When you own a home in Schuyler County, NY, one of the most exciting concepts is getting to make changes that improve your experience of the property. There are endless opportunities for projects that you can take on to improve the functionality of the space. It also increases the value of the house if you choose to sell it in the future.

One project that you should consider is designing a deck. An outdoor deck is a great way to blend the outside with the living space capacity of your home. It can be a crucial part of the house while preparing your backyard for a summer party. Or it can be a relaxing spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or dinner with the family.


Tips For Designing A Perfect Deck

There are many options for designing this structure to make the best use of the available space. Let’s talk through some of the features that can contribute to your dream deck construction.

Board Materials

Board Materials


While most decks were traditionally made of wood boards. But there are now far more options you can use for materials you can use for a deck. Composite boards can last longer and be more durable than traditional pressure-treated lumber. Hence the cost is going to be a bit higher.

Additionally, you could opt for plastic, aluminum, or even fiberglass for the flooring of your deck. Each of these materials comes with unique benefits and aesthetics. All will depend on your preferences as to which board material will make the most sense.


A deck does not have to be an isolated construction on your property. The surroundings matter, and you can enhance the beauty and atmosphere that will be created by focusing on the boundaries of the deck.

Putting in a new garden could be a great way to frame this living space. And also unite it even more with the outdoors.

Maybe a short hedge could be put in to add a little privacy or separation from the rest of the yard. Before you build the deck, consider how it will blend in with the surroundings, and feel free to add garden features or small structures to help it seamlessly blend with the backyard.




Outdoor furniture is an important piece of the puzzle. Where will everybody sit or eat when they are using the deck? You can go many different routes. A more traditional strategy could include a simple dining table and outdoor chairs around the table.

To create a more comfortable setting, you could shop for outdoor couches or sofas and add some comfy cushions to them that can be brought inside during inclement weather.

Additionally, a low outdoor table can play the role of an indoor coffee table where people can place their drinks or play a board game. Don’t forget to add an area rug to bring some more color and design aesthetics to the space.

Privacy Features

While the surroundings can offer some privacy from neighbors or the yard itself, there are other features that you can include with your deck to create some more separation.

A wooden pergola can create a makeshift roof that encloses the space without blocking out the warm sunlight. A trellis wall on one or two sides of the deck could be perfect for some vine-like plants to grow along and create a more private enclosure that is still connected with nature.

Perhaps your want even more privacy with an actual roof and screened-in deck. Privacy features can make the deck feel like part of the interior, elevating comfort while still making use of the outdoors.

DIY Or Contractor?

Schuyler County deck builders

One of the most important decisions you will make when building a deck is whether or not to hire a contractor. Schuyler County deck builders can ensure that the job gets done safely and to your specifications. While the labor costs will raise the total price of the project, you can trust that the finished product will be usable for your family and friends for years to come. Taking the DIY route will likely save you money, but if you don’t have the knowledge or experience to carry out the project, then your upgrade could be of lesser quality.

What Is The Vision For Your Deck?

Before you even start to shop for materials or look for a contractor, you should figure out what your vision is for this project. Do you see the deck as being a space for entertaining large groups or just to enjoy connecting with your family on sunny days? Will it be an oasis of calm and quiet in the mornings where you can enjoy a cup of coffee before the chaos of the day? Should a brick pizza oven be put in to provide delicious homemade dinners for family and friends? Decide what its main functions will be so that these answers can guide the design of the outdoor space.

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