If you’re someone living in a country where the temperature drops below freezing point, you will know what a space heater is.

It is a savior and your best friend on those extremely chilly days.

A space heater is a device that is used in heating rooms or enclosed spaces. You may use it indoors and outdoors; however, most require a nearby outlet as an energy source.

Most of the space heaters run on electricity; however, the outdoor models operate on natural gas or propane. They are available in various sizes and shapes.

If used correctly, space heaters act as a safe and cost-effective method to warm your homes during cold weather. Modern-day space heaters incorporate technologies that automatically shut off the device if a leak or tipping is detected.

You may use space heaters combined with an existing heating system like forced air or radiator, or they can be used as a stand-alone heating source in a place without any built-in heat source.

Let us now get into the depth of space heaters and find out if they are the best choice for your home or not!

Types Of Space Heaters   

Here are the types of space heaters that are available on the market for you to choose from:

Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heaters   

Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heaters

These heaters have an oil filled in them and metal fins that radiate the heat. They are popularly called radiator heaters as they appear like the traditional radiator heater you will find in old houses.

They require an electric source that heats the oil inside the device. The oil does not require a replacement at any time.

Ceramic Space Heaters   

Ceramic Space Heaters

As the name suggests, a ceramic heater comes with ceramic rolls and metal coils that heat up, resulting in hot air distribution into the room.

They are built lightweight and portable, making them accurate for a person always traveling.

Infrared Space Heaters   

Infrared Space Heaters

They operate on infrared rays to heat a room, which in turn makes them energy efficient. You will mostly find these kinds of heaters in outdoor restaurants. Also, because of their orange emissions, they provide an ambient light that looks aesthetic.

They do not make any noise and heat very specific areas in a room. Infrared space heaters work immediately, so you will notice the heat as soon as you turn the heater on.

Quartz Space Heaters   

Quartz Space Heaters

A Quartz Space Heater uses infrared rays to generate heat, which is invisible to the eyes. Quartz and infrared heaters share many similarities.

They both operate on electricity. However, quartz heaters operate on quartz elements to generate heat, whereas infrared heaters use materials like carbon fibers or tungsten.

Propane Space Heaters   

Propane Space Heaters

These types of heaters can heat both indoor and outdoor spaces. They are often known as “blue flame” heaters.

Originally they used natural gas; however, the newer models have an automatic low-oxygen shut-off system incorporated in them that shuts the device every time there is a drop in oxygen levels.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Space Heaters   

Advantages Ans Disadvantages of a Space Heater

However advantageous space heaters may be, they also have their disadvantages. They maybe credible for heating your homes or give you comfort on cold winter nights; they are not manufactured to be the permanent solution for all your heating problems.

When you are well aware of the advantages and disadvantages, it helps you make a better judgment of when and where to use one.

Advantages Of Space Heaters  

Here are the advantages of space heaters:


Space heaters work efficiently to heat an area quickly, keeping the people inside the space warm and comfortable when the weather outside gets chilled. They are constructed to heat a small area; therefore, you would not have to wait for the furnace to heat the whole house before getting you warm.

Saves Energy  

Most space heaters are energy efficient and cost only about 10 to 15 cents per hour to function.

Let’s assume you are using a space heater in your living room. In that case, you can turn down the thermostat for the rest of the house, which may save you money on your energy costs.

Also, using a space heater for a few hours in rarely used rooms will typically cost you way less than a furnace.


They are small in size and hence easy to carry around. Some even come with a wheel to help them roll from one room to the other.

This means you can carry the space heater with you throughout the day. This is a thoughtful process as it makes space heaters handy for those customers that use heaters only in one room at a time.

For example, you can carry it to your kitchen during the day and in your bedroom at night.


Space heaters work almost immediately. You can place one in your living area, and in minutes it will create a warm and comfortable place for you to relax.

It is also very effective for older people having diabetes or blood circulation problems, as it helps in keeping their feet warm on winter nights.

Disadvantages Of Space Heaters   

The disadvantages of space heaters are as follows:

It can Only Heat Small Places

They are not designed to heat large areas. Nor can they be the primary source of heat in your home. They are brilliant for supplementary heat or emergencies, but they should not be the sole dependencies for heating your house on their own.

Energy Costs   

Space heaters that are old may consume a relatively more quantity of energy, which increases your electricity bill significantly. Although the newer space heaters are the most cost-effective, you must always check to be double-sure.

Require Supervision   

Although most space heaters come with automatic shut-off systems incorporated in them, you can never be completely sure of it.

Space heaters are required to be placed at least three feet away from flammable materials like fabrics or curtains. If you have pets or children in your house, you must be extra cautious so they don’t bump or move the heater.

Which Space Heater Is The Best For A Large Room?   

This answer depends on many factors, to be very honest. Infrared panels are considered ideal for large rooms as they heat the whole space very quickly. For an open concept, you can use these heaters either against a wall or hang them overhead.

As infrared heating operates within sight lines, and you have a room full of furniture, you may want to go for electric or ceramic heaters that come with a fan and distribute the warm air throughout the room.

Which Is The Safest Space Heater?   

If you use them properly, every space heater is safe.

Keep an eye on the manufacturing information and instructions provided to you. Keep them on a dry and even surface and away from flammable substances.

Do not leave them unattended or leave the house while the heater is kept inside a room. And at every cost, keep pets and children away from the heater even when they are turned off.


I have provided as much information as possible in this article; however, you must always consult an HVAC professional to guide you with the best solution for your needs.

They come in various sizes and different heat production techniques, and the best type will depend on your needs and circumstances.

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