White cement is more like grey Portland cement. But these cements are different colors. The manufacturing method of the white Portland cement and grey Portland cement is the same. The regular portland cement is made with deficient iron compounds. Hence the white Portland cement has more iron compound raw materials. These high levels of iron compounds give the cement a white color. And regular portland cement remains grey.

Let’s start with the civil construction-related definition of white cement.


What Is White Cement?

What Is White CementWhite Portland cement is like any ordinary grey Portland cement. The only difference is in the white cement. You will find more iron and manganese oxides in the raw materials. These proportions increase the white colors of the cement.

How To Use White Cement?

White portland cement is used in versatile areas of civil construction. You can find white portland cement used in the arts and sculptures. Now even, you can make your white portland cement coating waterproof. You have to apply a single waterproof cement coating on the top of the constructions.

Here are a few common uses of white portland cement:

  • Wall decorations and sculptures.
  • For fixing the marble and tiles.
  • Sheathing the walls, roofs, and floors.
  • Adding the decorations to the surface areas of the building.

Now you know what white cement is and where to use the white Portland cement. But how good is it for use? To know the details, you have to see the pros and cons of using white portland cement in constructions or wall decorations.

Pros Of Using The White Cement

Pros Of Using The White CementThe white Portland cement is pretty convenient for manufacturing every wall decoration. Here are a few advantages of using white Portland cement in civil constructions.

  1. If you have to build concrete-made thermal insulation. Then white cement is going to be your best pick.
  2. White Portland cement has good light-reflecting quality. You can use it for your room’s interior and exterior.
  3. Every product of white Portland cement can be recycled and reused.
  4. You can use the white portland cement as the place of white wall paint.
  5. White portland cement has a solid waterproof effect. The accurate factor is with a waterproof solution. The white Portland cement is making a stronger bond. White Portland cement has a waterproof base. But if you like to create more solid waterproof structures, you have to use one waterproof layer on the top of the constructions.
  6. You can use the cement to set the top roof pavers and set up the marble and ceramic tiles.  
  7. The white portland cement-made structure’s heat bearing capacity is much higher.

Cons Of Using The White Cement

Cons Of Using The White CementMany of the people are asking how to remove white cement from tiles. Because after the whole construction, the white portland cement is leaving ugly marks on the floor. This is the single problem. Apart from this, many more disadvantages and precautions are associated with using white Portland cement.

Here are a few cons of using white portland cement:

  1. White portland cement is much costlier than ordinary grey cement. The variations are more than 4:1. For checking the facts, you can compare the white cement price 1kg and regular portland cement 1 kg price.
  2. The strength is not like the regular Portland cement.
  3. You can use the white portland cement in any concrete structures where you require less compressive tension.
  4. Setting time is significantly less. This is the reason why after mason is fixing the tiles. They do not get much more opportunities to reset it.

Is It Good To Use?

Is It Good To Use

Every civil construction product has multiple utilities. You have to pick the products on the basis of your requirements. If you are asking about my suggestions. Then I am going to say white Portland cement is good for using in different wall decorations and sculptures.

When you want to add any outside or inside sculpture, you can use white Portland cement as the base material. I am fond of fairy models. One day one of my friends requested me to add statues to her outdoor garden fountain. I am adding a small fairy statue made with Birla white cement.  

Review About Using The White Cement

The manufacturing process is straightforward and fast. Setting time is meager, so my whole project is complete within six days. After drying up the entire sculpture, I use a Dr.Fixit sure waterproof concrete sealer.

A concrete sealer is not required. But as I was going to put the statue under the flowing water, I applied it. Even when I use the white portland cement for my basement wall, I mix it up with a leakage-proof solution.

If any spillage of white Portland cement happens during the setting of tiles, you have to wipe it as fast as possible. But when you already spill it. How to remove white cement from tiles? Scrubbing and vinegar washing is the easy way. I remove the excess by scrubbing the tiles after they are fully dry.

White Portland Cement Price

White cement prices are much higher than regular grey cement. The price is higher, more than four times the price of ordinary portland cement.

You can compare the prices of the same Brands and then you will find the difference. For example, the Birla white cement price is Rs.208.On the other hand, for 50 kg regular Birla cement, you have to spend around Rs.370.That means for 1 kg regular cement. You have to invest only Rs.7.40.

If you find local distributors, everyone will offer you diverse prices for the cement. But for every aspect, you will find a significant difference between the prices of the white portland cement and grey ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Are White Portland Cement And Plaster Paris The Same?

Plaster of Paris and white cement are entirely different. The plaster of Paris has gypsum in it. These components are better for giving a nice finishing look to the wall. In addition, you can treat fractures and medical casts by using the plaster of Paris.

2. What Are The Different Types Of White Cement?

White cement has different categories. These types are Portland, masonry, and plaster cement. Portland and plaster white Portland cement are two common categories of white portland cement.

3. How Good Is The White Cement?

It has multiple usages. You can use the grey one for regular bricklaying works. And then use the white Portland cement for the other sculptural pieces. The most common use of white portland cement is the wall’s surface area.

4. Which One Is Stronger? White Cement Or Plaster?

It is much stronger than the plaster of Paris. White cement and plaster have different compositions. Plaster of Paris is made with gypsum. The white Portland cement is made from clay and limestone. These are reasons why this is much stronger than plaster.

Wrapping Up:

White cement has multiple utilities. But the best utilities are sculpture creations and tile fixing. As I already told you, you need to apply a waterproof layer or just want to add a small wall decoration. You will get one single option. And that is the white Portland cement. Have any thoughts in your mind about the white portland cement utilities?

Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections. And do not hesitate to share your civil construction ideas through the comment sections. If you like to read more information and review posts like this? Keep visiting our page.

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