Are you a fan of ceiling fans? Sorry, we had to! A ceiling fan installation is not very tough work. But if you like to avoid any small mistakes, then it will be better to take professional help. Hence without professional help, if you have the minimum experience with electrical work, then you can do the work on your own. Also, Crompton offers a wide range of designer ceiling fans that can be the best pick for making your room look more attractive!

If you want to be equipped with ceiling fans, the answer is probably yes. Those who live in a house with ceiling fans usually can’t imagine life without them. As for those who have gone this far without a ceiling fan installation, it’s likely they’re unaware of the diverse benefits they offer.

Though many homeowners install ceiling fans for their cooling purposes, these fixtures also boast other advantages. From energy cost savings to interior design, let’s take an in-depth look at why ceiling fans are essential for so many.


5 Top Benefits Of A New Ceiling Fan Installation

high speed ceiling fan

Ceiling fan installations ensure that all of your room’s air circulations are going to be fine.

Ceiling fans are not giving you a cooler feeling. If your rooms are having the Air conditioners, then the fan is going to circulate cold air throughout the whole room.

    Year-round value

    Energy efficiency

    Interior design

    Versatility for any room

    Convenient lighting

1. Year-Round Value

We’re all aware that fans offer relief from those scorching summer days. But they’re so much more than just a summer accessory. Offering year-round temperature control, fans meet your comfort needs. 

In the warm months, you will want your fan operating counterclockwise. This direction helps to push cool air down to you and your family. In the winter, you can opt for the clockwise direction, which pushes warm air from the ceiling downward to fight the chill. You will get all these facilities once you complete the ceiling fan installation.

2. Energy Efficiency

One of the main benefits of installing ceiling fans is they also can reduce energy costs. Rather than relying solely on your thermostat and AC system. You can enjoy the draft provided by your ceiling fan. 

A ceiling fan installation allows for a more comfortable home, lower electricity bills, and increased energy efficiency. There are also fans available for purchase that are ENERGY STAR® certified, meaning they use 60% less energy than the standard options.

3. Interior Design

Another benefit of ceiling fan installation is its aesthetic appeal. Year-round temperature control and energy efficiency don’t have to come at the expense of your home’s interior design. 

Maintain your house’s modern appearance with a sleek black fan, or make your fan a statement piece by opting for one with tropical blades resembling banana leaves. With so many fans to choose from, you will always be able to ensure your personal style is reflected.

4. Versatility For Any Room

The ceiling fan installation isn’t exclusive to the bedroom. After all, we feel seasonal temperature changes in all parts of a house. Install one in your living room to enhance your television viewing experience. 

Put one in your kitchen — just because your food is hot doesn’t mean you have to be. The more ceiling fans you install, the less you’ll pay on your energy bill!  Maybe if you are taking professional help, you cannot get the ceiling fan free installation. But if you select the perfect fan with an energy relaxation facility, you can cut off your energy supply bill.

5. Convenient Lighting

Save on the spotlights, lamps, and other ceiling light fixtures. Ceiling fans also provide the perfect lighting for any room.

Offering the harmonization of function and ambiance, your fan will always set the right tone. Watching a movie? Dim to replicate the movie theater. Family game night? Brighten things up to keep an eye on your cards!

There’s no doubt that ceiling fans can elevate a home. If you’re considering a ceiling fan installation, it’s important you contact a certified electrician. An expert will be able to inspect whether your house is wired for your desires and also execute a safe and efficient installation.

As always, AJ’s Electrical is here for all your electrical needs!

What Is Ceiling Fan Installation Cost?

Ceiling Fan Installation Cost

The ceiling fan installation cost can be $145 to  $355. But the fees are entirely depending on the complexity of the fan installations. Many of the new electricians are asking about how much to charge for ceiling fan installation. 

This amount can vary depending on the company profiles and the complexity of the work, and, most importantly, the wire and other equipment they are using to install the ceiling fan. 

And if you just started your electrical installations business, mark your business areas from the map. Hence the people who require your services will search for ceiling fan installation near me. They will get your business location.

Can You Install The Ceiling Fan With Yourself?

quick install ceiling fan

We all agree may be ceiling fan installation is not easy work. But if you have prior experience with some electrical repair work, then you can complete this work within seconds.

Here are the directions. Read it and learn how to install a ceiling fan.

Step1: Check all the wires and prepare the wall for ceiling fan installations.

Step2: Power down the circuit where you are installing.

Step3: Mount the junction box and bracket.

Step4: Then install the fan road to your ceiling.

Step5: Then install the fan.

Step6: After installing the machines, add the fan’s blades.

Step7: You have two options. One is first to install the machines, then add the blades. Another one is to add the blades with the machines and hang the fan from the ceiling.

But if you are installing decorative ceiling fans, you have to take help from other people to hold the fan in place.

Wrapping It Up:

A ceiling fan installation is going to be easy if you are following the right step for installing it. Unless you do not know which is going to be your installing equipment.

Most of the good ceiling fan company is providing all the essential equipment along with the fan machines. You already get ideas about the installation process of the fans. If you have any other opinion, you can share your opinion through the comment section.

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