When it comes to seaside towns in Orange County, California, Newport Beach stands out from the crowd.

Known for its culture, charm, sophistication, and fun, its family income and property rises have placed consistently high in national rankings.

Newport Beach truly has everything homeowners could possibly desire on its doorstep. From pristine parks and beaches to the bright city lights of LA just a short ride away, this city is one that more and more homebuyers are drawn to each year.


Checkout Seven Prime Reasons To Buy A Property In Newport Beach:

Here are just a number of reasons why you should consider buying a property in Newport Beach today.

1. Natural Beauty

What makes Newport Beach stand out is its natural beauty. Here, you can explore 10 miles of coastline that includes a heavenly mix of world-famous surf spots, golden-sand coves, and tranquil nature trails.

natural Beauty Of Newport Beach

For outdoor lovers, it just makes sense to reside in Newport Beach. When you walk around the city, natural beauty can be found everywhere.

2. Great Neighborhoods

As a homeowner, finding the right neighborhood to live in can be challenging. There are all sorts of factors that go into this decision, such as safety and security. There are 10 neighborhoods that can be found in Newport Beach, with each one having its own distinct vibe and charm.

One of the most popular of these is Irvine Terrace. Check out VALIA Properties which have Irvine Terrace homes for sale. They are real estate experts who can help you find Irvine Terrace luxury homes that match exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Brilliant Location

One part of Newport Beach that stands out from homebuyers is its location. In fact, the city is known as one of the most desirable locations in the United States! This is thanks to its close proximity to many other destinations, such as Palm Springs and Big Bear Lake.

Newport Beach Location

Newport Beach isn’t too far from Los Angeles too. This means if you’re working in LA, there isn’t a huge drive to get to and from work.

4. Plenty of Schools

For families looking to move to Newport Beach, it makes sense that you’ll want to find an area that is close to the best schools possible. Education is important, and we appreciate it’s probably at the top of your list. What’s great about this city is how many award-winning schools are in the area.

These include Harbor Day School and Corona del Mar High School. There is also the University of California, Irvine which is housed in Newport Beach and boasts a world-class reputation for engineering.

This means if you choose Newport Beach to live in, you can be confident your children will be getting top-of-the-range education and facilities.

5. Shopping Galore

Many of us are shopaholics. If you’re the type who likes to shop till they drop, prepare to indulge in lots of retail therapy if you choose Newport Beach as your new home. In fact, there are very few places in the US that offer such high-caliber retail.

 Property In Newport Beach

What sets Newport Beach apart from other beach communities in the country is its access to the globe’s best fashion houses. Take a trip to South Coast Plaza where you can feast your eyes on high-end labels like Christian Louboutin, Chanel, and Saint Laurent.

There is also a fashion island and premier outdoor shopping destination in Newport Beach that you’re sure to love and visit time and time again.

6. Wide Choice of Restaurants

Even if you consider yourself a foodie and like cooking homemade dishes, when you want a night off, you’ll be happy to know Newport Beach offers a wide selection of restaurants to suit all budgets and tastebuds.

There are more than 4,000 restaurants to pick from! Some of the upscale restaurants in the city include Red O Restaurant, Mastro’s Ocean Club, and Fig & Olive.

For those who consider themselves fussy eaters, you will be glad to know Newport Beach houses all your favorite chain restaurants too, such as Mcdonald’s!

7. Variety of Beaches

As we’ve briefly touched on, the clue is in the name when it comes to what the city has to offer more than most – beaches! If you’re from a rural town or city, you may be bursting to get to the seaside and take in the sea views.

What’s magical about Newport Beach is all the coastline you can walk on and explore. If you’re adventurous and want to try out something different, why not hit the waves and go surfing? There are plenty of watersports you can take part in which are sure to bring lots of joy.

Who knows, you may find a new hobby! For homeowners looking for somewhere desirable and sought after, Newport Beach is the city for you.

Whatever neighborhood you opt for, you can be confident you’ll find your dream property and be within close reach of gorgeous beaches, shopping malls, tasty eateries, and natural beauty.

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