Building your own tiny house is a unique way to create a life you love, without the waste of a traditional big home.

A tiny house can be just as good as living in a large one, but healthier for you, less clean, more affordable & better for the environment.

Living in the U.S, being a smart resident, check out some amazing tiny homes for sale in Sacramento.

This city of California has some best tiny house varieties you would love to invest in.

But before you skip to investing million dollars in a Mansion, which is absolutely not a bad deal, here are some reasons that suggest why tiny homes can save you more than big homes. Give this guide a read to get a little change in your investment decision!

Some Reasons Why Tiny Homes are Better Than Mansions:

1. You will have less to clean

You will have less to clean

In tiny homes, you will have less to clean. Tiny houses are much easier to clean than big houses, and for some people that may be the reason why they choose tiny houses over big houses.

Some reasons why a tiny house is easier to clean than a big house are:‚Äč less space, takes less time and you don’t need all that cleaning supplies.

You will have less to clean in a tiny house, thus, freeing up more time for fun and things.

2. It is much more affordable

It is much more affordable

Tiny houses are less expensive for the average homeowner. There are many ways that tiny houses can be more affordable including:

  • Tiny houses can be built for less than half the price of an average house, taking as little as a couple of months to build.
  • They are much less expensive to heat and cool.
  • Tiny houses also have lower utility bills and maintenance costs because they are designed for occupancy at one person or couple per 200-300 square feet.

3. Tiny house living can be healthier for you

Tiny house living can be healthier for you

Tiny house living offers many benefits that may improve your quality of life.

If you live in a tiny house, you will have less stress because the small space forces you to be more organized and will help you keep track of your belongings.

You should have more time to exercise because there is less space inside your tiny house to move around and therefore fewer things to move out of the way.

Living in a small space also forces you to cook simple and healthful meals every day, and it causes you to go outside more often to do things like go to the post office or go shopping.

4. It is better for the environment

It is better for the environment

Live simply by going small. Whether you’re a couple or a family, why not trade in a McMansion for a cute, compact home with no wasted space?

A tiny house can be as basic or as luxurious as you want it to be, but there’s no denying that it will cause less waste and save energy.

The idea of living in a tiny house has gotten a lot of attention recently because of its environmental benefits.

Less square footage means fewer materials, less energy consumption and less waste overall. In this episode, we take a look at some of the pros, cons, and logistics behind choosing to live small.

5. It is much easier to clean

It is much easier to clean

Cleaning your home can be a constant battle. Ideally, there are fewer chores to do and more time to enjoy your free time.

Since a tiny house is much smaller than a mansion, it will take less time and less products to clean!

A tiny house is much easier to clean. Not only that, you need far fewer cleaning products to clean a tiny house than you would clean up a mansion.

Because the house is small and cozy, which makes it very easy to take care of. All you need are a few mops and some basic cleaning products and you will be set.

6. There are fewer things to break

There are fewer things to break

There are fewer things to break in tiny houses, so less to fix. There is less maintenance, less to go wrong and less clutter to clean up!

From less stuff to buy and less stuff to own, a tiny house offers many benefits for people with limited space. The smaller size makes it easy to get around and take care of the home without much trouble.


Tiny house living allows people to live in areas, like downtowns, where they can easily walk everywhere they need or want to go. This can potentially lead to a lower crime rate. Smaller living spaces also traditionally mean smaller electrical bills, since there is less lighting necessary, among other things. It is also easier both physically and mentally to get enough natural light through windows in a tiny house than in a larger house.

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