients are distinct.

So how to know which cements are best for your use? It is very simple. First, understand your requirements. Then choose between OPC and PPC.


As PPC is a blended cement, it is useful for carrying the general construction works. But for constructing the dams, retaining walls, sewage pipes, and dykes you can see the maximum uses.

Wherever you want to construct a hydraulic structure and need a water protective layer. You can use the PPC cement. To complete a marine construction project, you can see portland pozzolana cement is used.


OPC has a different use than Portland pozzolana cement. First, know your requirements. When you require a strong bond from the initial stage, you must use the OPC cement.

You can use OPC cement where you do not have the hydraulic structure to build.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Can We Use PPC Cement For Constructing A Slab?

You can use any type of cement between OPC and PPC. But my recommendation is to use the PPC for brick masonry. PPC is less prone to crack after dry shrinkage. So you will get better work durability and a fine finish. You can use the PPC cement for brick masonry, plastering, and waterproof works.

2. Can You Use PPC Cement For Creating Foundation?

Foundations are the base of the house. And every engineer wants strong and durable foundations for their constructions. The foundation carries the load of the entire structure. You can use the Portland Pozzolana Cement for creating the foundation. With time your foundation base develops a stronger bond.

3. Is PPC Cements Best For Constructing The Footing?

Of course, you can use the PPC cement to create a footing. For manufacturing slabs, bricks, and blocks, you can use the PPC. All the construction will be strong and eco-friendly by nature.

4. Which Cement Type Is Best For Roof Construction?

OPC 53 grade cement and Portland pozzolana cement are the best cement for house roof constructions. Even for creating every kind of RCC structure, you can use these two types of cement with blindfolds.


The portland pozzolana cement or PPC has excellent balancing components. In the modern day’s contractions, every building requires a nice water protective layer. Natural disasters like rain and storms can happen at any time.

And you have to be prepared for anything. Keep using the PPC cement and build a strong foundation. So which type of cement are you using? Share your opinion in the comment sections.

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