International shipping is a dicey job where one mistake can lead to delays in delivery, uncertainties, along unhappy and unsatisfied customers.

Furthermore, if these international shipping mistakes are not handled quickly and efficiently, then it can taint your business image.  

Your business might end up facing a huge amount of losses in the long run.

Therefore, it becomes extremely important and necessary to make sure you are well aware of all the shipping terms before you engage with any transportation service companies. 


6 Tips To Avoid The Major International Shipping Mistakes

International shipping mistakes are learning to a very unsatisfactory result. Most of the shipping mistakes are leading to dissatisfied customers’ feedback. And these types of shipping mistakes are very harmful to the shipping company’s image.

Here are the six tips to avoid the mistakes of international shipments.

1. Determine The Regulations Of Your Destination

Determine The Regulations Of Your Destination  

One of the most common mistakes that retailers make is to overlook the shipping customs and regulations for each country. Every country has its own customs and requirements.

You must ensure to do beforehand research to avoid getting your products stuck in customs in another country. 

You can easily get access to customs and trade laws of different countries by doing online research. You can also consult with an attorney who is familiar with trade laws and avoid international shipping mistakes.

2. Incorrect Packing 

With international shipping, there are chances of your product getting damaged and misplaced during transit. You must ensure that all your goods are densely packed and are shock absorbent. 

Find out the number of times your product will be handled and the mode of transportation in order to avoid getting your product significantly damaged or lost in case of an accidental fall.

In addition, you can use appropriately sized boxes or custom shipping containers to prevent unnecessary losses.

3. Not Insuring Your Goods

Not Insuring Your Goods

International shipping involves unforeseen events such as theft, damaged cargo ships including accidents, piracy, natural disaster, and many more.

These events are leading you to problems with your shipments. Delays in deliveries can affect your business majorly. 

However, having your goods insured can save you from many substantial losses and uncertainties.

Make sure to check and understand your shipments insurance policy options, the type of cargo you are shipping, and potential policy coverage for international shipping mistakes.

Leading custom shipping container companies always offer the best available shipping insurance coverage to their customers.

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4. Check Your Labels

Incorrect shipping addresses can lead to delay in deliveries and increase your shipping costs. In some cases, your packages can also be returned mid-transit due to certain customs terms and regulations. 

To avoid these international shipping mistakes, be sure to cross-check your shipping labels. Every country has different requirements for labeling, so you must mention them accordingly.

And lastly, it is always beneficial to hire shipping services from a reputable shipping company as they guarantee quality services and customer satisfaction.

5. Selecting The Cheapest Freight Rates

You should always be careful while engaging with companies that offer cheap and affordable freight rates. Reaching the highest rate of the flight fare is one of the common international shipping mistakes.

Ensure to look into the company’s shipping conditions, figure out the responsiveness of the company’s customer service, read genuine reviews, and don’t overlook any red flags.

6. Track Your Shipping Goods 

Track Your Shipping Goods 

Last but not least, you should always keep a track of your shipping goods from time to time. By doing this, you can get valuable information about your good’s conditions and save yourself from heavy losses.

We hope with the above-mentioned information. You can easily avoid potential international shipping mistakes and hazards and take the required measures and precautions for safe shipping deliveries. 

Wrapping It Up:

International shipping mistakes are a huge issue. You do not want your package to travel to the different faulty locations in a foreign country. As most of your packages are going to travel the way, you are going to have issues with the safety of the box. So keep these points in your mind and avoid the potential problems.

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