A step-by-step guide article for people who fail every time when trying to fix their sagging door.

You can easily call a carpenter for this, but now you decide to save money and do it yourself.

All your childhood you have learned many things but missed how to install door hinges. Great!.

New doors do not come with frames because as you can guess the door hinge installation is not ready yet.

Doors come with different modes of installation because some doors open inwards and outwards.

The door that opens outwards gives more security to the house, but in rainy weather, it might get tight. It also gives privacy to family members’ rooms.

If you are looking to try out the DIY skills on how to put hinges on a door, you better learn how to use hinges.

In this article, you will get everything you need to know about how to install door hinges.


What Are Hinges?

Door Hinges

A hinge is a movable mechanism on which a gate, door, or lid opens and closes.

It is basically a joint that connects linked objects together.

The Tool Kit You Need

  1. Hammer
  2. Utility knife
  3. Pencil
  4. ½ inch Chisel
  5. One-inch screws
  6. Cordless screw gun

Step By Step Process On How To Install Door Hinges

For those who are new in this, and haven’t ever held a hammer in life.

These steps should be followed by you before you hammer yourself or do the work in an entirely wrong way.

1. Mark It Out After Placing The Hinges

Mark The Right Place

It is very important to mark the right place where you are about to place the hinges.

If you are following the rules of how to install door hinges then ignoring this will be a stupid move.

You have to have an idea of the place. The exterior door hinges offer the best security for your house but in the weather change, it won’t stay that good.

Therefore you need to fix the top of the door with a hinge seven inches high and the bottom 11 inches. The top and the bottom need to be fixed so that it doesn’t get stuck while opening and closing the door. In case you need the third hinge, then you have placed it in the middle.

Just between the top and bottom. After doing the entire thing you can easily fix the hooks to the jamb and the door. Check out how to install cabinet door hinges.

Make sure the jamb has the same thickness as the hinge. Again trace that place out, this time use a utility knife to do an outline so that it makes the cut easier.

2. Remove The Mortise

Cut Out The Mortise

As I said a carpenter will take a lot less time to do the entire process as they know the exact place to cut the mortise out in the shape of the hinge. Be patient and do what you are doing right now.

The gap which you will be making shows the rigidity and beauty of the hinge.

Use your chisel and hammer, because you will need them to cut out the mortise.

Positioning is very important for a perfect outcome. Slant your angle to get the chips of woodcut.

Don’t cut the mortise too deep or else it will affect the depth of the hinge while taking out the durability and strength away from it. Now, chisel along the marked portions, you need to have your tools very sharp. Without chisels, it is impossible to focus on how to install door hinges.

If by mistake you have the mortise too deep, insert some wood chip as a filler.

3. Maintain The Position Of The Screws

Install Hinge In The Mortise

Install the hinge in the mortise that you have cut with so much effort and now look for the spots for the screws. Use your pencil to mark it on the door before moving back and forth.

Bore a screw hole on the traced positions that you just made on the jamb with the help of a screwdriver or drill machine.

Do the work very gently, more force can change the right position of the screw.

To perfect the process use the screw guide so that they enter the right way in.

4. Attach The Door To The Jamb

Attach The Door With The Frame

The last thing you need to do is place the hinges in the right positions, with the help of the screwdriver or the drill machine. This helps to fasten them one after the other.

The next thing is to attach the door with the frame, by making it hold fast while you support its blocks.

The places need to be right for putting the hinges because then only the strap hooks will be in position. Check the door if it is working properly or not by taking out the blocks you used to support the door. If it does date even after taking the blocks out, then you have done a great job and if not, start over and look for the mistakes you made.

Tips To Stay Safe While Hinging A Door

  1. Wear protective gear
  2. Have more than 3 hinges
  3. Get the right hinge 
  4. Be perfect with the dimensions

Wrapping Up

Installation of interior door hinges or any other door hinges is not a normal job around the house, but if you learn how to do it, it won’t make you any less of a creative person.

DIY can save you money for the installation of hinges on your doors.

The article on how to install door hinges should be read properly before getting into action.

Those who don’t even know what hinges are and those who are just searching for an article that would tell them how to do it. This article is for both of you.

Leave a comment down below in the comment section and share with us your experience.

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