If you’re in the retail business, you know how important it is to provide your customers with an awesome experience and entice them to come back again and again.

One way you can accomplish this is by installing high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans at strategic locations throughout your store.

These fans can help you take control of many situations that can negatively impact your bottom line and increase customer loyalty.

There is no question that Refresh hvls fans offer a number of benefits for businesses. For starters, they have a much larger capacity than traditional fans, meaning that they can move more air and cool a larger area.

Additionally, their ceiling-mounted design ensures that they are highly efficient and do not take up valuable floor space.

And unlike traditional fans, HVLS fans do not create a draft, making them ideal for use in sensitive areas like churches, hospitals, and schools.

Their high-efficiency rating means they use less energy, which is good for the environment.

Here Are Five Ways HVLS Fans Can Benefit Your Retail Business:

1. Dramatically improve your employees’ comfort

The benefits of variable speed fans aren’t just found in their energy efficiency. They’re also there in your employees’ comfort.

Static ventilation fans may move air, but they only do so at one speed—slow or fast—which means that your employees will have to suffer through drafts and sweltering heat.

High-volume, low-speed fans, on the other hand, can accommodate a range of temperatures without sacrificing energy efficiency.

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2. Improve employee performance

Research shows that if you’re working in an environment over 76 degrees Fahrenheit, your performance can decline by up to 40%.

That’s why investing in an HVLS fan for your retail business can help increase employee productivity and retention.

Employees who are comfortable are more likely to be productive, happy, and engaged at work—and all of these factors will improve their overall performance.

In fact, a study published in Applied Ergonomics found that employees who worked in rooms with HVLS fans reported increased satisfaction with their work environment than those who did not have access to such fans.

3. Decrease costly employee turnover

There’s no question that good employees are critical to success in retail, but keeping them on board can be a challenge for small business owners.

It’s estimated that it costs a business $4,000 to replace each lost employee—and turnover is even higher in highly seasonal industries such as retail.

One easy way to combat turnover and other problems that come with relying on seasonal workers are to invest in HVLS fans.

4. Save money on heating, cooling, and energy costs

High volume, low speed (HVLS) fans circulate large volumes of air at reduced speeds, making them a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to keep your employees cool on hot days.

The concentrated airflow can even reduce your need for air conditioning in warm climates. In addition, because HVLS fans are mounted high above workers’ heads, they create an indirect cooling effect that reduces overall heat stress.

This means you can increase productivity by letting your employees work more comfortably during warmer months.

5. Improve customer satisfaction

When you’re running a retail business, customer satisfaction is key. Whether it’s an ice cream parlor or an electronics store, people have lots of options for their hard-earned money.

A little bit of fan relief can be a nice perk to help seal that sale and keep customers coming back for more.

HVLS fans are typically installed at entrances and exits to your establishment, where they help keep customers cool as they come in or leave.

The benefits don’t stop there: by installing fans on your ceiling, you allow air circulation throughout your entire space – not just at one entrance/exit point.

This makes for a more comfortable shopping experience overall – even if no one is directly underneath!

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