Moving is not an easy task. So much so that most people even consider it extremely stressful. It requires so much time, effort, and money because it involves hundreds of separate tasks that must all be done within a limited timeline.

Hence, the best way to ensure that you have a stress-free time is securing that all aspects are ironed out. One of the most common errors of Australians when moving is failing to choose the right truck size to use. This error is easily avoidable. Reading on will allow you to seamlessly do so.

Why Do You Need To Be Particular With Truck Size?

1. You don’t want to waste your time.

2. You don’t want to waste your money.

3. You don’t want your items to be damaged.

In this post, we’d discuss:

  • How To Know The Truck Size You Need
  • Everything You Need To Know About A Cubic Meter
  • Samples Of Furniture And Their Cubic Meter
  • Four Main Truck Sizes To Choose From

How To Know The Truck Size You Need?

Choose Right Truck Size

You can easily know the right truck size when moving if you know a thing or two about CBM. CBM is a standard measuring unit for cubic meters.

If you say that one object is one cubic meter, it means that that object is one meter wide by one meter long by one meter high.

To give you an idea of the CBM of different furniture, we will give you the following examples:

  • tea chest carton = 0.15 cbm
  • book and wine carton = 0.1 cbm
  • queen bed and mattress = 1.8 cbm
  • double bed and mattress = 1.2 cbm
  • fridge = 1 – 1.5 cbm
  • washing machine = 0.6 cbm
  • three-seater couch = 1.5 cbm
  • bookcase = 0.6 cbm
  • BBQ = 0.75 cbm
  • piano = 2 cbm

The Four Main Truck Sizes To Choose From

Removalists in Australia regularly offer the following trucks to clients:

1. Three-Tonne Trucks

You should get a three-tonne truck if you would be moving items anywhere between 17 cbm – 25 cbm.

Three-Tonne Trucks

To visualize how big a three-tonne truck is, you can consider the following:

  • a three-tonne truck is as big as a small rental truck that companies like Thrifty and Hertz offer to DIY movers.
  • they are the most commonly used trucks for moving around Australian
  • these kinds don’t require a truck license

You should get a three-tonne truck if you’d be moving to an area that has poor access. They’re ideal for areas with narrow driveways. People doing inner city mover prefer three-tonne trucks.

The Perth City Council is strict with the parking of large trucks so three-tonne trucks will be ideal if you’d be moving from one apartment to another apartment in the city.

A three-tonne truck would suffice if you’d be moving stuff from a one or two-bedroom property. It can also conveniently carry stuff from a townhouse or a duplex.

2. Five-Tonne Truck

You should opt for a five-tonne truck if a regular moving truck will not be sufficient. It is a good-sized truck that can handle most kinds of moves. The good thing with a five-tonne truck is it can also work around properties with poor access but it can carry as much as 30cbm – 40 cbm worth of items. A five-tonne truck is still significantly more flexible and versatile than eight or ten-tonne trucks.

A five-tonne truck can conveniently carry items from 3×2 properties. It’s ideal for moves involving villas, townhouses, and detached houses.

3. Eight-Tonne Truck

You have entered the domain of large trucks if you’d opt for an eight-tonne truck. This truck should only be preferred if you’d move around properties with good access. An eight-tonne truck would require a good parking area and a good driveway.

They can fit as many as 40 cbm – 50 cbm of items. As they are already massive, most models come with a large hydraulic lift or a ramp. Should you ever opt for an eight-tonne truck, always opt to choose a model that has either of the two. A ramp or a hydraulic lift will make moving significantly easier for you.

Owners of four-bedroom houses can fit as much as 70% of all their items on an eight-tonne truck.

4. Ten and Twelve-Tonne Trucks

These trucks are the largest available moving vehicles around Perth. They can fit as much as 50 cbm – 65 cbm worth of items. Using these kinds of trucks will not require you to do two trips as almost all of your items can be conveniently transported in one go.

Tonne Trucks

This is a truck for people with big houses. You should opt for one if you live in a house with four to six bedrooms or in a set-up where you live with four to six occupants.

You Need To Take Note Of The Following Facts Though:

  • The Perth City Council is strict when it comes to parking large trucks such as this
  • You need to ensure that the place where you’re moving from and the place where you’re moving to both have a good driveway and available street parking
  • You should ensure that the truck that you’d book comes with a truck license
  • You should also ensure that your chosen truck provider is fully insured

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