If you are making a decision between fiberglass vs steel doors, it ultimately comes down to your priorities, financial situation, and the particular needs of your house. Steel doors are prized for their strength and security, while fiberglass doors are frequently chosen for their energy efficiency, low maintenance, and longevity.

So, whatever your preferences and priorities might be, you must take every product choice into consideration and evaluate your options correctly. If that’s too difficult for you, we can help. Here’s a blog post helping you understand the difference between fiberglass and steel entry doors. 

Steel Front Entry Doors: Pros and Cons

A steel door is a kind of door that is mainly composed of steel. 

Steel doors Pros:

  • Many options for slab styles, colors, and glass.
  • Steel is the most robust material and won’t warp or crack.
  • Regular maintenance is simple.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • One of the best for safety.
  • Reasonable cost.

Steel doors Cons:

  • If not adequately primed and painted, it may rust. It is important to deal with a trusted company.
  • Might not fit some traditional or historic homes.
  • If is hit heavily there is a risk of dent.

Things To Consider When Getting A Steel Entry Door

Choosing steel doors is like choosing a long-term investment for your home. These are durable doors and are strong and secure. But, no matter what material you are using for the doors, quality is of the essence.

Steel doors are a great choice. Where you want durability, there are more people who will work with the best people on earth. For steel doors, there are two types of construction to look for. One of them is similar to fiberglass construction thanks to the shallow build. The other ones are forged steel doors made using solid steel. 

If you are thinking of installing steel entry doors, then you are looking at all these features –

  • Steel door rails on the top and bottom are made of composite materials. This helps prevent the absorption of water and damage due to rust.
  • Stites or laminated engineered wood for warp-prevention.
  • Thermal break technology for resisting heat and cold transfer. 
  • Both sides of the door should have heavy gauge skin. 
  • Galvanized coating for rust prevention on the steel door.

Fiberglass Front Entry Doors: Pros and Cons

A highly durable and rich-looking entry door composed of fiberglass can be made to resemble wood, giving the appearance of luxury with less upkeep. 

Fiberglass doors Pros:

  • Numerous variations for wood grain, paint color, and glass design.
  • An elevated degree of robustness.
  • A minimal amount of upkeep.
  • Exceptionally energy-efficient.
  • Because of its sturdy design, it is highly secure.
  • A rich-looking door.

Fiberglass doors Cons:

  • More expensive because of the material it’s composed of. 
  • Might not match some modern-style homes.

Things To Consider When Getting A Fiberglass Entry Door

In place of a metal door, you can also go for a fiberglass entry door. It consists of different materials. A compression-molded fiberglass skin here houses a polyurethane foam core. The door’s frame is made up of either wood or similar alternatives ( of course, strong and composite in quality). Foam is usually not that durable. But, when it comes to withstanding extreme temperatures or keeping the house soundproof, it does a good job. 

So, if you are thinking of getting a fiberglass entry door instead of a metal one, you should look for a high-quality entry door. Here’s what to look for –

  • First, you are looking for fiberglass doors with both the top and bottom rails made of composite materials. You don’t want extreme water absorption to rot the door. 
  • Stiles or edges made of laminated hardwood lumber. This ensures that there is no warping on your fiberglass door. 
  • You need lock blocks on both edges for mounting hardware.
  • Go for a dense foam core for the fiberglass door. You should look for the three-pound foam, which is almost 50% thicker compared to the two-pound foam. 
  • A thick fiberglass skin should host the foam core. Get something that looks like a wooden surface. The premium quality fiberglass doors are good enough to make people mistake them for real wood.

What about Wood?

While both steel and fiber doors have a modern appeal to them, the wooden doors would make more of a warm and inviting entry solution. They are a more traditional choice, especially for the entry of your house. 

But wooden entry doors mean more maintenance hefts and less durability. Plus, they also fail to install fiberglass entry doors when it comes to being energy efficient. Plus, a good quality wooden door is costly. But, if you are thinking of buying an entry door, ensure to compare the right material with the right material. 

All products vary in quality and price. So, keep your preferences right and choose the door that’s best for you.

Which is the Best Front Door Material for Your House in the GTA?

The best front door material for your GTA home will rely on a number of criteria, such as:

  1. your budget, 
  2. your home’s style, 
  3. how important energy efficiency, security and upkeep are to you. 

Here are a few well-liked choices picked by the GTA homeowners:

  1. Steel entry doors. Durable, safe, and requiring little upkeep. Compared to fiberglass or wood doors, they could be less expensive.
  2. Fiberglass doors. Because of their energy efficiency, low maintenance requirements, and durability, fiberglass doors are a very popular choice among homeowners. 


The security of our families always comes first. Good security is significantly correlated with an optimal front door. In general, the security of steel and fiberglass doors is comparable. The sturdy structure of both types of doors offers a high degree of security. Multipoint lock hardware will enhance the security of both types.

Please visit our website’s Doors page and take a closer look at the catalogs for the most accurate comparison of steel versus fiberglass doors. There are numerous slab types with sidelites, transoms, and glass design options. 

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