A common daydream amongst homeowners has the opportunity to design a house from the ground up. Many homeowners think about the spaces they would build if they had unlimited funds and the architectural design they would integrate to ensure character and charm. A custom home is a blank slate that allows for all sorts of dreamy custom home features homeowners crave.

You might not (yet) have the cash to build a custom home, but you can add custom home features to your current residence to improve its look and function. Here are a few of the dreamiest additions to home design that you can integrate into your non-custom home today:


Entryway Built-ins

Whether your home has a mudroom or a regular entryway, you need a space where you can stash your dirty shoes, your heavy coat, and all your bags before you can relax in your home. You might put in cabinets, which can hide the mess, or you might opt for a more open look with shelves and hooks.

This storage looks best when it seems to be built into the structure of the home. If you have enough space, you might set in your built-ins into the studs so you don’t eat up any of your entryway with cabinets and shelving, but you can make almost any storage solution appear built-in by extending it from the floor to the ceiling and tying in architectural features like your baseboards and crown molding. 

Modern Appliances

modern appliances

Home appliances can be among the largest fixtures in your home, so they can come to dominate your interior design. If your appliances are outdated, they will inevitably make the rest of your space feel old-fashioned, too. Worse, old appliances tend to run inefficiently, which means you could be wasting energy, water, gas and other valuable resources whenever you use your appliances.

The sooner you can replace your appliances with modern alternatives, the better. What’s more, you might consider installing some additional appliances to improve efficiency, like modern ceiling fans to improve the effect of your central air or smart home systems to give you visibility over your appliance usage.

Seating Area In The Master

If the pandemic taught homeowners anything, it is the importance of an abundance of personal space. Large entertaining areas can be luxurious, but having a quiet space to call your own is key to maintaining mental health. To that end, you should try to give yourself a small seating area in your master bedroom.

Adding a seating area to your bedroom will give you a place to retreat when housemates or family members have guests utilizing your main living spaces. To achieve space for a couple of accent chairs in your bedroom, you might look for space in your walk-in closets or consider downsizing your existing bedroom furniture. 

Heated Floors In Bathrooms

There are few experiences in daily life more unpleasant than finishing up a warm and well-deserved shower, filling the bathroom with skin-loving steam and placing your bare, wet foot on ice-cold tile. If you expect to remodel your bathrooms in the coming years, you might work heated floors into your plans. Some heated floor systems involve piping hot water underneath flooring; others place actual heating coils below the floor. In either case, you get to enjoy comforting, cozy feet all year long with this simple upgrade.

Freestanding Tub

Freestanding Tub -custom home features

The freestanding tub is the icon of the custom home. A freestanding tub shows that you have enough money to dedicate such a grand amount of space to one of the least practical bathroom fixtures. However, if you are a bath lover — and you are already redoing your bathrooms — you might try to find the space to fit a freestanding tub. These tubs tend to be larger and more comfortable for bathing than the alcove shower-tub combos that are typical in houses today. Plus, freestanding tubs can come in a variety of eye-catching styles, giving your bathroom an exciting aesthetic look and feel.

Natural Wood Cabinets

Paint is a great solution for old, outdated cabinetry that is impossible to refinish. These days, colorful cabinets are in style, so you can be creative with your paint colors — as long as you use a sprayer to apply a thin, even coat of paint to prevent your doors and drawers from sticking.

However, if you want the feeling of a custom home, you should opt for natural wood cabinets. Woods like oak and hickory have much more character than any paint job, and natural wood is much more likely to remain in style for decades to come. When you eventually redo your home’s kitchen, you should invest in wood cabinets that will last.

Few homeowners ever realize their dream of a totally custom home, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for how your home currently looks and functions. With a few key updates, you can make your home appear just as beautiful as a custom property — and for a fraction of the price.

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