Real estate entails commercial and residential property. It mainly involves businesses purchases, sales, and property rentals. When it comes to selling and buying of land and features, a real estate agent plays a significant role. They are professionals with skills like being convincing and effective communicators, an eagle’s eye for spotting right property and evaluating market trends and requirements in real estate. The agent works as a mediator between the sellers and the buyers. Their main task is to guide the prospective owners of the properties to finalize a deal – that is fair enough for both the parties.

However, becoming a successful real estate agent does not happen overnight, in this field, successful individuals invest time in education, have passed state and national licensing exams, have made research on various brokers in the area and building the portfolio of clients.


How to Become A Real Estate Agent?

Here are some of the tips on how to become a real estate agent that is successful in this field.

Develop a plan

Coming up with a clear strategy that entails the goals you wish to obtain and the vision. You should also think of where you need to venture, is it the REO properties or specialize in short sales. In most cases you find most agents fail in their first two years as they lack a clear clue of what to do next after doing a few deals. Thus, it is essential to come up with a plan that you can execute. The key questions you should always have answers to when you venture into real estate are; how will you get your clients? Who will help you in finding the clients? After your license what next? Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller is one great book that can help you in coming up with great ideas to be successful.

Conduct a self-evaluation exam

Before venturing into real estate business, you should ask yourself some questions .do you have excellent communication skills? Can you withstand negotiating skills with different water? Are you a hard-working person? Will you be able to dedicate the necessary time? You can also get more ideas by reading books or taking short courses to help develop the personality that will help you identify the hidden skills you might be having and yet you have not discovered them.

Choose an agency you wish to work with

You cannot call yourself a real estate agent yet after your studies, not until you have gained the experience on the field. At the period when you are nearly completing your education, it is good to sign up a contract with the agency willing to recruit new agents. Besides that you should brokers always have that additional education and ideas able to give you a clear guideline on the process of home selling and listings.

Create a Customer Base

The best way to make this more successful is through a personal network and finding a mentor since building your customer base is a crucial part of being a real estate professional. In some cases, you can use your social networks to find clients. In another example, you can contact a broker who can easily connect to you with the buyers and sellers.

Despite you sharing your commission with them it will give you an upper hand in finding clients while getting to know more about the field.

You can also get clients through your circles of relationship that is your family, friends, neighbors’ who may have some idea on prospective buyers and homeowners. By using a mentor, you will also learn the ins and outs of the industry while still gaining your first commission checks.

Talk to a successful agent or a broker

Information is always vital. Most of these people will ever want to talk about their success. Thus, the data from these resources can be of great value for your research.

You should be fundamental to know what they are doing to be successful. You may want to see the unit they are closing, the average size of the check and how are they doing it. It will be imperative because you cannot even plan a budget without knowing how many sales it is going to take.

Get the necessary credentials     

Depending on the state, you should become educated about the industry. Take pre-licensing courses .in order to work in the real estate industry it is essential that you pass your exams to receive your license. Check out the agencies you wish to work with as they may have specific education requirements to hire you.

Also, you should always remember that you may need to provide your future employer criminal background check. So, make sure you have the license and other certifications.

Create a budget for yourself     

Despite becoming a real estate agent profession being cheaper, it is not always free. You should still have startup fees to cater for the business cards, licensing courses, association fees, signs, and advertising fee.

Always remember that before venturing into real estate business you should set aside some money for living expenses in the first few months as it is commission based.

Get prepared for the first year as a real estate agent

Since you already prepared yourself thoroughly to be a real estate agent, it is now time to get into the actual field. You should always remember to set aside some money to help you in the first beginning stages of the job as you have to gather your customers.

You may need to walk around with the brokers and some other willing agents as you learn the ropes on how to achieve your ultimate goal.


Getting into real estate is an entrepreneurial endeavor, yet so many people do not think of it being one. The industry is a commission-based industry. Therefore, becoming one successful real estate agent does not happen like a dream.

You should always find time to invest in education, pass the state and national licensing exams, have clear research on what you need and know the various brokers in the area to help you get started.

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