In today’s era where every part of the house should be crafted to perfection, it is only right that you choose what complements the other parts. As a matter of fact, there are various types of window styles that you may choose from.

Aside from the fact that the windows of our home allow the natural light of the sun penetrates in our house, it is also an important part because it determines whether the style of your house is modern or traditional.

What’s good about today’s windows is they can be customized according to your changing taste. But with the tons of different window types available in the market today, I’m pretty sure you no longer have the time to decide what suits your home best. In this article, we will tackle some of the most in windows for your home needs.

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5 Window Styles That You Should Choose For Your Dream House

Therefore, here are the five window styles that you should choose for your dream house,

1. Double-Hung


This kind of window has a pair of sashes that you can easily slide up and down vertically within its frame. They can also open wide from the bottom and also from the top. What’s good about this is that even if you open them, it will still stay on its frame. However, things are different with a single-hung window. the bottom part is the only thing that operates while the top remains unmovable.

2. Casement Type

Casement Type

This type of window is attached to its very own frame and is hinged in the sides and operates by turning the crank. Those that are hinged from the top are called awning while those that are hinged at the bottom are known as hoppers.

3. Picture Window

Picture Window

This is a huge window that consists of a pane of glass. This is usually dominating the whole room or a certain part of the wall. It lets a huge amount of light to enter your house and the views of the outside environment. Often times, this is placed in the living room to showcase an attractive view or where you let your visitors stay.

4. Slider Windows

Slider Windows

From the word itself, you can slide the windows through a track. It has one window that you can slide from the left to the right or vise versa – the least – to pass the other window in the frame. This type of windows are typical in contemporary- or modern-style houses.

5. Bow or Bay Windows

Typically, this type of windows can give more space for your interior since when you open them, they protrude on the exterior of the sides of the house. They can be a mix of some type of windows and a stationary window in the middle bounded by a double-hung or casement window. This is usually a plain window but it adds class and sophistication in the place at the same time.


With all the things you need to process and do when building a house, you may think that choosing the type of window that you will be using is not that hard. Cleaning can even be a chore. But don’t worry, there are plenty of services for window cleaning.  You have to remember that windows, just like every piece or part of the house, is vital in achieving your dream house. Just a tip, pick something that will complement the style and the look of your house. After all, before you get to see what you have dreamed to live, you will surely get to encounter this work that requires patience and elegant taste. 

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